Monday, 30 September 2013

Do the 'Monster Mash' NOTD

I tried out another one of my new nail polishes from Lush Lacquer and this one is named 'Monster Mash.'
I love the name of it . It reminds me of when I was younger and hearing the song!
When I saw the name of the nail polish it reminded me of Halloween time and it got me inspired to do baking and play Halloween songs. I now need an actual Halloween CD if there is such a thing!

The white base of this polish is different to any that I have in my collection and it has hexagonal specks of sky blue, bright green and pink inside. The blue and green actually reminds me of Monster's Inc.

I gave my nails  two coats at first,  photographed them and then added a further coat to ensure total opaqueness. The polish was smooth and had a creamy formula, which as you get used to it, gets easier to apply. On some nails again it was a little inconsistent ( as you can see on my little finger nail) but I would million per cent repurchase as it's something that is incredibly unique and the colours match my personality perfectly.

             From L-R Clockwise: One coat of polish // Monster Mash nail polish // Two coats

Friday, 27 September 2013

Korres Mandarin lip butter

Here we have the mandarin lip butter by Korres.
I got this for filling out my Birchbox reviews on their website and I had enough to spend £10 on their online shop.

At this time of year especially, my lips always tend to become chapped and I have a collection of lip products to help combat the problem. I have always been on the lookout to try new lip products and ones that are especially effective in not only moisturising but soothing chapped lips.

The ones that I reach for continuously seems to be the Carmex range. I started off with the original pot and then more varieties were available including the squeezy tube which I found a lot easier to apply than sticking my fingers into a pot and the product going under my nails!

I also use The Body Shop lip butter in coconut which not only had a wonderful scent but it calmed my lips and seemed to just melt in and care for them.

So when I had £10 in points to spend in the Birchbox shop I spent time thinking about what to get. I almost got the blackberry Balmi lipbalm and some popcorn but I already have two of these and came across Korres. This brand has a great reputation for quality so I was drawn to it straight away. It also made my mind up when I saw it was a lip butter and I tried to get the one in pink but it was sold out so I opted for this one which is Mandarin as I like fruity scents.

The lip butter is in stick form and is encased in a twist-bottom, plastic tube.
The top fits securely and won't be at risk of falling off in your make-up bag/ handbag.
It's a compact size so it would be good for travelling with.
The print on it reminds me of newspapers and it is different from other brands in that it stand out and is unique.

£7.00 from the Birchbox shop. Which with postage added on as extra changed it to the £10 mark which seems expensive but for how it works is worth it.

The lip butter smoothes onto the lips like a dream. I love lip butters for the texture as there is no stickiness or wateriness.
This Korres lip butter has a subtle mandarin aroma. It smells pleasant and is not overtly strong.
I applied this onto my lips and I would say after a few hours it did need reapplying although I could still feel it slightly on my lips.
The main ingredients in this lip butter are shea butter,  sunflower wax and mandarin oil.
This one is colourless and also contains SPF 15. I love how the ingredients are natural too.
It really moisturised my lips and made them smooth. It's an effective product so I would definitely repurchase this again and try  and get a coloured one this time too.

The unique design on the packaging.
The natural ingredients used in the lip butter.
The subtle scent.
The properties of the lip butter which moisturise and soften.

Laura xoxo

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Birchbox September unboxing

September's edition of Birchbox focuses upon whirlwind weeks and the products which ensure that you will be ready for everything such as LFW, work or the new school year.
Again the items are packaged in a plain box that has a brown lid with their white logo on and a white base.
Inside the items are placed in a drawstring bag which I particularly like as they can be re-used. It's not as posh as some of the other beauty boxes as to me it is plain and simple which some people will prefer whereas personally I like sparkle and glamour.
It is packaged with the Birchbox magazine, a card which tells you the products contained inside and the price of them so you can purchase in their shop if you so wish.
I also received a welcome to Birchbox for your first box which it clearly isn't so someone must have popped it into the wrong box.

£9.99 plus £2.95 delivery which is great if you receive items in the box that you like and will use.

This month I received;

Reverence de Bastien Nail Polish which is a full sized product and costs £16. It is packaged in a silver cardboard box , a glass bottle in a cuboid shape with a cheap looking silver plastic lid.

