Thursday, 17 April 2014

Missoni Afternoon Tea Review

Hi everyone,

So after the treatments that we indulged in at the Missoni Hotel Edinburgh, we were then booked in for afternoon tea at half past four. The bar area is absolutely stunning. Look how beautiful the light arrangements are. I love how it is lit up as it creates a relaxing atmosphere and I adore the lunar phase photos on the back wall.

The Afternoon Tea that we opted for was £20.50 per person and you can choose from a wide selection of hot drinks. I chose hot chocolate at first and then coffee thereafter. You also have the option of Prosecco for £26 each, a cocktail for £28.50 each, or Prosecco and chocolate dipped strawberries for £29.50.

The waitress stated that the chef recommends that you eaten the certain food in a particular order so we started off with this mini homemade amaretto ice cream which was delicious.

We were served by such a friendly waitress whose serving and personable skills were top notch. The Afternoon Tea arrived on a three tiered cake stand with the sandwiches on the bottom, scones in the middle and selection of desserts on the top row.

 The sandwiches we received were; cheddar cheese with pumpkin chutney, ciabatta with cured pork, rocket salad and balsamic onions, foccacia with mustard cress and egg mayonnaise and Scottish smoked salmon with soft cheese and chives. My favourites were the cheese and egg sandwiches.

These were the homemade scones with clotted cream and Missoni jam which were delicious.

For the desserts we received salted caramel macarons, frozen mocha ganache with white chocolate topping, chestnut cake and a delicious marshmallow each.

The waitress asked us if we were stopping in the hotel and I said that we had been to the spa for treatments and we were celebrating our Birthdays' and our engagement. She then brought us over the most amazing looking cocktail I have ever laid my eyes upon. The fruit was fresh and delicious and so was the cocktail. How lovely of her to do that!

We felt truly special here and this is the poshest Afternoon Tea I have ever had! The food quality and different tastes blows others completely out of the water.

Love Laura xoxo

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Missoni Hotel Edinburgh Spa treatments

Hi everyone,

I absolutely love the tranquil feeling of spas and a few weeks ago me and my fiance went to the Missoni Spa in Edinburgh for treatments. I've been to a spa quite a few times but I've not had any treatments before so this was my first time at experiencing the pure tranquil bliss.

On arrival the entrance and reception area is truly stunning. This is the most artistically beautiful hotel I have ever been to. The receptionist Katie was exceptionally friendly and escorted us into the lift and right to the spa reception.

I had booked in to have a Winter warmer special which included a facial, full body treatment and  a short shoulder and back massage. I then topped it up to have a pedicure using OPI polishes and a minicure too. I opted for sparkly gold as the colour was beautiful and would go with many different outfits.

My treatments were carried out by the spa manager Victoria and she was uber professional, personable and extremely talented. When booking over the phone too she made the time slots fit perfectly and with ease. Luxurious Aromatherapy Associates oils were used and I was pampered like a princess for around two hours. I came out feeling relaxed, revitalised and refreshed. I would highly recommend the Missoni spa to live the life of luxury and to feel special.

I'd usually wear something more casual to the spa but afterwards we had afternoon tea so I wanted to look nice and presentable!

Music was playing and it was so peaceful and relaxing. This is the waiting area that you relax in before you have your treatments. I read all of the magazines that were available, snacked on the fruit and drank a still water. It's quite a compact spa with just the treatment rooms and relaxation area.

On this wooden dresser, which was the focal point of the room, were healthy snacks and drinks that you could help yourself to.

I loved how they have the selection of fruit and nuts.

This is the little changing areas which has lockers inside. I love the floral dressing gowns hanging up but when I wore one it was way too short on me so I wore one of the huge ones which were hung inside lockers along with a pair of complimentary slippers each.

My gold glitter OPI mani which was painted to perfection and lasted a few days. I got matching on my toes too and it lasted for a few weeks.

Love Laura xoxo

Monday, 14 April 2014

Glossybox Unboxing for the April Edition

Hello everyone!

What a gorgeous day it has been today and my Glossybox was delivered too. Over the weekend we started watching American Horror Story season 1 . It is so freaky yet so gripping at the same time. I can't take my eyes off it!

