Tuesday, 18 August 2015

What's In My Prairie Pizzazz Festival Box?

The Prairie Pizzazz box created by Prairie Charms is a new subscription box that was launched to bloggers first and is now rolling out. Bloggers got to choose the first theme which was Festival and I was slightly later to discover it so the options had already been chosen. The people behind this box are one the most friendliest and efficient at customer service that I have ever come across so a glowing recommendation for that. 

Festival theme was a perfect choice for this time of year so I was excited to receive my box . Unfortunately due to my box getting lost in the mail , I ordered in May and received it in late July. 
I paid for the entirety of my box which was £25. It's a higher price than I pay for other subscription boxes but with it being quarterly and for the amount that you receive inside , I decided to go ahead and purchase one.
I love the surprise elements of subscription boxes and Prairie Charms offer you a personalisation by asking you what colours you prefer and what sorts of designs you like . I stated that I loved pastel colours, pink, glitter, unicorns, bows and hearts.
So let's see what I received inside... 

The box was packaged beautifully with the polka dot gold and white tissue paper and inside were lots of festival themed accessories, jewellery and a few lifestyle items included too. I loved how they had included lots of sequins Inbetween the shredding too . A lot of thought has gone into the production of this box.

Lifestyle items :
 Five stripy pink and white straws which I love as I have the Kilner jars and I'll use these for either pink lemonade or cocktails . The colours are just me too so these are fab . 
I then received some pink and white chevron sweetie bags which are an excellent size and I think I may use these at my wedding . I already have some blue ones but they are a lot smaller than these.
Two sheets of pastel masking stickers which I'm not sure what I'll use them for yet but I need to get my blogging planner back out and perhaps use it to decorate that . 
Creamy crunch popping corn . I love that there is a food item that you can make inside the box and I love popcorn . I've not actually made it myself before especially in a saucepan so that should be fun *sets off all smoke alarms in the house*

Hair accessories:
I love hair accessories and these are my favourite pieces in the whole box . 
Pink butterfly hair slide which is super delicate as one of the wings has just fallen off and something that I would choose myself . 
A cute twist bobble/ bracelet . It doesn't have elastic so it won't hold my hair on its own so would need to go over the top of another bobble but I love the little twisty ears on the top. It's not necessarily a pattern that I would choose for myself but once I've got it out of the packet and popped it onto my wrist I'm warming to it a lot. 
Big blue hair bow . Now this wasn't a favourite when I saw it as I would've preferred a pastel colour but this shade will actually suit my hair colour. I do like teal and will wear this underneath my messy bun . 
Pack of three hair ties . I love , love , love these and that's because the pink one has gold unicorns on it which are my absolute fave. I love the colours of the other two also and I'll use these often. These are my favourite item of the whole box. 
Floral / Azteccy hairband. I love hair bands and have a drawer full of them . This is not one that I would choose at all because of the dark colours and pattern but with a black outfit I think this will look fab. 

Bead bracelet . I quite like the bow but I don't like dark colours and the black and purple beads are just not me so I'll be gifting this to a friend. 
Tassel necklace . Again, not something I would ever choose myself and I'm not really keen on it as it's not my style or colour unfortunately . 

Nail accessories and metallic tattoos:
Four tiny gold and silver temporary tattoos which are all the rage at the moment . I have the double infinity and a heart and stars pattern which I like . 
Nail stickers in pink with hearts , arrows and chevrons.

So that's everything from my Prairie Pizzazz box . Would I buy it again ? Yes I have a mystical bag arriving which has been delayed :( and the new Luau party box on its way too! Yay ! 

Love Laura xoxo 

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