I received the shade number 13 which is a glitter berry red. Some people would absolutely love this shade especially at this time of the year but I don't tend to go for colours like this. I am a pastels girl.
However I will try it out and it will be perfect for Christmas time.
It states to use two coats after using a base coat , then add a top coat.
I've not heard of this brand before and the polish is really expensive! I could buy some Tony Moly products with that which I would prefer and be ecstatic about.
When I review this it may just go on like a dream and be long-lasting. We shall see.

Bioderma Sebium H2O 20ml .
"Removes all make-up and daily grime."
I've heard good reviews about this product so I am pleased that I received it so I can try it out.
You can buy it for £9.99 from the Birchbox shop or from Amazon in my link for a little cheaper.

Mystic Diamond Eva Cosmetics- Argan oil hair elixir.
This has diamond powder to add shine to your hair. I love hair products and oils seem to work well on my hair so I'm looking forward to trying this one out too. Full price would be £22.70.

ModelCo. Party Proof Lipstick £16.95 . I received this in the shade Kitty which is a fabulous name but not a shade I would pick at all. It is aimed at someone much older. I love all of their pink shades they have but this one I will give away. Also on their website the shade they show looks completely different. It shows a pale pink but this is more of a pinky brown.

"High-impact colour that won't budge, ModelCo’s PARTY PROOF Lipsticks are a super long-lasting, strong pigment lipstick in ultra-vibrant hues.
The rich, non-drying formula glides on effortlessly without drying, caking or flaking. Housed in a chic white case and complete with an inbuilt mirror for easy application — these lipsticks are the perfect addition to your beauty bag."

I think that this is really expensive for a lipstick. I could get a Mac one for cheaper than this.
I have heard of the brand before as the products were featured as free gifts in a magazine a few months back. I like how it is a high-impact colour and I would be more excited if it was a more wearable shade for me. Mine didn't come with a case or mirror. It must just be if your purchase direct from their website.

Molton Brown London- Ylang-Ylang nourishing body lotion 30ml . I love body moisturisers and this is from a quality brand and the scent smells expensive. It's not a scent I would necessarily purchase myself but I will use this for a change.

Lifestyle extra- Green & Black's white chocolate (half-price in Tesco at the moment) Yum I love chocolate. I want a monthly box that has chocolate inside. Do they do those or have I just invented a million pound idea?!

So overall I love the chocolate and the hair oil. Like the Bioderma and Lotion. I would have loved the lipstick and nail polish if they were more my shades as I love these products but I'm not keen on the colours given to me.

Oooooo and with filling in my questionnaire reviews on the site I had enough points to choose something for £10 from their shop so I chose a Korre's lip butter in Mandarin which I'm really happy about.

Did you get the same colours and products as me this month or something different?

Laura xoxo

MRP Clothing wishlist

I absolutely love clothes, bags, shoes and accessories and love dressing up to suit the occasion so I was really excited to  discover this new website MRP . MRP are the South African equivalent to Primark and they deliver to the UK for only £4.

I came across a competition to win a years supply of clothes which I entered straight away! You can enter here.

After browsing the website I came across so many items that I would love to own and the prices are super cheap. They sell items for both men and women and children too. They also sell accessories and shoes too.

Here are my pick of items that I need to own!

Pink bag £8 // Mint shopper £8 // Tan cowboy boots £16 // Sleeveless skater dress £5.50 // Chandelier necklace £4  Gem studs £2 // Grey boots £5.50 // Striped bow hairband £1.50

Also spotted these that I love ;
                                             Cut out bowler bag £9.50                 Cat cover £3.50

These items look absolutely gorgeous and their prices are so cheap. They would make great presents for people as well as for myself.
*contains an advertising link

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Selfridge's Primark Autumn haul

 On the way to the Sea Trek on Saturday we passed Selfridge's which I love. I headed straight for the Primark section and as usual it was set out in a stunning way. The pieces they choose to sell in Selfridge's look really expensive and I love shopping for Primark items in here.

