Friday, 25 July 2014

Bobby's Life

I've just turned 11 years old.

 A Himalayan chocolate point persian cat and I am super fluffy with cotton-wool soft fur.

I love cat biscuits more than anything but I have to have wet food too as I had bad cystitis when I was two and nearly died. My favourites are Iam's and I love Whiskas pouches. I am really fussy and my mummy has tried me on everything. I also love ham and roast chicken too and get this for my supper. I cry randomly for treats too. My favourites are Dreamies and Temptations. I love cheese so much, especially the soft cheese as I lick it off my mummy's finger and get carried away and bite it.

 I'm not a big drinker and never have been but when I do I have fresh water as anything else will cause my tummy to be upset. I love the brine which is in the tuna tins too.

 My favourite toys are magazine inserts, ribbon, string, tape measures, crisp packets that have been folded up into a little ball, laser lights, reflections from the sun and flies. I try to eat ribbon and string and  also like to rub my gums on the corners of objects and nibble them. Mummy had to throw three bins away in the past as I bit all of the corners. Every time I have been to the bathroom I have a mad do and run everywhere. I paw at the carpet at imaginary items and run as fast as I can. I also like to run and jump randomly at doors. I love catnip and get very relaxed off this. I rub it all in my face and fur and then lie on the floor for ages afterwards. I run with my brother too as I want him to chase me but most of the time I am in my own world and wonder what he is doing when I realise he is chasing me.

 I am super shy so I don't trust or make friends easily. I have one friend I suppose and he is a Persian cat too called Cinnamon. Other than that I just love knowing where my mummy is and sitting beside her all the time. 

 I love watching flies and trying to get them if they fly in the room. I love watching mummy cook to see if I can get lucky and get given some meat. I watch to see if the puppy comes near me and I bat him away with my paw if he sniffs at my face. I've watched the fish in the BiOrb a few times but then I lost interest and went back to sleep. 

 I listen for the alarm going off in the morning as I know that mummy will feed me my breakfast. I don't wake her up though I just wait patiently. I listen for the sound of mummy's footsteps especially if she is going into the kitchen and I also listen out for the rustle of packets as I think these must be my treats.

I daydream about rolling in catnip and being hand fed treats.

I don't wear anything apart from my fur. Mummy has put the occasional sparkly clip in my fringe or a nice sticker on me but apart from that I like to be naked.

The exercise I mainly do is running up and down the stairs to the toilet, running after I have been to the toilet as fast as I can, wandering outside for fresh air and jumping at doors. I do lots of exercise in my sleep though.

Meow xoxo

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Beautyuk Shimmer Box Blush In Rose

Hi everyone. Today I have a *Beautyuk Shimmer box in the shade Rose to review. The Shimmer boxes are available in two colour variations with the other one being Bronze.
The Shimmer Boxes retail for £4.99 for 12g and you seem to get a generous amount of blush in the compact.

The blush is made up of five different stripes. These include a white gorgeous pearlescent highlighter, three tones of bronzer and a candy pink at the bottom. The powdered blush feels super soft to the touch and is pigmented. I swiped the colours individually and then swirled my brush to create a combination of the shades and the effect was a shimmering pink on my cheeks. The blush can be worn in a subtle way or if you add more product then the colour is more vibrant.

 The blush lasts the duration of the day too but I would suggest if you were wearing it from day to evening then a top up would be required. I probably wouldn't take it in my bag on a night out as I only really take a lip product out to top up but it is very handy with the mirror included.

The compact is a substantial size and clicks together securely. There is a cardboard sleeve over the top too which can easily slide off and this gives information on the ingredients contained inside. The Shimmer box has a handy mirror inside which is a generous size and I used this when applying the blusher. (The compact doesn't include a brush so you will need to provide your own.)
Black plastic has been used for the Shimmer Box and it feels good quality. It does leave fingerprint marks on the top of the case after use but these are easily wipe-able if you like your makeup packaging to look pristine.

Overall I'm really impressed with this budget blusher as for the performance, shade and duration it lasts, it is a steal.

Love Laura xoxo

*PR item kindly sent for an honest review.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Laura's Life

 Just started to watch Hemlock's Grove which is quite scary but interesting at the same time. We've finished watching season 2 of Orange is the New Black and and the latest season of Revenge. We also just watched two seasons of Friday night Dinner which is a comedy from the UK which has Simon Bird in it from the Inbetweeners and it was so funny!

Marilyn Monroe- The Truth About Her Final Years. I'm fascinated by people's lives and devour them quickly. This one is really interesting and I've learnt a lot about what Marilyn was like so far. I didn't know too much about Marilyn before but I am really interested in who she was.
I'm also reading The Book Thief and Circus. I really need to stick to just one and finish but with me it doesn't happen like that.
Finally the Bloglovin' app on my Ipad has stopped freezing so I've been reading and clicking like on lots of interesting and inspiring posts.

