Friday, 31 October 2014

My Kawaii Wonderland Halloween Lucky Bag Unboxing

Happy Halloween everyone!

I adore Kawaii items and as soon as I saw Kawaii Wonderland were doing a lucky bag for Halloween, I snapped one up. I love the excitement of Halloween and want to watch Addam's family and Hocus Pocus again. You can't beat a bit of nostalgia. When I was little I used to love lucky bags and as I have grown up I'm still the same and love them. I think it's because you don't know what you're receiving so it's a great surprise and like Christmas or Birthday time and I want to relive that feeling throughout the year too. These lucky bags were £10 each plus postage and packaging and it arrived super quick through the post. The Halloween ones have now sold out but soon Shell is launching some Christmas stocking filler ones which I will be trying to get my hands on too before they sell out.

My items were all inside the pink and white stripy paper bag and held together with the adorable Kawaii Wonderland unicorn logo sticker. When I was opening it up I pulled out one item at a time.
Here are all of the items that I received inside my lucky bag.

These are the Halloween items that I received. These bad boys are going to be keeping my feet warm today. The other choices were Frankenstein socks and variations on colours for the clips and badge. Look at the skeleton hair clips. They are creepy. Think I will wear these in my hair today.
How cute is the little spider badge too! She is adorable. If they looked like this in real life, I would keep one as a pet!

I love Cinnamoroll and here Hello Kitty is dressed up in an outfit and I'm going to put these on my keys. 
Rilakkuma is adorable and I received a coffee and chocolate coaster which I'll start using straight away.

I used to have a pen like this and I loved it. You press the little spring down for the colour that you want and write away.
I received Rilakumma stickers which is great as who doesn't love the bear?
Oooo and I love the cat post it notes to stick in notebooks or for remembering pages in a book/ magazine.

Finally I received these sweeties which I think mine were cola flavoured. You get three in a pack and two taste yummy and the third is sour and made me pull a face. I thought I was doing well but then it hit me. It was the last one I ate too!

Overall- I love the lucky bag. My favourite items are the socks and the little cat post its.

Love Laura xoxo

Thursday, 23 October 2014

What's in my Kawaii Box for October?

Kawaii Box has got to be my favourite subscription box. It includes a tonne of pink, kawaii, girly goodies which I absolutely love. There's a mixture of stationery, plushies, sweeties and accessories and I love the fact that it's a surprise every month. This is my third box now and I have loved every one of them. My August unboxing is here and September's is here. 

Here are all of the items that were contained in my October box. As you can see there are so many kawaii goodies packed in to the little mailing box.

How adorable is this zip pouch. It features two compartments and will be great to either store some beauty items, stickers, sequins and gems for crafts or stationery pieces.

How adorable are these three characters? The one on the left is a Rilakumma squishee charm, the middle one is my absolute favourite ( a Numuneko mini plush) and the one on the right is a pencil sharpener. 

I love the Hello Kitty pink pen and the cutesie washcloth.

The sweetie bobbles will be used today for putting my hair up for work. I just hope that they don't get tangled up in my curls! This month's candy is this Puccho- grapefruit  which I can't wait to try. Also included is this pink and white panda bear writing set.

The most beautiful stickers ever! Pink and blue pearl (my favourite colours) and cupcake stickers! Just adorable. I need to decorate a jewellery box of some sort with these as they need to be put to use and displayed.

Overall- My favourite items are the Numuneko plush as he is so cute and the cupcake and pearl stickers. I love everything this month as it's a slice of pink heaven in a box.

What's your favourite item?

Love Laura xoxo

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

#Pledge4plastics Abigail Ahern's Recycled Phone Cover

Pledge4Plastics is a government backed campaign to focus upon recycling more plastic. 5 billion plastic bottles were sent to UK landfill sites last year which is a huge amount so the campaign has been set up to urge people to recycle at least one more plastic bottle per week. 

A new legislation has also been set in Scotland too to charge people for the use of carrier bags. This is to also reduce the amount of plastics in landfill, to save the environment and to encourage people to use bags for life. 
When the recycling bins were introduced it made it a lot easier and accessible for easily sorting out household waste. It now just becomes a natural habit for me to rinse out bottles and pop them in the recycling bin. Lots of other plastics need to be recycled too such as shampoo bottles and empty yoghurt pots. I like the three R's too of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle as lots of craft activities can be made from the materials too rather than just throwing them in the regular dustbin.

Pledge4Plastics teamed up with designer Abigail Ahern to create this bespoke phone cover which shows her recognisable style. Her interior design is absolutely gorgeous.  The case is made out of  80% recycled plastic bottles and features a turtle which holds a place in my heart as if pollution/ waste ends up getting in the seas/ land then it can cause great damage to animals and sea life. The phone case is great quality and shows just one of the endless possibilities that could be created with recycled plastics

These phone covers have been exclusively designed for #Pledge4plastics and to get the chance to get hold of one pledge your support at or by tweeting @pledge4plastics 

Do you recycle?

Love Laura xoxo
*Phone cover was sent to highlight the importance of recycling and for me to write honestly about.

Friday, 17 October 2014

Glossybox October Unboxing

I love this Pop Art edition for Glossybox October and there were four different colours that were sent out. I love this pink coloured one that I received.  Glossy no longer send a magazine or product card out in the box anymore as it is all online now. I think this is great for saving the environment but I've got used to looking at my little card to read about the products contained inside.

I've received my last two boxes since moving promptly and I'm really happy with them but unfortunately still haven't received my August box even after many e-mails and calls. 