All of the Autumn clothes were in stock and you could clearly see the shift towards darker colours.
I am such a summer person. I always choose dresses in pastels and neon always catches my eye so with this trip I was prepared to tone down and choose classic pieces which will go with lots of different pieces I already own.

 First up is this dress. I have moved to Scotland so I will fit in well with this. Tartan is also popular at the moment. I liked how it was shirt-like at the top with a leatheresque skirt at the bottom.
I will wear this as an everyday look but can also dress it up with heels and done-up hair for a meal / drinks. This was only £13 which I think is an absolute bargain as it looks as though it could be out of River Island for around £55. I have worn this already and it's a tight fitting around the shoulders ( or it could just be mine- but I did need help to pull it back off! So try one on first.)

 Love the colour of these leggings as they are perfect for Autumn time. I love the stretch of these and also the added pattern on the thigh part. I will wear these with either a black or white top and again can be dressed up or down depending on occasion. These were £6 of my money well spent.

 These caught my eye as I was queuing up at the till . The colour will go with nearly everything and I like how they have the leather look on one side but plain and stretchy on the back. Again these were an absolute bargain at £7. Selfridge's you choose well!

 I like the bow detail on this dress and the floatiness of it. It has a black lining underneath which hangs slightly lower so it can be seen when worn. Again it's tartan, it's a complete outfit (just need my black shoes with it ) and I'm good to go. This was £13.

 I usually go for pink bags from Paul's Boutique or pastel colours. I do have a black satchel though come to think of it. Anyway when I spotted this little beauty looking gorgeously situated on a stand it looked like it would cost £60 . It's perfect for fitting with lots of items, I love the bow and the shape of this bag and for £8 this was staying firmly in my grasp.

These are the same leggings as above but hung up this time. I took a close-up as you can't really see the colour and detail from this photograph.
So that's my Primark haul, after I had just visited a week ago!
Have you visited Primark Selfridge's before?
Laura xoxo

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

SeaTrek at SeaLife Centre - Trafford Centre

On Saturday myself, my other half, mum and brother went to Manchester Trafford centre. I used to live about fifty minutes away and I love visiting it so much. We went shopping and for food from Selfridges- mainly consisting of cheesecakes, vanilla slices and strawberry meringues but the main purpose was to go to the new Sealife centre that had opened up to do a SeaTrek which is Europe's first sea bed walk.

I love watching sea creatures and could happily stay in a sea life centre for hours. I adore seahorses as they are so majestic. I researched getting a marine tank but you have to keep the ph balance just perfect so I have started with coldwater fish and a BiOrb. I was so excited to do the SeaTrek  but as the time grew closer and I was in a wet suit and pink crocs, I got nervous giggles!

We completed training and learnt symbols to use underwater  that meant that you were ok, that you wanted to go up or down, that there was a problem and when to stop.
The staff were friendly and confident and everything went smoothly. No previous experience is needed to do the SeaTrek and as long as you are eight years or older and complete a liability release form which is approved, you can take part. You need to bring your swim wear and a towel and the Sealife centre provide everything else.

                                                           Me and my brother

A custom made 'breathe-easy' helmet is placed over the head and rests on your shoulders as you descend down ladders and into the water. The helmet acts like a downturned cup in the water and gives you three times as much oxygen as you would need.

I loved seeing Ernie the giant sea turtle and all of the sharks, ray and fish that were in the marine tank. It was quite surreal to be in the water with the sea life as I have never done anything like this before. It was quite hard to walk in the water at first so one of the divers strapped Velcro weights to my ankles to weigh me down so that I didn't float away or wobble over! I enjoyed every second of this experience and couldn't stop smiling. Even though I knew that sharks were in the tank, they kept their distance but you could still see them. The fish got very close and Ernie the sea turtle was very intrigued with us. He kept on swimming past us.

The Seatrek costs £60 per person and that includes entry into the Sea life centre also. You can get more information here.

      Apart from the first one, the rest were taken afterwards by me in the Sea Life centre.

I won this from Capital FM radio station and it's one experience where the memories will last forever. Thankyou!

I lost my marbles - Pink glitter NOTD

On a recent polish wishlist that I made, I fell in love with some glitter nail polishes that I had laid my eyes on that were handmade in America. As I didn't hear back to see whether they could ship to the UK, I sourced an alternative on Etsy named Lush Lacquer.

