Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Charles Worthington Salon at home shampoo & conditioner

To me Charles Worthington London is a well known brand and I have used their products in the past.
My hair, with it being highlighted, desperately needed some t.l.c and that's where these products came in handy.

My hair is naturally curly and changes between curliness, waviness and as limp as a lettuce! It can also go from well conditioned to really dry and in desperate need of moisture or really fluffy.

I'm always on the lookout for the perfect mane tamer. I need something that adds moisture and shine whilst holding curls and taking away any frizziness and fluffiness.

So today I'm going to be reviewing the Salon At Home Straight & Smooth shampoo which retails at Boots for £5.99 and the Shine Booster Conditioner also £5.99 and both contain 250ml of product.

Very professional looking bottles with a small bold logo at the top and a large 'Salon at home' title to distinguish from the rest of the products in the range.
The containers are made of soft plastic that have quite a squishy feeling.
There is a plastic cap closing at the bottom which does its job but after lots of use I'm not sure that they will click securely as there's not a strong click on them from being brand new.

For the quality of the shampoo and conditioner I think £5.99 is a fair price for these. I was expecting them to be more expensive than what they were.

The shampoo and conditioner have a gorgeous scent to them. It smells as though you are actually in a salon when you are using these. As they are from the same brand but from a separate range they have different scents but both smell incredible.

The shampoo, which is a smooth & straight one, states that it is ideal for wavy and frizzy hair which is ideal for me. It is supposed to have total frizz defiance, resistance from humidity and have a smooth and sleek touch which I can say from using this for a week or so is on all counts true. My hair is a lot smoother and my waves are more defined.

The conditioner, which is from the shine booster range, states that is ideal for normal hair and it gives a shine boost, exceptional smoothness and has extraordinary light reflection.
From using this after the smooth & straight shampoo I can say that it has made my hair a lot smoother than what it was before. You can feel this as soon as you put the conditioner onto your hair and after I left it for around 3-4 minutes it left it super smooth. I would say it has left my hair a little shinier as my hair type and colouring lacks shine usually but this has given it a little boost.

I would definitely repurchase these again after they have been used up.

Plus points:
The scent of the shampoo & conditioner.
The well trusted brand.
The results of the smoothness.

There are 9 different ranges available from Boots here or direct from Charles Worthington here.

Have you tried this range out before?