Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My Primark Birthday Haul

Hello everyone!

Last Tuesday was my Birthday and so at the weekend I took a trip to Primark in the city with my Birthday money/ Primark card that my family kindly gifted to me. I was poorly but nothing much will keep me away from one of my favourite stores. A few years ago I wouldn't have a care in the world and would just pick up whatever I liked. If that meant ten dresses then so be it! However fast-forward a few years and  I have started to think about what I actually want/need before I go shopping. Especially when I have a budget, I now think carefully about what items to buy.

I knew this time I needed flat shoes, pyjamas, new onesie and some underwear. The rest of the items I bought were pretty bonus Birthday items. The items I have chosen are bright, colourful, quirky and very girly. I know exactly what I like with clothes and the brighter the better! But saying that I do have black, navy blue and skull items so it just depends.

Also is it just me that crams that much into their basket that you've then go to decide the final cut before you go to the till? Anyways here are my gorgeous items that I absolutely love.

I love neon items and loved the colour of this jumper. It was also on sale for £5 and so was the skirt for £3. I love getting good deals. I thought the two would actually look great together but also separately with other items in my wardrobe/rail/drawers (ahem.)

I saw this pastel statement necklace and loved it straight away. It was £6 and I wore it to the Missoni on Sunday with my aqua bow dress. It looked beautiful.

This is a hot pink dress (a shift) that has a detachable statement jewelled collar with it. I loved the colour of it and I also love how it has the jewels. It was £13 and will be perfect for Spring. In fact I might wear it this Saturday night.

So cute! I have my Bambi ones and Minnie Mouse ones of these slippers but Minnie has turned into Mickey because Alfie tore the bows off them and ran off. I love being comfy and so when I spotted these for half price (£2) I wanted them as they are really cute.

I needed a new water bottle for either exercising or taking Alfie long walks and I loved the colour of this one! They also had it in neon green too but I only needed one. Although for £1.50 they're an absolute bargain! I also got these gift bags which are two in a pack for 50p each. They're gorgeous and will be perfect for popping peoples' presents inside.

This is the other statement necklace that I bought. It's pastel pink an has diamantes so therefore I love it and it was £5.

I saw these pyjamas and I needed them. I love the candy pink of the shorts and I love the milkshake! These were £5. Especially with it becoming warmer I can no longer fall asleep in my onesie as one time I woke up and I thought I was in the desert I was that hot!

I originally went to get the rainbow and clouds onesie as it is so prettiful :) I saw it last time but put it back and bought a jacket and some leggings instead. Do you know when you can't get something out of your head? Well this was the onesie. I spotted it and just before I grabbed it I fell in love with the aqua dinosaur one! I nearly put one back but decided to get both in the end. Don't want any regrets do I! The rainbow one was £10 and the dinosaur was £11. They must be putting up the prices for the new ones.

 I saw these daisy nails just before I went to the till and got them on a whim as I thought they would be perfect for Spring time and also because  have quite a lot of blue dresses and also a yellow skater one that they will look beautiful with. The cupcake ones are just beautiful. I have them in purple and needed these as soon as I saw them.

I love the pink polka and the bows so these also went into the basket and look at these gorgeous ombre blue nails with glitter!

New shoesies! I use to have so many flats in every single colour but all of a sudden they just needed to be thrown out due to wear. I have way too many sandals and I saw them in the store already and resisted. I love the pink and orange flats and the pretty detail inside. These were £4 each. I saw the biker boots just on their own on a stand. They were my size and reduced from £18 to £10 so they were meant to be. I love biker boots and wore my last ones until the heel was so worn down. I just find that they go with so many outfits and rock it up a bit. 

I saw a clutch bag with this cartoon style on too but I resisted. I have tooooo many bags and so only buy ones that I think I need in my life. All nails were £1 each!

The best socks ever for £2. Donuts oh my word gorgeous. I started off with lots of socks like these but had to put them back as I started to run over budget. I put Barbie and Alice in Wonderland back and would have loved those too.

Oh my goodness I spotted these and needed them straight away. A donut top and an ice-cream top! £5 each and possibly the prettiest items in my wardrobe :)

Disney items <3 Love this top. It was £6. I really like the colours on it and the repeated pattern. I saw these princess nail files and bought them because they will look great on my dressing table on display. They were only £1.50 for five. I love this Minnie Mouse tub collection too. It contains another little tub inside of it and will either be perfect for my lunches at work or for popping nail art inside of them.

I bought two different shades of this Hello Kitty lipstick but one has disappeared! They were £1.50 each and I love the vibrant colour of the pink. The other one I bought was a coral colour. They had four different shades in store.

So that's my Birthday Primark haul and I love every piece I chose. I did buy underwear but haven't photographed it and also bought my mum a couple of items for Mother's Day too.

What's your favourite piece?

Love Laura xoxo