So Glossybox, if you're not familiar with it, is a subscription beauty box. It costs £10 per month plus postage costs. Mine is the UK version as that is where I live. You fill out a beauty survey and then each month you get a surprise in the post. I like the idea of not knowing what I am getting as I get to try out some products that I would have never bought for myself.  I also love the box as it is like a Birthday gift to myself each month.

Onto the unboxing and review ......

I love the candy pink box as it looks luxurious and it's my favourite colour.

 The aim of this months box is to include products for your handbag that help you to transition into Summer.

The presentation is beautiful with the tissue paper and bow and I also love the photography used for the front cover of the magazine. Next month they have another collaboration which is exciting as they usually produce a limited edition box for it.

Here are my contents for April. I noticed, as I searched on Instagram, that nearly everyone has got the same products this month apart from a few changes instead of the tanning gel. Birchbox tends to give everyone the same products too.

MeMeMe Cosmetics- Beat the blues- Pearl Pink. This is a full sized product and retails at £5.50. I really like this highlighter and it's a cheaper version of Benefit's of which I own too.

Next up I received a travel size product of the He-Shi Professional Tanning face and body gel which costs £7.95 for 50ml. I do like bronzed skin so I will get good use out of this.

MONU Spa- Warming Ginger Massage and Body Oil- retails at £25 for 100ml and I received 30ml. This really smells like natural ginger and it's not something I would have bought myself. You can add a small amount to your bath or simply warm between your hands and massage into your skin before you shower.

EMITE MAKE UP- Lip brush- £17. I don't really use lip brushes as I just apply my lip product straight onto my lips from the tube/ bullet but it's handy to have and at least my lipstick will look even from now on!

TRESemme- Instant refresh cleansing dry shampoo. Full size retails at £4.99 for 200ml and I received 100ml. I do love dry shampoo and my go to brand is Batiste. However this will be handy to travel with.

My favourites this month are the MEMEME highlighter and the tanning gel. I do think it's a really good mix of products this month which is well worth the money but I'm just not excited. Do you know when you think you could have used the money to buy something you really wanted instead? I want to get some shoes and Barbie shorts from primark that I have seen in the Look magazine Primark drop!

I think if you have spare money and you're wanting a few surprise beauty treats per month then it's great.

Love Laura xoxo

Friday, 11 April 2014

Annabelle's Wigs 3/4 hairpiece Review

Happy Friday everyone!

I love long hair so much, especially Mermaid waves and when I got my hair dyed dark from blonde it has been in much better condition and has grown quite a lot now. With having highlights for so long, my hair only grew to a certain length before it needed cutting due to damage.
The thought of extensions that simply clipped/ slid in was ideal for me as you can then choose the length of wear time. That's where Annabelle's Wigs fits in. I was kindly sent the *Susan 3/4 hairpiece to try and was extremely impressed with the next day delivery and fanatastic communication to help to colour match the hair pieces. You simply send a photo of your hair in natural daylight and they will kindly advise as to what will be a perfect match. This particular hairpiece was £29.99 and there are so many styles, colours and choices to choose from.

The hairpiece arrived in a bubble envelope and was kept in shape using netting which was easy to remove. The hairpiece was ready to use straight away.

My hair before. I had quickly curled some sections here and then after the photo was taken I realised that my hair needs a good cut and colour again. My hair looks really uneven too and as soon as the hairpiece was slid in, it evened it all out.

The hairpiece is so easy to pop on to your hair as it has two slides inside to hold in place. I only used the top one but if you feel that you need a little extra hold then you can slide the bottom one in place too. 
The hairpiece feels substantial in your hair and it added instant volume. After I had taken it out, my own hair felt so thin in comparison. I love how they are so even looking and add bounce. You feel that you have stepped out of a salon and are made to feel ultra-glam. 
I found the video clip on the site really helpful too as it shows how easy they are to apply. You simply pull your hair back into a ponytail and leave the front section, slide in the hairpiece and then use your own hair to blend back in.

Do you wear hair extensions? What are your top tips?

Love Laura xoxo

*PR item kindly sent for review purposes.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Barry M Aquarium Nail Polish Collection review

Hello everyone,

As soon as I saw the new Barry M collection 'Aquarium' I knew that it had to be mine. This encapsulating set comprises of six Mermaid-esque colours that captivate your imagination. The six shade names are; Mermaid (A glitter blue and gold top-coat full of shards) Treasure Chest (Gold glitter shards topcoat) Caspian (A golden, bronze Mermaid's hair colour) Mediterranean (A pink/ orange Mermaid scales shade) Arabian ( A green sea shade) and finally Pacific (An ocean blue colour with a hint of sea green - the opposite to Arabian.)

