Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I lost my marbles - Pink glitter NOTD

On a recent polish wishlist that I made, I fell in love with some glitter nail polishes that I had laid my eyes on that were handmade in America. As I didn't hear back to see whether they could ship to the UK, I sourced an alternative on Etsy named Lush Lacquer.

These polishes had colour and glitter that I had never seen before and I knew that I had to have them.
I chose this option of 5 mini polishes as there were too many stand-out polishes for me to choose just one or two from.
 I have never been as excited about polish in my life. Do you know when you see something and you can't get it out of your head until they are yours? This happened to me with these polishes!

It took me a while to decide on which ones to buy and I eventually whittled it down to five. I chose all opaque colours rather than topcoats as I wanted it to be an all in one product. They were some neon glitter colours too which were topcoats and they looked stunning over a white base coat.

I wasn 't sure which polish to try out first so I mixed them up and chose one at random. It happened to be ' I Lost My Marbles' which is a bubblegum pink colour with 'colours of the rainbow' hex glitter inside. (The name of this polish makes me smile.)

                    One coat of polish // All five different varieties that I bought
                        Front and back of the nail polish bottle // One coat // Two coats

The packaging of this nail polish is very simple. The bottle is sturdy and the plastic lid fits securely. The label is made from paper and stuck on to reduce costs which is very basic. Their regular bottles of polish however now use silk screening with the logo on, which will look more professional. However with this product I did not buy it for the packaging , I bought them for the gorgeous polishes that were contained inside so I looked past this.

I bought five mini bottles which would work out at approximately £3.20 each .Which for the uniqueness is a great price.

The brush is a medium size and is quite easy to apply. The formula is good and for the most part applies quite evenly. As you can see in some of my nails there are areas of unevenness.
This polish definitely needs at least two coats to become more opaque. In fact I may even apply a further coat. The shop recommends that a topcoat is used also.
The colour is beautiful and unique and one I would definitely purchase again.

The innovativeness and uniqueness of the handmade colours.
The range of stunning colours.
The names of the polishes.
The formula is opaque after two coats.
I love how you can choose a pick and mix to try out different mini polishes of your choice without having to buy full sized bottles.

I absolutely love these polishes <3

Laura xoxo