Friday, 22 May 2015

Sticker Fashionista - A Year In Fashion Review

Hi everyone ,

Today I have a fashion sticker book to show you that my mum bought me from the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham.

This is the 'Sticker Fashionista. A Year In Fashion," Which retails at £8.95. 

Did you ever have one of those paper doll books where you could colour and cut out the outfits ? I absolutely loved those as a child and still I am interested in fashion and creating outfits today. I coloured them in with my 100 pack of felt tips and spent hours on them. 

The author , Kelly Smith, is an Australian illustrator who has worked for clients such as vogue, Net-A-Porter and H&M. 

What they say; 
"Follow the fashionista through the highlights of a stylish year on the catwalk and in couture at Cannes, on the ski slopes and in a bikini at the beach. From deciding on the dream wedding dress to choosing comfy colourful knits for the cold, summer bargain hunting to frocking up for a party, have fun dressing the models in this beautiful sticker book.

With over 150 reusable stickers, this book is a must for fashion lovers of all ages."

The book features life-like, detailed illustrations of  models through an array of events and seasons . The paper used is of great quality and therefore this book will last. The paper has been chosen wisely so that the stickers can be reused.  

The stickers are arranged into events so that they are easily located and they can be found in the centre of the book. 
Stickers can only be placed onto certain models depending on their stances. 
You can put the stickers onto the event models or there are additional models on the front and back inside covers. 
The stickers were easy to peel off from both the glossy inside covers and also the paper used throughout the book . If you were to use the stickers a multitude of times then they would start to become  tarnished and worn as, after I stuck them a few times, you could tell they were becoming used by the edges curling a little. 

The book mentions designers throughout  which are well known and has rhetorical questions to get you as a reader involved which adds an interesting edge to the book.
The book, to me, has a wide audience as children would love playing with this and so would people who love fashion regardless of age. 

To make this even better I would have left some blank sticker pages and blank outfits so that they could have been coloured in and designed by myself. 

I thinks it's a fun book that would look great on a coffee table and is one of those pieces that you can return to again and again whether you have a spare 5 minutes or 20. 

Love Laura xoxo 

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