Falafel pitta salads for tea tonight. I've been eating a lot healthier and feel much better for it. I love falafel as it's so tasty.

My favourite songs at the moment are Rixton- Me and my Broken Heart 

George Ezra- Budapest as it's so catchy and uplifting.

 About being on holiday on the sea front with a cocktail.

Too many cute items such as heart shaped sunglasses and a shake and make ice cream maker.

 In the fields with Alfie but being careful not to walk through long grass with my dresses on as I am allergic to grass and pollen and come out in rashes :(

 The sunshine that we've been having. 

Trying out: 
The new Beautyuk Shimmer box today in Rose.

For my new job which is exciting. Let's see where this one takes me. I'll be working as a visual merchandiser whereas before I was a Primary School teacher.

 Shift dresses and skater dresses and these ones suit my figure the most. Especially with the hot weather we've been having I can wear a different one every day.

Looking forward to: 
Seeing my mum, dad and brother, Persian cat and Whippet Ruby in England this week.
Moving into our new house which is beautiful and modern.

I've been having a sort out of my clothes, shoes, make up etc as when you move house it's exhausting so the less you need to move the better. It gives you an ideal opportunity to think about what you actually wear and then what I do is give it to family and charity.

In this past year I have tried out so many new recipes and really enjoyed creating meals from scratch. Lately I have made chicken Chow Mein, Chicken Noodle broth and chicken and chorizo paella all of which were yummy.

Just cold water when I'm really thirsty and I love Innocent pure fruit juices too. I also love a nice cup of tea or flavoured coffee too. Ooooo and a Crabby's Ginger beer too although they are quite hard to drink more than one as the bottle is huge and the ginger gets my throat.

Just walking at the moment three times a day with Alfie. I power walk to get fit. The last time I tried to do zumba on Youtube in my living room Alfie (My puppy) decided to jump up, bite and swing from my crotch!

I found a perfect 1st Birthday present for my baby cousin, a book for my grandma's Birthday, my sister-in-law's 30th Birthday and then in September my brother turns 18!

What have you been up to lately?

Love Laura xoxo

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Under The Heather- Nail Polish Review

I have a new found love for all things lilac and I gravitate towards them. . Whether it's a lilac handbag (which I don't yet own) lilac shoes or dresses, it's my new summer shade. I had my new shoes in mind when I chose this Beautyuk  *No7Under The Heather Polish as I love co-ordinating and what better way to match your nails to your shoes?

The polish retails at £2.99 which is an affordable price and the bottles are clean and crisp looking with the addition of the white lids.

The polish was really easy to apply but requires two coats for opacity and an even finish. I loved how the polish has a high gloss finish and didn't need for me to add a top coat. I left a longer time between each coat this time and got a perfect finish without smudging. 

Here's my new shoes. What do you think? Quite a good match between heather and lilac?
I wanted to try out the ultra gloss again but as soon as I added this to the my polish and rummaged in my wardrobe to retrieve my shoes they smudged! Story of my life. Note to self. Leave the glossy top coat to matte shades or don't root around in my wardrobe after polishing my nails.

Love Laura xoxo

*PR item sent for an honest review.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Beautyuk Posh Pout Lip Reviews

I absolutely love these *Beautyuk Posh Pout Lip Crayons. These are my favourite products from their whole collection and today I have five of them to review for you. I get so excited about lip items and especially lip crayons which are a dream to apply and look super pretty. If you're searching for a product which will add colour and provide a smooth feeling to your lips then these could be the ones for you. They are available in six different shades and I have previously talked about the Power To The Purple one here

They retail for £2.99 each which I think is a really great price especially for the effectiveness of them. These crayons are tinted lip balms in a twist up format which provide the lips with moisture and a rush of colour. All of the lip colours lasted for a very impressive three to four hours on my lips and I could still feel the smoothness after all that time. The colours then faded so this would be the time to reapply. The colours did transfer because I kissed my puppy's cheek whilst wearing Corally Incorrect and it left him a red lips mark!

The shades from left to right are; *How Nude! *Would I Lilac to You? *Big Pinkin', *Corally Incorrect and *Sugar Plum Fairy

Here are the swatches. From top to bottom there is How nude, Would I Lilac to you? Big Pinkin', Corally Incorrect and finally Sugar Plum Fairy.
They felt super smooth when applying to the back of my hand for swatches and also extremely smooth and soft on my lips.

How Nude! This one had the strongest scent of mint to it. As you can see it adds a little colour to the lips. If you are wanting a subtle everyday lip shade then this would be the one for you. It enhanced my natural lip colour a little by adding pale pink, moisture and smoothness.

Would I Lilac to you? adds a flush of pinky purple-ness. In my crayon there was a fleck of darker purple which I had to take out as it was leaving a darker streaky line. After this it was perfect.

