Friday, 10 October 2014

What's in my Kawaii box September?

I love love love this subscription box. I look forward to it arriving each month. This is the second box that I have received now and I love it just as much. 
I love the added touches and the whole girly-ness of it all. Look at the handwritten note that you get too.

When I first opened the small cardboard box this is what I saw inside it. The tiny box is jam packed with kawaii goodness. Just looking at all this makes me happy.

Here are all of the goodies that I received inside for approximately £11 ($18.90/month) I've just converted the dollars to UK pounds and it's saying £7.42 what an absolute bargain!

First up is this little notebook which has a strong resemblance to Boo the dog which is named the 'Lucky Bear' This will be used for taking notes and possibly blog ideas. Or maybe I'll use it for writing down things that make me happy.

How cute is this little donut charm? I received the lilac one and I've seen on Instagram that these varied in colour.

This is my favourite item in the whole box. I think that this pink alpacca 'Al Pacasso' is the most adorable item ever. What a little cutie!

I could use these shoe laces in my pink converse to change them up a little. Look at the little pink polka dot mustaches!

A little cat phone plug that you put into your phone. This would be upside down on my iPhone though as my plug is at the bottom of my phone.

I've never tried these little loom bands before so I was excited to fin a box of them in here. These have been all the craze and I'm quite creative so it'll be good to learn how to make the different items.

Oh these little biscuity sticks were absolutely delicious. They were sweet and kind of vanilla flavoured. Would definitely buy these again and you got lots in the little box as they are really thin.

This ice-cream squishy is great to squash. It feels so good! The little sprinkles drop off easily though.

Is this a card holder? I like the colours used. These are two of my favourite and I love them together.

Love this hairband. It's something that I would wear as I love hair accessories and bows.

I also love this nail wheel full of different fruits. I have one very similar to this but this has more variety inside it.

Overall - I adore this box and can't wait for next month's offering.

Love Laura xoxo