Wednesday, 18 February 2015

What I bought from the Models Own Sale- Mini Haul

Hi everyone,

Today is my Birthday and I feel special :) We're going out for Tapas soon which I've been to the place once before and it's the best food I have ever eaten. I'll have to blog about it and take photos. 

Models Own had a half price sale and so I bought myself these polishes for my Birthday. There are so many colours to choose from and although I already own tonnes, I just had to try out some more.

Here are the polishes I chose. From left to right they are;

Colour Chrome Gold  This is from the new collection and they all looked gorgeous. I decided to choose this gold colour as it was different from anything that I owned. The brush strokes do show up but with a second application it was much smoother.

Hyper Gel Lilac Sheen I've never tried a gel before and I loved the look of this lilac shade. It's super shiny and a gorgeous pastel shade.

Bubblegum Ice Neon I had a Bubblegum shade from Models Own before but the formula of it was very flaky. I decided to give this Ice Neon one a chance as I adore the neon colour.

Polish For Tans Sunhat I loved the idea of this collection enhancing a tan and I love all of the colours but whittled it down to my favourite colour pink in the end.

Diamond Luxe Radiant Pink I love this shade of pink and how it has the diamond dust inside it too. The colour is very vibrant and looked much more polished with two coats.

Blueberry Muffin Fruit Pastel  I love pastel colours so much and it was hard to resist all of this collection. I chose three in the end as the others were sold out at the time.. I love the shade and shine and the fact that they are scented once dried. I really wanted the coconut cream and Grape Juice and now looking again, I love the look of Apple Pie.

Peach Melba Fruit Pastel  I love peachy colours and the fact that this is also scented is a winner.

Strawberry Tart Fruit Pastel Another pink shade to add to my collection but this time a scented pastel one. It's more of a corally pink shade.

Time to get ready for my Birthday meal now.

Love Laura xoxo

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Kawaii Box Review and Unboxing - February 2015

 My favourite subscription box ever, the Kawaii Box arrived the other day and I couldn't wait to open it. The box seems to be sturdier this month and that's the first detail that I noticed (that and the printed logo too.) 
I'm currrently listening to The Veronicas- You Ruin Me whilst writing this and it's fantastic yet so sad at the same time. It's one of those songs that hits your heart.

Kawaii Box costs $18.90 per month with free shipping and comes all the way from Japan. I just love all the pieces in these boxes as they have been very well curated. They are full of girly, kawaii stationery, snacks, beauty items, keyrings and little teddies usually.

So let's see what what I received this month.

 Again it arrived with a cute card with a handwritten note 'Keep cozy & stay kawaii!' and the girly pink tissue paper.

The first item I noticed were the amazing socks and the Pocky panda yum.

First up are the fashion accessories. I absolutely adore these pink and yellow bow polka socks aren't they the cutest? I also received this ice cream ribbon which I will use to tie a bow into my hair. I love ice cream prints and this is just so me.

Next I have popped all of the stationery items together. I received a pencil case with three pencils, sharpener, ruler and eraser inside in blue which is sweet. I love the crown pen as it looks fit for a princess. The little book with the bow on has lots of coloured paper inside to write notes on and I received the cat post it notes too which will be handy for saving pages in recipe books.

                               Pocky Panda. One word. Delicious!

Oh my gosh Alpacasso I love you! I would have a room full of these little animals if I could as they are my favourite. I think they may be on a par with my love for unicorns and that's saying something. I then received this panda charm too which is cute but I don't get crazy really over pandas and I have something similar to this too.

Finally I received these decorative paper pieces to be used for decorating photos, scrapbooks or albums. You get quite a lot of pieces in the one little box.

My favourite items this month are the Alpacasso, socks, bow note book and the Pocky.
What a great box again this month.

Love Laura xoxo

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

My Birthday Wishlist

My Birthday is on the 18th February so I have put together a collage of items that I love. There's so many different items that I like that I am a consumers dream. First off I have chosen the Fragrance Library by Demeter. They started off in the USA and then have been brought over and are available to buy in Boots stores. They have amazing scents which are unique and I love the thought of them. I did see another to add to the list but it was too late after I had made the collage. The one that I saw was Bubblegum scented. I'd love to smell like bubblegum all day! The scents that I have chosen sound absolutely scrumptious and I am really intrigued by the innovativeness of the brand.