Big Pinkin' is my absolute favourite. It's more pigmented than the previous two and adds a gorgeous Barbie pink to the lips which I love.

Corally Incorrect is the crayon which has the highest pigmentation. If you're wanting a vibrant shade then this is the one for you. I really like the tone of this red colour. Like with all of the crayons you can add more colour by layering.

Finally is Sugar Plum Fairy which on my lips looks quite natural. It darkens them and would be great for people who like the subtle look.

Twist up packaging so need to fuss with sharpeners.
Smooth feeling.
Adds moisture to the lips.
Minty scent.
Cheap price.
Great colour selection.

Improvements needed:
The product information states vibrant colours whereas I feel that only Big Pinkin' and Corally Incorrect offer this.
Would I Lilac to You? had a little imperfection of darker purple added to it which made the colour uneven. 

Overall I absolutely recommend these lip colours for everyday wear and for nights out. I can't get enough of these Posh Pouts.

What's your favourite shade?

Love Laura xoxo

*PR items kindly sent for an honest review.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Glossybox July Unboxing- Stars and Stripes Edition

I love the design of this Stars and Stripes for the Glossybox July edition. The magazine has now gone online and they have uploaded a video to unveil the box too which is keeping up with the flow of social media. The contents are what you would find as American beauty staples. The video gives you a rundown of most of the products that were available for this collectors edition and background information for each one is used for and why they have chosen them.

Great co-ordination going on here with the tissue, ribbon, sticker and cardboard filler.

So here are the items that I received in my box as the first look when I opened the tissue paper. I did neaten them up here as one item was hiding and they're usually all upside down.

First up is ABSOLUTE New York - Perfecting Eyeshadow Primer which retails for $4.99. I tend to use eye primers on a special occasion for keeping my eyeshadow lasting the whole time. I already own the Potion by Urban Decay and a cheaper E.L.F one so now I have a few I can start to use them regularly. All you do is add a little primer to each eye lid and blend in making sure that you have covered them evenly. You then apply your eyeshadow. Et voila!

Carmex lip balm £2.69. I first discovered Carmex at uni as my friend had some in the same round pot as this. I had never seen it before and since then I've used it regularly. This original has a distinct scent to it and it is one of those lip products that actually works and is reliable. The only thing I find with a pot is that sometimes I end up digging my nails in whilst trying to get the product out and so I usually buy the squeezy tubes. The newest addition that they have added to their range is the green tea one. It doesn't cost very much and I think it's an essential to have one on your bag at all times.

Juice Beauty- Green Apple SPF 15 moisturiser. I've not heard of this brand before so it's good to be introduced to new products. The scent is quite citrussy and contains SPF 15 as well as a whole other host of benefits. It's a fab moisturiser but for £35.75 for 50ml it's too expensive for me to repurchase.

Bellapierre Cosmetics Ltd- Mineral Lipstick £20. This is meant to be a cult American favourite and was available in three different shades. I received the red one, in the shade Ruby, which will suit my hair colour. I like how it contains Vitamins C and E and has protection against the sun too. 

Color Club- Glossy Seal nail polish. This colour was created especially for Glossybox this month and so everyone got the same shade. It matches in well with the theme and retails for $8. It's not necessarily a shade I would choose for myself but it's good to try something different.

Overall I think this is a good box this month. There's nothing in here which I wouldn't use and the products add up to way over £10.

My favourite picks this month that I'm glad I received are the Bellapierre lipstick and the green apple moisturiser.

What's your favourite?

Love Laura xoxo

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Totally Tropical bargains - Wednesday Wishlist

River Island Orange Tropical hairband // BooHoo Tori Tropical playsuit // George Pineapple top
River Island Eclectic Tropical Hair Slides // Boohoo Leulah skirt // Missguided Laurinka Pineapple body
Boohoo Nancy Tropical Skirt //  George Tropical print Tankini  //  Missguided Gonsala hotpants

When the sun shines in the sky it makes me feel totally tropical. Today's wishlist focuses upon affordable tropical prints as I like a bargain. All the items shown here are under £12.

Tropicals are perfect for summer BBQ'S, festivals, holidays or simply for adding brightness and personality into your wardrobe. I love hair accessories, especially clips and hairbands as they add extra glam to your hair. Wishlists for me make me just want all of the items. It doesn't satisfy me to see them on the page as I just want to own and wear them! The more I search, the more things that I find that I think that I need in my life!
Playsuits are great as you have an all in one outfit so it takes less time to co-ordinate but they're always tricky when it comes to bathroom time! However I'll overlook that for the cute print on this one. I also adore the Missguided pineapple body.

Now I just need a tropcial holiday, a fresh, cool cocktail and I'm sorted :)

Love Laura xoxo