Friday, 28 February 2014

MUA Luxe London Kooky Lip Lacquer Review

Happy Friday everyone!

Today I have a review on one of the MUA Lip Luxe that I bought a few weeks ago. The one I have to show you today is the 'Kooky' shade. I wouldn't usually go for this colour but I thought I would try something different as we only live once.

I'd mentioned before that I really liked the packaging as is looks as lot more expensive than the £3 price tag.
The doe foot applicator made the application of the formula glide easily onto my lips. It is highly pigmented and I found that I needed to add a little more onto the underneath sections of my lips as the contrast of my pink lips stood out too much.

The velvet feels really smooth and creamy to apply and then dries to a matte finish. As they are a matte they do feel quite dry on the lips. I kept on licking my lips to try and inject a bit of moisture and this obviously doesn't work. I would have been better with a clear lip balm. It lasted a few hours and then started to go patchy on my lips. I could have either applied more but I wanted this shade off as I don't think it particularly suited me! I tried to wipe it but it wasn't very effective. I really had to try hard to get it off and then it stained around my lips!

Overall I wouldn't repurchase as I prefer the other colours and it was quite hard to apply evenly on my lips. However this container will last me ages as there's lots of lacquer inside.

You can buy it here from the MUA online shop. However this shade is showing as out of stock so there may be one in store in Superdrug.

I love the packaging as they look expensive.

Oh gosh this shade looks really uneven on my lips! I think it actually does suit my hair colour but as I still see myself as a blonde it's hard to like this colour as I think it's too dark for me.

Have a lovely weekend!

Love, Laura xoxo

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Batiste's hair saviours

Hello everyone,

It's sun shining again where I live and it makes me feel a lot more motivated and productive. I feel as though I have accomplished a lot already today.

I love Batiste and their ever growing range. My favourite and first one I ever bought, was the Batiste Tropical which has a scent of coconuts and reminds me of a faraway beach. I have been using Batiste in between washes to give it a refresh, shine and gorgeous scent.

I was excited to try varieties that I had not used before. These being the *New smoothing conditioning mist £3.99, *Strength and shine £3.99, *Fruity and cheeky cherry £2.99, *A hint of colour- dark & deep brown £3.99 (for my newly dyed locks) and the *XXL plumping powder £3.99.

On the photographs on the left hand side, I have a severe case of day old  bed head!
In the top photo I used spritzes of the Strength and Shine combined with the conditioning mist, whilst the bottom photo I have used solely the Smoothing conditioning mist.
I love both of these products and as you can see they have improved the appearance of my hair, added shine and condition and also smoothed it too. 
I then finished my hair by either adding a hairband or clipping up the front section of my hair.
I would definitely repurchase these two after they have finished. 
With the smoothing conditioning mist, it contains Argan oil and I soon as I had sprayed it onto my hair there was an instant softness and conditioned look.

L-R Strength and Shine, a hint of colour deep and dark brown, cherry, smoothing conditioning mist and XXL plumping powder.

I love how the hint of colour dark & deep brown compliments my hair colour as the Cherry needs blending into my hair a little. I would repurchase this one also as I think it is fabulous.

I shook a little powder at a time onto the palm of my hand and placed under sections at the root. I then scrunched my hair and it does add a lot of volume to my hair. As my hair is curly it only needs a little encouragement as it is and this made it have full volume. I wear this on nights out or to events as I feel that it adds extra glamour to my hair.

The fruity & cheeky cherry smells gorgeous. I love cherries and fruity scents so a spritz of this makes you feel as though you have freshly washed hair. The scented ones remind me of hair perfume as your hair has a lovely scent to it all day.

I would highly recommend all of these products. Each one has a little gem to offer your hair and in my opinion they are priced incredibly well for the quality and the duration that the cans last.

Love Laura
P.s I think I spoke too soon as it is now hail stoning!

*PR items sent very kindly for review. All text is from my own honest mind :)

Casa Angelina Afternoon cake tea

Hello everyone,

Before Christmas I was sent an e-mail from Groupon. On it I spotted an offer for afternoon tea at Casa Angelina on 42 London St, Edinburgh, EH3 6LX,  so I decided to buy one so I could treat my mum when she came to visit me. The offer was only £6.95 and you got to choose from a range of teas, a scone each and a little cupcake with a raspberry adorned on them.