These polishes had colour and glitter that I had never seen before and I knew that I had to have them.
I chose this option of 5 mini polishes as there were too many stand-out polishes for me to choose just one or two from.
 I have never been as excited about polish in my life. Do you know when you see something and you can't get it out of your head until they are yours? This happened to me with these polishes!

It took me a while to decide on which ones to buy and I eventually whittled it down to five. I chose all opaque colours rather than topcoats as I wanted it to be an all in one product. They were some neon glitter colours too which were topcoats and they looked stunning over a white base coat.

I wasn 't sure which polish to try out first so I mixed them up and chose one at random. It happened to be ' I Lost My Marbles' which is a bubblegum pink colour with 'colours of the rainbow' hex glitter inside. (The name of this polish makes me smile.)

                    One coat of polish // All five different varieties that I bought
                        Front and back of the nail polish bottle // One coat // Two coats

The packaging of this nail polish is very simple. The bottle is sturdy and the plastic lid fits securely. The label is made from paper and stuck on to reduce costs which is very basic. Their regular bottles of polish however now use silk screening with the logo on, which will look more professional. However with this product I did not buy it for the packaging , I bought them for the gorgeous polishes that were contained inside so I looked past this.

I bought five mini bottles which would work out at approximately £3.20 each .Which for the uniqueness is a great price.

The brush is a medium size and is quite easy to apply. The formula is good and for the most part applies quite evenly. As you can see in some of my nails there are areas of unevenness.
This polish definitely needs at least two coats to become more opaque. In fact I may even apply a further coat. The shop recommends that a topcoat is used also.
The colour is beautiful and unique and one I would definitely purchase again.

The innovativeness and uniqueness of the handmade colours.
The range of stunning colours.
The names of the polishes.
The formula is opaque after two coats.
I love how you can choose a pick and mix to try out different mini polishes of your choice without having to buy full sized bottles.

I absolutely love these polishes <3

Laura xoxo

Monday, 23 September 2013 unboxing is a great new monthly subscription box that has just launched, which provides the perfect amount of taste ingredients for four different meals which arrive in  compact box that is designed to fit straight through your letterbox. All you need to do is add the fresh ingredients

The box also contains recipe cards with step-by-step instructions that are easy to follow. The cards have a large photograph of the end result on one side so you can see what your meal will look like and on the other side it gives you a list of ingredients that are found in the box, a shopping list so that you know what to buy, the method which is clearly numbered and at the bottom is the kit ingredients so that you know exactly what is contained inside the little tubs.

The four taste ingredients for the meals to make I received were; Lamb Tagine, Jambalaya, Prawn Linguine and Balinese chicken which look delicious and I can't wait to make these meals. Even though I'm not really a seafood fan and two out of my four recipes are for prawns and salmon my other half will love these. These look so tasty I will definitely try them anyway.

The little pots I received contain ingredients such as; Tagine paste, tagine seasoning, garlic oil, Cajun seasoning, jambalaya paste, lemon and pepper sprinkle, fish stock, Balinese paste and Balinese seasoning. The use by date is clearly marked on top of each of the tubs and they have a good shelf life.

"We have spent some time finding out what is difficult about cooking quick, taste inspired food at home. And now we aim to solve all these problems- we supply the recipe inspiration, all the hard to find 'taste ingredients', and simple instructions. This should mean guaranteed results in around 20 mins-  minus all the usual hassle."

Subscription costs £9.99 per month and you can sign up here.
All new subscribers can receive a 50% discount off their box with a code from their Twitter page here.

What do you think to this new subscription box? It inspired me as I think they look really tasty and I've just discovered I can actually cook!

(I received this from their Twitter competition and was not obliged to write a review but I thought I would share the foodie love <3 )

Laura xoxo

Friday, 20 September 2013

Joico colour endure violet shampoo

Joico color endure violet shampoo

I bought this Joico shampoo from my hairdressers as I have blonde highlighted hair and it is used to neutralise any brassy tones you may have.