I then chose some Tony Moly products as I love the packaging. It's absolutely adorable. I'd wear the scent through the day. I love the shade of the lilac blush and I chose the lip scrub simply because it's in the shape of lips.

I'm going to have a huge shopping spree in Primark and when I searched on their site, these were some of the pieces that are new in. Holographic is my absolute favourite and I love anything and everything with it on. The coat is multi coloured and I would wear this at the weekends. I love the mix of colours used on it as this is the perfect palette for me.

I love the uniqueness of Lime Crime. I have one lipstick already by this brand in a bright red. I would have chosen one of the above colours but I couldn't get hold of any at the time. The whole packaging, brand and products are fabulous and I love the shades of the three lipsticks that I have chosen.
I'd love to try the Lime Crime nail polishes too and to add the blue shade alongside these ones. I love the logo and the colours are gorgeous.

Meghan Trainor Title Album // Primark Cornflower Blue Jeans // Pastel Flower Necklace
I'm Your Present Mermaid Necklace // Vintage Fire Opal Ring // Etude House Etoinette Lipsticks
 Dear My Blooming Lips- Lipstick    //    Juicycocktail Gradation Nails // Beauty and the Beast Rose Necklace- Bouf

I love Meghan Trainor's songs and fashion style so I'd love this album to listen to. My family says I'm just like her! The jeans and necklace from Primark are a lovely shade of blue and they would go with so many other items that I already own in my wardrobe.

I love 'I'm Your Present' shop and have bought a couple of items from their Etsy shop in the past. I love these Mermaid necklaces and I love the leggings that she makes too.

I've always loved Opals. The colours are beautiful and so when I spotted this one, I fell in love. This one has stronger colours as it's a fire opal but I like regular opals also.

Next up are items from Etude House which has the most kawaii packaging ever. It's like a princesses dream and I'd love to own these pretty lipsticks. The Juicycocktail nail sets are a set of three polishes in complimentary shades that you can use to create an ombre nail look.

Finally, I love Disney and one of my favourite films is Beauty and The Beast. Look how beautiful the rose in the glass container is.

I've already bought myself the Miniaturist book as it sounded so good and I just couldn't wait. I won't be getting most of these items as they will add up to a lot but I'd love to own them all.

Do you like anything on my wishlist?

Love Laura xoxo

Monday, 9 February 2015

My Valentine's Wish List

Cream Mesh Knitted Jumper // Love Heart Cross Bag ASOS // Love Moschino Clutch // Love Heart Envelope Clutch
Love Bakery Pink Syrup Ice Cream Flats // ASOS Heart Detail Ballerinas // Heart Embellishment Skater Skirt // Heart Bandeau Playsuit
A Beautiful Life- I Heart Unicorns Perfume // Bombs Away Cosmetics Wax Melt Shots // Bombs Away- Bubblegum Lip Scrub // Heart Nail Gem Wheel //
Story Of Lola- Faux Fur Heart Print Coat // Ichiban Care Bears Sweat Dress // Ichiban Love Hearts dress // Pink Heart Terrarium Necklace- Etsy

Today I have my Valentine's Wishlist. I don't ask my nearest and dearest for anything and so these wishlists are created for me to buy myself :) The people closest to me buy me surprises or ask me if there's anything in particular I would like.

It's always nice to feel loved and as I love hearts and the colour pink so much, Valentine's gift are a must-have for me as I can't resist buying myself the love overload. My Birthday is four days after Valentine's day so I could actually incorporate some of these into my Birthday wish list too.

I'm actually getting more into neutrals as they go with everything and I love the heart jumper from Pink Boutique, especially with the over knee socks too. I think it's such a cute look. I seem to have an obsession for collecting bags lately and these three all have hearts on and that makes me want them!

The Shoe Bakery shoes are absolutely amazing. The craft that goes into these and the design is amazing. These would be special occasion shoes for me as I wouldn't want to ruin them. I love the grey shoes with the white heart toe as they are so versatile and the colour scheme would go with lots.