I loved the outside of the shop as it is pink and I adore afternoon teas too so I was really looking forward to going. The only thing I found with Groupons sometimes is that it is really hard to book them. It took me three attempts at trying to book this afternoon tea (direct with Casa Angelina) as I didn't get a response at first (It took over a week and I had to chase it up.)

The Vintage Tea room and patisserie has a small breakfast menu, lunch menu and sells a range of homemade cakes.

Casa Angelina is named after the owners grandmother from Italy who used to make delicious food. People in the neighbourhood would use to stop by on the way home from work as she always made an excess of food. She was the inspiration to create the Casa Angelina tea room.

The prices are really good for the food and drinks but this menu feels as though it is from a cheap cafe rather than a vintage tea room. We could choose from the wide selection of teas on offer and chose the Scottish  breakfast tea.

You go through the shop and into the back to be seated. This room was quite large and decorated with vintage pieces and artwork on the walls. The basket you can see at the back was advertised as a dressing up box but it was all just thrown in. The room was also cold and didn't really have an atmosphere.

On the fireplace at the back you can see Angelina and the background story.
I really like how she inspired the owner to open up her own business. It just goes to show that if you follow your heart, your dreams come true.

The room was decorated as though you were in a large living room. It had different arrangements of tables and chairs inside.

I like the bird cage art work on the wall but the sheer curtains didn't make the overall artwork look finished.

This homemade rhubarb jam was incredible. It was the best jam I have ever tasted in my life. I love clotted cream too, so on the scones it was truly scrumptious.

All of the cups, saucer and teapots were vintage too to tie in with the whole theme.

The scones were fresh, still warm and absolutely delicious. 
Now I'm not entirely sure why I haven't taken a picture of the stand that it came on. Thinking back, I think I felt uncomfortable and it wasn't a 'warm' atmosphere.

This was before I had my hair dyed chocolate reddy brown! I love my Bambi jumper and the diamante necklace! It was on a Sunday morning after a busy weekend.

This sign made me giggle which was hanging above the toilet in the bathroom.

The presentation of this bun is gorgeous and it tasted lovely too.

So overall, I wouldn't eat inside here again. I just didn't like the feel of the place. It wasn't over friendly and lacked atmosphere. The food is brilliant quality though so this cannot be faulted at all. I'm a very positive, bubbly person  but also very honest and both me and my mum felt the same.

Love Laura xoxo

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Primark Birthday Haul

Hello everyone!

Last Tuesday was my Birthday and so at the weekend I took a trip to Primark in the city with my Birthday money/ Primark card that my family kindly gifted to me. I was poorly but nothing much will keep me away from one of my favourite stores. A few years ago I wouldn't have a care in the world and would just pick up whatever I liked. If that meant ten dresses then so be it! However fast-forward a few years and  I have started to think about what I actually want/need before I go shopping. Especially when I have a budget, I now think carefully about what items to buy.

I knew this time I needed flat shoes, pyjamas, new onesie and some underwear. The rest of the items I bought were pretty bonus Birthday items. The items I have chosen are bright, colourful, quirky and very girly. I know exactly what I like with clothes and the brighter the better! But saying that I do have black, navy blue and skull items so it just depends.

Also is it just me that crams that much into their basket that you've then go to decide the final cut before you go to the till? Anyways here are my gorgeous items that I absolutely love.

I love neon items and loved the colour of this jumper. It was also on sale for £5 and so was the skirt for £3. I love getting good deals. I thought the two would actually look great together but also separately with other items in my wardrobe/rail/drawers (ahem.)

I saw this pastel statement necklace and loved it straight away. It was £6 and I wore it to the Missoni on Sunday with my aqua bow dress. It looked beautiful.

This is a hot pink dress (a shift) that has a detachable statement jewelled collar with it. I loved the colour of it and I also love how it has the jewels. It was £13 and will be perfect for Spring. In fact I might wear it this Saturday night.