I use this once a week and use shampoo and conditioner also. As I only use a two pence sized amount per time this has lasted me absolutely ages and they have now changed the colour of the bottle from purple to red.

 I bought it for £12 and for the amount of time it has lasted, is an incredibly good deal.
You can buy it here and here for £12.95 from Amazon and LookFantastic.

Here's what Joico state about their product.

"Violet shampoo that cleanses and maintains the hue of cool blond, highlighted, bleached or gray hair.
Neutralizes unwanted yellow or brassy tones with a high level of violet dye.
This violet shampoo will create a brighter tone to your light, colored hair, canceling out yellowness created by oxidation. Plus, it will add strength and protect your hair from environmental and physical damage.
Some may choose to use every other time they shampoo, alternating with Color Endure Shampoo."

Great quality and very professional. The Joico logo is simple and clear to read and see. I like how the bottle is purple and how it corresponds to the shampoo inside.

£12.95 which seems expensive however the duration is excellent and it is a great quality brand.

I have been using this shampoo for a while now and it has excellent results.
The scent is lovely and you can just tell it's from a high end line. It has a really bright violet colour and works wonders. I do still use a regular shampoo alongside it as I feel that I still need something to 'clean' my hair whilst this takes away any brassiness that I may have had.

The results of the shampoo are excellent.
The quality of the brand and product.
The scent is gorgeous.

I would definitely repurchase this again!

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Life Lately #2

 Received a simplycook recipe and ingredient box // New gorgeous Bambi slippers// Under the sea jewels for decorating my BiOrb // Bambi jumper // Bobby being an absolute softy
Alfie now 4 months old out on a walk // Raspberry vanilla bubblegum // Candy Van I saw in a shopping centre // Cupcake vending machine // Bobby resuming his position of the day // Bobby using Cinnamon as a rest // Love heart's gift set from Vicki, Miss Glossy bag // Miniature milk bottles in a crate

So life lately has been full of animal cuddles and sweet treats. I received the simplycook box through the post and will do an unboxing on this when I have better daylight to take photographs.

I love the under the sea gems that I got to spruce up my BiOrb and I gave it a good clean and changed the filter on it too. It looks much fresher now. It's so tranquil looking at aquariums/ fish tanks.

Looks as though I have started a collection of Bambi things. I love Disney and Bambi is so cute!

Alfie has started to enjoy his walks now. He used to cry, tremble and sit down rather than walk so this is a massive achievement for him. He has really grown in confidence and is incredibly sociable.

I need another variety of this Extra dessert chewing gum and actually haven't tried this yet as it came this morning.

Just look at the candy van. I would have that in my house! Perfect colours and sweeties!

A cake vending machine! Decisions decisions!

Bobby and Cinnamon cuddling! They have done incredibly well to say I have taken them four hours away from home. They have settled in really well.

A sweet gift that my boyfriend's sister got for me. The perfume is strawberry- yum!

My Miss Glossy box arrived and I wrote a review on it here. I love this bag of fun goodies.

Super cute miniature milk bottles that I need to have milkshakes or cocktails out of. I love them. I may photograph them in more detail when my straws arrive.


Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Charles Worthington Salon at home shampoo & conditioner

To me Charles Worthington London is a well known brand and I have used their products in the past.
My hair, with it being highlighted, desperately needed some t.l.c and that's where these products came in handy.

My hair is naturally curly and changes between curliness, waviness and as limp as a lettuce! It can also go from well conditioned to really dry and in desperate need of moisture or really fluffy.

I'm always on the lookout for the perfect mane tamer. I need something that adds moisture and shine whilst holding curls and taking away any frizziness and fluffiness.

So today I'm going to be reviewing the Salon At Home Straight & Smooth shampoo which retails at Boots for £5.99 and the Shine Booster Conditioner also £5.99 and both contain 250ml of product.

Very professional looking bottles with a small bold logo at the top and a large 'Salon at home' title to distinguish from the rest of the products in the range.
The containers are made of soft plastic that have quite a squishy feeling.
There is a plastic cap closing at the bottom which does its job but after lots of use I'm not sure that they will click securely as there's not a strong click on them from being brand new.

For the quality of the shampoo and conditioner I think £5.99 is a fair price for these. I was expecting them to be more expensive than what they were.