There are four mirror two-tone polishes in the collection and two glittery top coats. The design of the bottle is beautiful too complete with mermaid scales.
The polishes retail for £3.99 each or you can get them on offer at either Boots (Buy one get one half price) or Superdrug (2 for £6)

The collections has a variety of shades to truly capture the Mermaid look. My personal favourite shades are Mediterranean, Pacific and Mermaid. I have shown the topcoats on their own and they also look effective on top of the other colours too.

The polishes are smooth to apply and needed quite a bit of drying time in between coats or else they will smudge. I really love the effect of these polishes and the collection was a huge selling point for me. Anything to do with Mermaids, I absolutely love.

Which is your favourite shade?

Love Laura xoxo

Saturday, 5 April 2014

New Make Up Shell Compact - I'm Your Present

Happy Saturday everyone!

I'm really really bubbly today. I think I will have tired myself out with all of the singing I have been doing this morning! This week I have started watching Revenge season 3 which we recorded and have seen six episodes already. I love that show as it makes you want to watch another one straight after.

I spotted these make up compacts on Instagram and needed one. They are adorable and Kelly the owner of I'm Your Present bought them when she went to visit her dad in Abu Dhabi. They have then been adorned beautifully and each compact was different. I decided to choose this one as it is like a shell and reminds me of mermaids which I love. I very nearly chose a unicorn palette with heart shaped eyeshadows inside which was gorgeous. The first collection that she made sold out so unbelievably quickly so when she stocked up again, I made sure that I snapped one up quickly.  It's the most beautiful, girly palette I have ever seen.

The compact was shipped from Rhode Island and this was inside the package. How adorable are the lolly, sticker and earrings?

I chose the one with the lilac maribou feathers around it and have placed it in the centre of my dressing table. I love the laser cut shell that Kelly made for it too. I'm really loving lilac at the moment too.

Inside the compact it's so nostalgic. It reminds me of being little. I got the compact as a decoration rather than to wear the make up but there's some really varied and prettiful colours inside.

Look how it opens up inside. I am in love! 

Love Laura xoxo

Friday, 4 April 2014

My Top Hair Accessories for Spring

Happy Friday everyone!

I just can't resist a hairband whether it be sparkly, pastel or flowery I need them for my hair. I have a collection of them now and put them on a bookcase shelf so I can clearly see them all. If I can't see items then I tend to forget about them, plus they look pretty on show.

I've organised my hair accessories into sections as well.  These being metal bands, small floral halos, material bands and highly adorned ones.

Floral crowns remind me of festival and summertime and I actually don't own a full floral one. That's next on my wish list.
There's usually three ways that I wear them which are just straight onto the top of my hair, clip my front section up or wear my hair up in messy bun then place the band.

So these are my top picks for Spring. I've chosen one from each category that I own so that I can show you how I wear them too.

I adore Mermaids and this was custom made for me by InkiePocious.

So with the material ones I just pop straight onto the top of my hair and adjust. It looks neater if you have poker straight hair but with me not having styled it at all this is my hair naturally. I think it adds to a boho vibe with it not being entirely neat.

I love iridescent crystals so much and this particular one is brand new from Primark for £3 which is an absolute bargain. I love forehead bands and found that with dying my hair really dark it stands out more than it did on my blonde hair.

I love this cute little bunny eared bobble and I bought them off Ebay in a pack of two. The other one is a cream polka dot coloured one. They're quite small so I think I'll be on the look out for larger ones next. I wear my hair up in a messy bun like this quite often and it's really easy to do. It does make my hair really knotty though after I've taken it out.

I love this side InkiePocious Mermaid band. She is so talented and custom made this for me along with another one. Her shop is on Facebook and you can also find her on Instagram too. I love all of the design pieces and the pearls, glitter and crystals.

I love little cat ear hairbands and with this look I simply pulled up the front section of my hair.

This last one is a side floral crown and is from Next. I love the hot pink colour and the way that it instantly update your hair do.

Love Laura xoxo