So cute! I have my Bambi ones and Minnie Mouse ones of these slippers but Minnie has turned into Mickey because Alfie tore the bows off them and ran off. I love being comfy and so when I spotted these for half price (£2) I wanted them as they are really cute.

I needed a new water bottle for either exercising or taking Alfie long walks and I loved the colour of this one! They also had it in neon green too but I only needed one. Although for £1.50 they're an absolute bargain! I also got these gift bags which are two in a pack for 50p each. They're gorgeous and will be perfect for popping peoples' presents inside.

This is the other statement necklace that I bought. It's pastel pink an has diamantes so therefore I love it and it was £5.

I saw these pyjamas and I needed them. I love the candy pink of the shorts and I love the milkshake! These were £5. Especially with it becoming warmer I can no longer fall asleep in my onesie as one time I woke up and I thought I was in the desert I was that hot!

I originally went to get the rainbow and clouds onesie as it is so prettiful :) I saw it last time but put it back and bought a jacket and some leggings instead. Do you know when you can't get something out of your head? Well this was the onesie. I spotted it and just before I grabbed it I fell in love with the aqua dinosaur one! I nearly put one back but decided to get both in the end. Don't want any regrets do I! The rainbow one was £10 and the dinosaur was £11. They must be putting up the prices for the new ones.

 I saw these daisy nails just before I went to the till and got them on a whim as I thought they would be perfect for Spring time and also because  have quite a lot of blue dresses and also a yellow skater one that they will look beautiful with. The cupcake ones are just beautiful. I have them in purple and needed these as soon as I saw them.

I love the pink polka and the bows so these also went into the basket and look at these gorgeous ombre blue nails with glitter!

New shoesies! I use to have so many flats in every single colour but all of a sudden they just needed to be thrown out due to wear. I have way too many sandals and I saw them in the store already and resisted. I love the pink and orange flats and the pretty detail inside. These were £4 each. I saw the biker boots just on their own on a stand. They were my size and reduced from £18 to £10 so they were meant to be. I love biker boots and wore my last ones until the heel was so worn down. I just find that they go with so many outfits and rock it up a bit. 

I saw a clutch bag with this cartoon style on too but I resisted. I have tooooo many bags and so only buy ones that I think I need in my life. All nails were £1 each!

The best socks ever for £2. Donuts oh my word gorgeous. I started off with lots of socks like these but had to put them back as I started to run over budget. I put Barbie and Alice in Wonderland back and would have loved those too.

Oh my goodness I spotted these and needed them straight away. A donut top and an ice-cream top! £5 each and possibly the prettiest items in my wardrobe :)

Disney items <3 Love this top. It was £6. I really like the colours on it and the repeated pattern. I saw these princess nail files and bought them because they will look great on my dressing table on display. They were only £1.50 for five. I love this Minnie Mouse tub collection too. It contains another little tub inside of it and will either be perfect for my lunches at work or for popping nail art inside of them.

I bought two different shades of this Hello Kitty lipstick but one has disappeared! They were £1.50 each and I love the vibrant colour of the pink. The other one I bought was a coral colour. They had four different shades in store.

So that's my Birthday Primark haul and I love every piece I chose. I did buy underwear but haven't photographed it and also bought my mum a couple of items for Mother's Day too.

What's your favourite piece?

Love Laura xoxo

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Holographic Unicorn wonder of a bag

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all well! I usually post every week-day but this last week I have been so poorly. I had vertigo so everything was spinning and concentrating on a computer screen was hard :/ I love writing blog posts so even missing one day felt uncreative for me.

For my Birthday I only asked for a few things (the rest were surprises) and one of them was this Unicorn holographic bag that I had spotted and needed to have. I have always been drawn to holographic items and absolutely love it so much. I think it is the best thing ever as it looks gorgeous and magical! I have always liked unicorns too but these last few years this has intensified and now I need everything unicorny too.

So this bag being a unicorn and holographic was just a dream come true. Some of the bags that I saw were quite expensive but after searching I found this one on Ebay for £14.99 free delivery. They also had the bag in pink and black too. I'm usually a pink girl (or even black with skulls) but when you throw holographic into the equation there was only one option for me.