The shampoo and conditioner have a gorgeous scent to them. It smells as though you are actually in a salon when you are using these. As they are from the same brand but from a separate range they have different scents but both smell incredible.

The shampoo, which is a smooth & straight one, states that it is ideal for wavy and frizzy hair which is ideal for me. It is supposed to have total frizz defiance, resistance from humidity and have a smooth and sleek touch which I can say from using this for a week or so is on all counts true. My hair is a lot smoother and my waves are more defined.

The conditioner, which is from the shine booster range, states that is ideal for normal hair and it gives a shine boost, exceptional smoothness and has extraordinary light reflection.
From using this after the smooth & straight shampoo I can say that it has made my hair a lot smoother than what it was before. You can feel this as soon as you put the conditioner onto your hair and after I left it for around 3-4 minutes it left it super smooth. I would say it has left my hair a little shinier as my hair type and colouring lacks shine usually but this has given it a little boost.

I would definitely repurchase these again after they have been used up.

Plus points:
The scent of the shampoo & conditioner.
The well trusted brand.
The results of the smoothness.

There are 9 different ranges available from Boots here or direct from Charles Worthington here.

Have you tried this range out before?

Jason Calming Lavender deodorant

Jason calming lavender deodorant roll - on

I received this through the post and I was pleased to try it out.
With deodorants the most important factor for me is for it to be long-lasting. I don't want to get half way through the day and have to reapply or feel like I need another shower.
With the Jason deodorant it claims that it has long lasting protection on the front of the label so I have been trying it out to see how it fares up against my trusty Sure deodorant.
I'm not really a lavender person but my mum loves it and uses it for many purposes. She has a lavender cushion and whenever I lay my head on that to watch a film I would be fast asleep within half an hour! However, even though you can smell lavender in it, it smells natural and I'm sure I can smell the grapefruit seed extract which is contained inside it.

Here's what they say about it;

"Our Pure Natural Deodorant Roll-on effectively controls odor for long lasting protection. Naturally sourced Corn and Rice Starches neutralize odor while Grapefruit Seed Extract known for its antimicrobial properties, help fight odor-causing bacteria. Natural Lavender and nourishing Vitamin E calm and soften your underarms.
Long lasting protection.
NO: Aluminum, Parabens, Phthalates or Propylene Glycol."
Picture from here.

The roll-on is smooth and easy to handle and would fit in a handbag easily.
The lid twists securely so it won't leak.
It is made of plastic with a pearly finish and the label is stuck on and slightly uneven.

Usually has an RRP of £4.99 but you can buy it from their website here for £2.50 which I think is a great price for a natural product.

I have tried this for over a week now and am quite pleased with the results. I'm not sure that I would repurchase after this has run out or not as I do like to smell of 'perfume' rather than 'naturalness' However when thinking about I would rather wear organic than artificial ingredients and chemicals.
I would say it lasts for around ten hours which is long enough to last until you arrive home after a day at work.
I like how it contains Lavender and Vitamin E to calm and soften your skin too.

Price (At the moment being £2.50)
The deodorant being pure and natural.

I won this from Om Magazine and you can buy it from here or Amazon

Extra Dessert Delights - Rainbow sherbert gum

Alongside reading blogs I also gain inspiration from Youtube and one of my favourite vloggers is sparklyblonde1 from USA. Faith loves similar things to me and her videos never fail to put a smile on my face.
On one of her videos and on Instagram she showed this chewing gum and I needed it in my life.
I love the USA , chewing gum, pink packaging, rainbows and sherbert so this needed to be bought.

 I heard it could be bought in the UK in Tesco and when I looked it wasn't there. I was so disappointed ha ha! That did not stop me I just searched for it online that night instead.

You can buy some here :)

Extra Dessert Delights- Rainbow Sherbert gum.

The large 'Extra' logo makes it instantly recognisable.
I love the colours used. They are bright, fun and would definitely stand out amongst others.
The 15 sticks of chewing gum are enclosed in cardboard packaging perfectly with a creative slot on the bag to keep it together once opened so they won't fall out.