Anything with unicorns and I want it immediately. I've never heard of this brand before or read reviews or anything but it's made it here purely for the concept. In fact I want a Unicorn farts lipbalm and nail polish too ha ha!

I've not tried anything from Bombs Away cosmetics before but they have Bubblegum melts and I need my house to smell of this! I have the Lush Bubblegum lip scrub but as I love Bubblegum another one wouldn't hurt would it?

I love nail art and these heart gems are gorgeous. They never last long on my nails but I just like having them to be honest. The last three clothing items I have chosen are my personality completely. I mix between adorable fun prints and on other days I wear a complete contrast of neutrals with added sparkle. I love the heart print coat as it looks snug and warm and the colour is just beaut. Care Bears are my new obsession. I would so wear this and I need it in my life! I thought the Love Hearts dress was unique and I would definitely wear this too. It would make life more fun.

Finally I chose the terrarium necklace as it reminds me of a miniature fairy garden. The plants are real inside it and I love anything miniature and quirky like this. This particular one is also being sold for charity on Etsy.

I also love M&S dine in two for £20 Valentine's special which we got last year but we're going on a triple date to an Italian restaurant this year which I'm looking forward to. I've also forgotten to add pink sparkly nail polish, chocolates, lingerie and lollipops but my list would be never-ending!

Love Laura xoxo

Saturday, 7 February 2015

My New Blogging Planner

Happy Saturday everyone.

Before Christmas I popped into Home Bargains and spotted this organiser for 99p and I thought it would be great to use for my blog ideas. They had two different designs and I loved this cute one straight away. I bought the other one too which was vintage style with a cat on it and I gifted that for Christmas. I thought it was a great price for a little organiser as I love bargains and I have so many different items to buy that I can't really justify a large amount of money to spend on one.

 In the past I have typed quick notes into my phone, written in a notebook or simply stored them in my head. I have so many ideas and a full drawer of products to write up but clearly the methods I've been using have not been very effective lately as I'd like to blog more regularly. Organisation is definitely not my forte. Sometimes I get things done all at once and other times I don't do much at all. I'm really inconsistent so anything that helps me become more efficient at tasks is welcome. I love seeing inspirational Pinterest photos or Youtube videos on organisation as these make me want to follow suit and have everything tidy and with its own place. I actually have to be super organised at work as for more than half of my time I make sure that everything is perfectly positioned and looking its best in a home department.

The organiser was wrapped in plastic so it wasn't until I got home and unwrapped it that I found out what it was like inside. I have to say that I'm really impressed.

The organiser is divided up into sections that can be flipped to easily with the use of the plastic, coloured dividers. These make each part easy to find and are well organised.

The first section has sheets with an overview of a full week which is really handy as you can see what is happening at a glance. For this part I will use to write my blog post titles so I can see what I need to publish on particular days.

Next is a section for notes which has lined paper. Here I have written all the ideas from my head that I've thought of or from products that I already have which are waiting to be tried out and then written up.

I like this section as it's really satisfying to tick items off and see how much you've accomplished. I started writing this and thought that it was going to demotivate me as I have a huge list so I got cracking on this blog post instead. 

The last section is for addresses. I thought this would be useful to write down particular blogs that I love and for writing down the e-mail addresses of PA's that I collaborate with. 

There's also two plastic wallets at the front and back of the organiser to store items inside. I thought about storing some kawaii stickers in there so that I can decorate or use on each time that I complete an item off my to-do list.

How do you plan?

Love Laura xoxo

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Essence Bakery Selection Candles- Review

I've never really owned many candles but I'm getting more into them the older I get. I love the thought of a flickering candle light whilst relaxing at night and a sweet scented house. I chose these Essence Bakery Selection candles for my stocking that I received for Christmas and as soon as I saw the packaging and the names of the scents, I immediately wanted them. I'm a sucker for desserts and anything pink. These were £2.99 from B&M stores but unfortunately I cant find them on their site but I did find some for a pricier £9.99 on Amazon that I've linked to. There's also a set on Ebay too.

The design of the box is open at the top so that you can smell them before you buy. The scents weren't overly strong but they did resemble the dessert and so into the basket they went. I  love the whole novel idea of dessert scented candles.