Here are the contents of my box this month and I like what's contained inside.

First up is this Yves Rocher, Quelques Notes d'Amour perfume. This perfume is a little too mature for my taste but I'll still wear it for work everyday. It's a decent sized sample so it will last quite a while too.

I received a full sized Ciate Paint Pot in black which is perfect for Halloween or as a sophisticated monochrome look to pair with black and white. 

I received a So Susan Flutter mascara which is full sized too. I love wearing mascara as it really opens my eyes up so it's great that I've received another one to use. I loved Jelly Pong Pong products and this is the same company. I wouldn't necessarily purchase this product after it's run out as it's too expensive.

I'm excited to try this Nuxe mask out. I've got more into face products just recently and probably because I have so many to use up. I like the sound of Creme Fraiche as it sounds good enough to eat.

 This Rimmel BB cream will be handy to use too and it contains SPF 15 which is a great property to be included. The shade may be a little too light for my skin tone though.

Finally I received this Etre Belle lip peel which I don't really feel to keen on using. I don't like the thought of skin peels. Is this just me? Probably because I've never used anything like this before.

I think that's it a high quality selection of products this month and this is one of my favourite box designs to date. I do still enjoy getting a box of beauty products through the post every month as it's exciting.

My favourite products this month are the Nuxe and the mascara.

Love Laura xoxo

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Haunting Halloween Shades with BeautyUk

Hi everyone,

Today I have some Beauty Uk make up which would be great shades to use at Halloween. I enjoyed trying out these pieces and I think these would be perfect for a sultry vampire look ie Morticia Addams. I absolutely love that film(s) and I haven't actually seen it in years. Think it's going to be a must see for me this Halloween. 

The pieces that I received above are the *Compact Face Powder in Number 2 , *Black lipstick in the Shade No. 13 Darkness, *Glacier Gloss in shade No 10 'Plum and Have A Go' and finally the new *Eyebrow kit.

The Compact face powder was a dream to use. It has a built in applicator puff and mirror and would be great to take in your handbag. I thought Shade 2 would be too light for me but it was actually a good match. The powder was really easy to sweep across my face and it felt smooth and easy to achieve a subtle cover up. It provides a light coverage and I was pleased with the results. This retails for £3.99.

The '*Darkness' lipstick would be fantastic to use at Halloween. The formulation is wet which makes it very easy to apply and two swipes give you an opaque colour. When tested on the back of my hand it was easy to build up the darkness and there was no dragging or pulling, it just glided on. You get plenty of product in the tube and it has a decent lasting time too. The lipstick is £3.49 which is cheap and cheerful and will last a long time.

This is not a shade that I would have chosen myself in Plum & Have A Go but now that I've swatched it and worn it, I think it's a perfect berry shade for Autumn and Winter time and I really like it. The gloss feels slightly sticky but is great quality and has good lasting power. For £2.99 it's a bargain price and is a versatile shade.

The *Eyebrow kit  is a compact case which includes three shades of powder, wax, tweezers and an angled applicator for £3.99. The wax was smooth to apply and I chose the medium shade of brown to fill in and shape my brows. I've never actually used a kit like this before as I prefer my eyebrows to  be natural but found it easy to use. The powder was simple to apply but you have to have a steady hand and know the desired look that you are aiming for. This kit would be useful for an everyday look or as a Disney villain for Halloween with exaggerated brows. For me I still prefer my natural brows as they stood out too much for my liking. The colour was strong and lasted well but I need a lot more practice at how to actually apply it and look good!

On my lips, I applied the gloss first and then added a little black lipstick and blended.

What are you wearing for Halloween?

Love Laura xoxo
*PR items sent kindly for review.

Friday, 10 October 2014

What's in my Kawaii box September?

I love love love this subscription box. I look forward to it arriving each month. This is the second box that I have received now and I love it just as much. 
I love the added touches and the whole girly-ness of it all. Look at the handwritten note that you get too.

When I first opened the small cardboard box this is what I saw inside it. The tiny box is jam packed with kawaii goodness. Just looking at all this makes me happy.

Here are all of the goodies that I received inside for approximately £11 ($18.90/month) I've just converted the dollars to UK pounds and it's saying £7.42 what an absolute bargain!

First up is this little notebook which has a strong resemblance to Boo the dog which is named the 'Lucky Bear' This will be used for taking notes and possibly blog ideas. Or maybe I'll use it for writing down things that make me happy.

How cute is this little donut charm? I received the lilac one and I've seen on Instagram that these varied in colour.

This is my favourite item in the whole box. I think that this pink alpacca 'Al Pacasso' is the most adorable item ever. What a little cutie!

I could use these shoe laces in my pink converse to change them up a little. Look at the little pink polka dot mustaches!

A little cat phone plug that you put into your phone. This would be upside down on my iPhone though as my plug is at the bottom of my phone.

I've never tried these little loom bands before so I was excited to fin a box of them in here. These have been all the craze and I'm quite creative so it'll be good to learn how to make the different items.

Oh these little biscuity sticks were absolutely delicious. They were sweet and kind of vanilla flavoured. Would definitely buy these again and you got lots in the little box as they are really thin.

This ice-cream squishy is great to squash. It feels so good! The little sprinkles drop off easily though.

Is this a card holder? I like the colours used. These are two of my favourite and I love them together.

Love this hairband. It's something that I would wear as I love hair accessories and bows.

I also love this nail wheel full of different fruits. I have one very similar to this but this has more variety inside it.

Overall - I adore this box and can't wait for next month's offering.

Love Laura xoxo