I paid around £2 including delivery to get my hands on this bubbly goodness which for 15 pieces I would pay again tomorrow.

Not only does the gum have a great colour it also lives up to its aesthetics too.
It does taste of rainbow sherbert and although the initial taste fades after around twenty minutes , you're still left with a sweet quality gum.

Packaging is super pretty , colourful and looks great left out or amongst your items in your bag.
Quality of the gum.

Have you tried these before?

I need the mint choc chip ones next! Yum yum bubblegum.

I love this! <3

Monday, 16 September 2013

Primark haul September 2013

Yessssssssss went to Primark! I used to go here regularly and would just pop everything I liked into my basket and go to the till. I used to try and put some items back but would just declare that I wanted it all.

 Since moving house though in the last couple of months my priorities needed to be elsewhere so I hadn't been to Primark in a few months. As you can imagine I was that excited to be able to go after such a long time that I didn't sleep very well the night before (ha ha ha ! Least I'm honest!)

So here is what I bought with money I received as a gift. I am incredibly happy with the items I chose. My other half chose two of my favourite pieces which were the jacket and boots. He always looks amazing so I listened and got them as they will go with everything. I usually get pieces that I love that are brightly coloured and Disney-esque and then I realise I'm quite limited as to what they can be paired with .

Anyways here are my items;

Love this jacket so much. I had a River Island black studded, cropped one but it was only a size 8 and I outgrew it and sold it. I needed another one and when my other half spotted this for me it was an absolute must. I had to get a size up as it felt too tight but this one fits perfectly. It was £25

I adore this blue dress so much just look at it! It was reduced to £5 and there was one left so it went straight in the basket without any hesitation!

I'm not really a red person . I adore pinks and pastels but there was something about this dress that I needed . It was £10 and I had just been in Bank and seen a Lipsy one for £65 in a different colour.

I needed some black boots for Autumn/ Winter and went purposefully to come home with some from this shopping trip. These are perfect and comfy, will go with lots of my other clothes and my other half picked these out for me. They were only £15.

This black skirt looks a little creased from the store but it will soon iron out. It was only £3 and I wanted the red one too but they didn't have my size. I'm going to wear this with chunky tights and boots.

Love, love , love neons and this pretty ring was reduced to only a £1.

Needed these gloves in my life. I picked up some bear ones at first but the brown looked a bit murky so I got these cuter ones instead for £2. Gloves are a must!

I wanted some dolly black shoes too as I have shoes in every single colour apart These have gorgeous bows. I'm a sucker for bows and look at the diamante parts. These were £6.

These slippers were a final purchase as they were up near the tills. I needed these so much that I just grabbed them and smiled. They are pink, Disney and Bambi so therefore winners. These were £4 and are super snuggly. My friend Lucy had bought me the exact same style in 'Hello Kitty' and they are really warm and comfortable.

Finally - this nail art gem wheel for only a £1. I love nail art and these remind me of being similar to a Nails Inc one.

So that's my haul! <3

Miss Glossy September / October unboxing

Super excited to receive my Miss Glossy bag this morning. This one is aimed at a younger audience and is available every two months. I love this one and think I prefer it to their Glossybox because it's colourful , fun and more suited to my personality.

The bag colour changes each month. Previously I have been delivered a green and purple one.
I actually got this one free this time for filling out reviews on their website and earning enough Glossydots which is a great incentive.
Included inside I received;

 Katy Perry Killer Queen 1.5ml sample. 50ml £29.50, 100ml for £38.50
"This new, strikingly gorgeous fragrance captures Katy Perry's rebellious spirit while throwing convention to the wind. Killer Queen is a charming playful Floriental fragrance."
I prefer Miss Glossy perfume samples as the Glossybox ones seem to be more mature. This perfume smells gorgeous and I would consider purchasing this. I was pleased with this as it's brand new out and I would have tried this out in a shop too.

JvG Soft touch eyeliner £6.95 full size. I've not heard of this brand before and when I tried it out it has a soft texture which makes application super easy. Even though I have lots of eyeliners I'm pleased that I got this as it reminds me of a Bare Minerals one that I had which was super soft and great to apply. It also is meant to be waterproof too which is an added bonus full of staying - power.