What I look for in a candle:

A bargain price. If a candle is too expensive, I wouldn't want to burn it for fear of it running out.
A really strong scent which is enough to fill a whole room.
Long-lasting as I don't want it to burn for an hour and that's it.
I love a range of scents but most of them would either be fruity or sweet scents. 
Cute packaging so that they look good on display.

Out of the box the candles are contained in glass jars, which are sweet yet plain. There are no labels on the jars so you get to see the whole glow of the candle. The glass feels quite cheap too.

From left to right there is; Gingerbread man, Apple & Toffee Pie, Cookies & Cream and finally Cranberry Cupcake.

I lit all four of these at once for around an hour and  a half. The room was scented with the mixture of scents and whilst it was pleasant and sweet it wasn't overly strong which I was hoping for.
Gingerbread man has an authentic scent to it which smells good enough to eat. The Apple & Toffee Pie was the disappointment for me as it emitted a really cheap plasticy candle smell. The Cookies & Cream was yummy whilst the Cranberry Cupcake was too sweet.

When burning these candles the whole lot turns to liquid when hot and then solidifies again when blown out and cooled down.

Would I buy them again?

I love the novelty of the baking goods and would definitely buy them if I could get hold of them for the bargain price of £2.99 again but definitely not for £9.99 as I would prefer to spend that amount on a range of strong scented wax tart melts instead.

Love Laura xoxo

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Degustabox December Unboxing

Ooooo a delicious Degustabox. I received December's box just over a week ago as my box was sent to someone else and they signed for it. You can track your parcel and I had never heard of the surname of the person who had signed for my box which was so disappointing. Luckily, Degustabox sent another box out to me and so I got my box of foodie goodness after a longer wait than usual.

Degustabox is a monthy subscription box full of 9 to 14 products. Some of which are new to the market and the contents are meant to cost less than you would pay for them in the shops.

So the box arrived in perfect condition and had a Merry Christmas sticker on this time which held the brown paper together. 

The first items that I saw in the box were the drinks and I was really pleased to see them in there. This first bottle is Eisburg alcohol free wine which is made in exactly the same way as usual wine but with the alcohol removed. This has a third of the usual calories ans is available in Chardonnay, Rose, Cabernet Sauvignon and Riesling.
These drinks would be perfect if you enjoy the taste of wine without the alcohol, if you're taking part in dry January or you simply don't want to or can't drink alcohol.

Price: £3.49 per bottle.

What I thought:
This was of great quality and I found it quite a strange concept of drinking this without there being any alcohol content. I don't tend to drink wine because I like the taste of it, I drink it because it has alcohol in it. I do prefer sweeter wines so I would like to try the Rose variety next time. I think this would be fabulous in social situations if you don't want to look or feel as though you're missing out. Although I'd be happy with a soft drink. 

Would I buy it again?
Yes I would in the different varieties for a party or get together if people were driving. These would also be fabulous if you were pregnant or on medication and couldn't drink alcohol.

"Spring clean your spirit with nature's finest fairly-traded clean green herbs. Let them dance in your cup for a while to release the zing of whole Sicilian lemons and the freshness of dandelion root. One sip and you're ready to sparkle."

Price: £2.39

What I thought:
 I know how good green tea is for you but it's just too bitter for me to drink. I want to like it as I know it would be so good for me just I just can't bring myself to drink it regularly. The Sicilian lemons make this sound delicious but I prefer a nice cup of regular tea with milk so I shall be passing these onto my mum.

Would I buy them again?
Maybe for my mum or to have in the house for visitors but not for myself as it's just not my cup of tea so to speak! Although it's a bit unfair of me to say without sampling them first. (Goes off to boil the kettle.)

Gloworm drinks
"Gloworm is ingeniously different. It's the first premium mixer of its kind, specifically blended to compliment a selection of spirits. The unique formula is sugar-free and taurine-free. Gloworm is available in 4 flavours; Raspberry & Orris for Vodka, Cucumber and Apple for Gin, Pear, Spice & Lime for Rum, Ginger & Lemongrass for Bourbon."