I wore it out shopping on Saturday and could only fit my money inside and iPhone. Even with my jewelled Skinnydip London case it was just a fit. I wouldn't put anything in here that was bulky or wide as it would mark the bag. With the jewels on my phone case, they started to make an impression on the bag so you have to be careful The bag also has a long strap that you can attach and I did this for putting over my shoulder on Saturday so that my hands were free but the unicorn ends up hanging upside down!

Overall it is a gorgeous bag and perfect for using as a clutch if you are a minimalist and don't need to carry keys, lipstick etc. I think it looks amazing on display too or for use if you have just your bank card or notes to pop inside.

I took these photos whilst it was sun shining outside and in certain lights it has a more vibrant holographicness (as shown last week on my Instagram @rayofglitter1 )

As you can see there is only a small compartment to fit items inside. It does have a secure zip fastening though so that is a bonus. It's definitely more of a fashion item rather than for practical everyday use.

Love Laura xoxo

Friday, 21 February 2014

Fings For Fido - A box that keeps doggies happy

Hello everyone,

Happy Friday!

 Yesterday I received a *Fings For Fido (FFF) dog box that was very kindly sent to Alfie from the lovely doggies and their owners at
Fings for Fido is a service for your dogs that provides either a one off box or you can sign up to a monthly subscription. There are also speciality boxes to choose from as well which would make great Birthday boxes for your pooches.The monthly subscription fee is £23.99 which includes free p&p and you can buy it here. I really like how you fill in details of your pooch and so you will receive items that will be of interest and use to them. If you are just wanting a one-off box, you can purchase one for £29.99 from here.

I love how all correspondence is from the owner's dogs. Me and Alfie heard from Red dog and Lola dog. I think this makes the company incredibly unique and adds personality.
Inside the boxes that are tailored to the size and breed of your dog, you receive a mixture of toys and treats. Alfie will be one years old in May and is a small to medium sized dog because of his model-like super long legs. The box that as sent to us was customised to meet his needs.

Usually in boxes you will receive a mixture of toys, hypo-allergenic treats, gadgets, training aids, grooming aids or hand made biscuits. Fings For Fido researched what dogs actually want and need and work with the best companies to provide the items. They source their items from different suppliers and brands so they aren't restricted by choice. They can choose the best items that they give the 'wag' to.

As soon as this box was delivered, Alfie was so excited and seemed to realise that it was for him. He poked his nose through the side of the box and he was left peering through the French door windows at me whilst I photographed the items outside on the decking! As soon as I finished, I opened the doors and Alfie spotted the toy duck and ran!

The items arrived in a cardboard box which had bright orange shredding to protect the items. This little card was included inside the box so that you have the details to hand and can keep for reference.

After lifting the orange shredding out this is what we found inside. Alfie was as excited as I am opening up a beauty box! He did not hesitate in running off with the duck and then his curiosity got the better of him and he returned to see what else was included. Here are all of the items that were inside. The toys are excellent quality and even though we've only had them for a couple of days, I can already tell that they are extremely durable.

I like how they included this Dogs today magazine for the humans to read // Here is Alfie's favourite item from the box. It's a soft toy with rope attached to chew on and includes a squeaker inside which Alfie chews on incessantly and loves! // The favourite squeaky rope duck toy.

These Coachies training treats are the perfect size for rewarding. Alfie found them to be extremely tasty and so did one of my cats who wanted one // The Hoops La Hoop is great for when we take Alfie on a walk or to throw it up the garden. He loves retrieving it but needs some encouragement and training to drop it! Luckily the Coachie's treats will come in very handy.

This toy springs and has a squeaker. Alfie like to pull at it and it must feel nice on his gums/ teeth when he's biting it.

Look at the cute little dog on the other side of the business card // On the middle picture you can see that Alfie loves shredding paper. It went everywhere and I had to get the vaccum out! // In this last photo, Alfie is relaxing with this favourite toy from the box.

So overall , a big Waggs up from Alfie and me. I love how you can get a box of great quality goodies of variety for your doggy that keeps them entertained and feeling special.

Love Laura & Alfie xoxo

*PR items very kindly sent for an honest review.