Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Kawaii Box April 2015 Review and Unboxing

It's that super cute time of the month where my Kawaii Box arrives. Here's what I found in my April 2015 box.

My box this month was packed with lots of little treats.

Look how adorable the little face is on this love pen! I absolutely love it, it's just so cute.

I've had Hi- Chew before and they are moreish. These ones are orange flavoured and won't last me very long! Yummy!

Here I got some French decorative tape in a roll which is pretty. I need to think of a DIY activity that this would be great for. I love the vintage flowers on the box.

I received these polka dot envelopes which are very different. I love writing and receiving letters so will write one to my friend Kelly and send it in one of these. They would also be great for putting gift vouchers inside for presents for people.

Let's just take a moment to appreciate the absolute adorableness of this little pea squishee! I'm in pea heaven right now. This little guy is adorable.

I don't really use badges but the little face on this one is so sweet.

At first I thought oh it's a nail clipper and then when I tried to get the plastic off it wouldn't budge. So I thought oh maybe it's a hair clip instead and proceeded to try and clip it in my hair! ha ha ha! It fell out and yes it is a nail clipper after all.

This little diamond beauty matches the luggage tag that I received in my previous Kawaii box. I love the style of this.

I got another pack of stickers this month which are always well received. These are cute but just a little bland for me.

I love the lace effect on these stickers. They are to be used for decorating cups.

Some more post it notes which are in three shapes in this pack.

And finally a bow hair clip which I've never seen before. I use kirby grips in my hair to clip the front section back so hopefully this will look cute.

My favourite items this month are the little pen with the adorable face, the pea squishee and the Hi-Chews.

Love Laura xoxo

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