What I thought:
I popped these straight into the fridge to chill and my other half grabbed one and we shared it. It was the Cucumber & Apple one and it was so refreshing and delicious. I then read that they were mixers for alcohol. Whoops!

Price: £1.50 per can.

Would I buy them again?
Yes. Especially the Cucumber & Apple.

Next up are the yummies. 

"Never fried, never baked. POPCHIPS are popped with heat and pressure to make a  naturally delicious crisp with all the flavour and less than half the fat of fried crisps, fewer calories and none of the fake colour or flavours (or greasy fingers) that gives snacking a bad name. And by the way, there are less than 100 calories in each serving."

Price: £1.79

What I thought:
I first saw these being showcased at the Clothes Show Live a few years ago. I also received a small bag from there from December last month too. These are deliciously moreish and you get quite a lot in the packet too. They feel quite light and have a great crunch to them too.

Would I buy again?
Yes I would and especially if they were on offer for £1.

These are little added extras in the box as they aren't listed on the information card.
They are delicious marshmallows with a chocolatey filling. 

Would I buy again?
Well they retail at around £3.14 for four marshmallow pieces which is a little too expensive for me.

"Finest continental milk chocolate wrapped around our original butter biscuit or oozing with caramel. With more chocolate than biscuit, it's fresh and crisp when you bite it, but so chocolatey when you taste it. Available from Asda, Booths, Budgens, Co-op, Morrisons, Ocado, Sainsbury's, Tesco and Waitrose."

Price: £1.79 per pack.

What I thought:
I recently ate 6 out of the 9 biscuits in the one sitting the week before I received some more in this box. They are yummy. I was excited to see the caramel ones but for me the caramel wasn't 'oozing' it was solid and I much preferred the milk chocolate ones.

Would I buy them again?
Yes but not for £1.79 a packet and I wouldn't get the caramel ones again.

Onto the cooking ingredients:
" The meal kits are a one. two, three step to an authentic, delicious meal in just 20 minutes. Use the three clever pots and add a few fresh ingredients to create a restaurant quality meal. All natural ingredients and perfect to keep in the store cupboard for when you need meal inspiration."

Price: £2.50

What I thought:
I love the idea of the little kits to aid in preparing a variety of meals. I've had a previous kit before but I didn't use it in time and it ran out of date. This time I'm going to make this kit as I'm sure it will be delicious.

Would I buy it again?
If I really like this one then yes I would.

"Made with natural Chilli extract and adds a spicy kick to all sorts of pan fried and roasted food at the touch of a button."

Price: £2

What I thought:
I used this when I cooked spicy chicken noodles. It was super easy to use as you simply spray the required amount and cook your ingredients. It added extra flavour to the ingredients which is always a good thing.

Would I buy this again?
I'm more likely to buy the sunflower oil version.

"Coarse orange marmalade is fresh, zingy and made with thick shred orange peels  for more character. Spread on toast and let the full flavour of oranges fill your mouth, or use it as the ingredient that will make the difference in your savoury or sweet recipes.

Price: £2.30

What I thought:
I think this is a fantastic quality brand. I enjoyed this on toast as it was delicious.

Would I buy it again?
Yes I would.

"The Chia Co Oats + Chia are wholegrain oats and Chia blended with the finest quality fruits and coconut oil. These 'just add water' oats deliver a smooth and creamy texture, without dairy. Chia seed offers the highest combined plant source of omega-3, fibre and protein, and is packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants."

Price: £1.70

What I thought:
I didn't really know what this product was on first glance and after reading the description card I'm more likely to try this out now. The ingredients are fantastic and will be super healthy for me. I've had Chia shots before in my Birchbox but I didn't know what to use them in so I still haven't touched them.

Would I buy it again?
I think it's expensive for 45g so maybe if I feel that I need to be super healthy then I might repurchase. I'm also inclined to repurchase if they were to taste delicious.

Total price of items:
£25.75 (excluding the two little marshmallows)

An excellent quality box for the £12.99 that I paid. My favourite items were the Gloworm, POPCHIPS and Bonne Maman Marmalade.

My next box is being delivered tomorrow! More scrumptious treats.

Love Laura xoxo