Skinetica Anti-blemish Gel Full size of this would be £6.99 for 80ml. This claims to calm and clear skin blemishes within 2-3 days, is suitable for all skin types and also acts as a supertoner and a base for make-up. I can't wait to try this out as from trying out different face creams from my selection,  one of them has made my skin break out a bit so hopefully this should clear it up.

NYC Nail polish in the shade Times Square 9.7ml for only £1.79 . I've just bought a red dress so this will look perfect with it. It is meant to be quick drying polish too so I will test it out. I don't usually go for dark colours and reds but it is perfect for this time of year and will change my colour scheme up a bit.

I also received from the  NYC brand - Showtime nail art in the shade 002 Silverism. This will be great for applying details on nails as it has a long thin brush and would be perfect for creating details on Christmas nails.

Beauty Uk posh pout Full sized products at £2.99. I received shade number 3 'Power to the purole' which I'm pleased about as I will wear this colour. These are meant to be highly pigmented with intense moisture to provide a strong, long-lasting colour.

Ooo and almost forgot. I received a double compact mirror with Gabrielle Aplin advertised on it to advertise her album 'English rain' This will be handy to keep in one of my handbags as you can never have enough mirrors.

Overall I'm really pleased with this box for the third time in a row. It makes me smile, excited to receive it and it's fun and colourful. Another plus point is that it only costs £7 and it comes out every two months. I hope they keep this one going as previously bought a Glossy Box- male version and this was discontinued.

Do you subscribe to this box?

Saturday, 14 September 2013

OOTD #1 Peachy perfection

Here is outfit #1

I actually wore this last Saturday to a house party. I declared I had nothing to wear (which if you were to look I have plenty!) and came across this dress that I hadn't worn before. I originally bought it from Bank online.

The heart ring is an old one from Rebuplic - I love the pastel pink and the heart shape with the little diamantes around the edge.
I really like the Blonde + Blonde peach blazer ( which I bought from Bank)  paired with the cream TFNC dress as it blends well.

I bobby pinned my hair up into a front quiff here and use my curling tongs to give a bit more definition to the curls.

The nail polish was quite day glo and minty which I loved and it's the first time I had worn it. The brand is Color Club and the shade is London Calling. I got them in a Birchbox that I subscribe to and you can get a four pack of colours from here for £10.

Necklace- Primark- from a pack of 3.

Friday, 13 September 2013

Fairy Lashes mascara - So Susan

With a name such as Fairy Lashes this gets my attention straight away. I love fairies and anything magical so this was one product I needed to try out.

I have never heard of the brand 'So Susan' and upon research I found it to be the sister company of Jelly Pong Pong. I tried the So Susan website and it's not currently working but they do have a face book page click .
Typing in 'fairy lashes ' on Google brings up the Jelly Pong Pong site but they are currently unavailable which is a shame.

Jelly Pong Pong is a brand that I am familiar with and I have owned lots of their products. Their packaging is absolutely gorgeous especially with an eyeshadow I have,  which has a little bird sat on top of the pot and it came enclosed in a cardboard birdcage.

The packaging states:

"This is not for the faint-hearted. Our first ever mascara is formulated to make eye lashes flutter & flap. Water- resistant Fairy Lashes makes eyelashes thicker & curvier while allowing them to be spectacularly soft & light. A truly fabulous effect for the woman who wants to emphasize one deep, intense, seductive look."

The mascara is packaged inside a cardboard cuboid which fastens quite well to protect it.
The colours are muted pink, minty and white and the logo is plain and wouldn't stand out to me on a shelf.
It is vintage shabby chic and would look pretty on a dressing table.
The mascara tube however doesn't match the outer packaging being a strong purple colour.
The tube is smooth and has an innovative bullet type end.
The wand is basic and easy to use.

The brush enabled me to coat all lashes easily and I do like the colour of this.
It made my eyes have the wide apart look straight away and did make them appear thicker and a little curvier.
On touch, my eyelashes are quite soft still after two coats of mascara.
I'm not sure that fairies want to be quite seductive as the packaging states . I would have gone with the marketing of being fluttery as a fairy like feathers in a breeze whereas the description seems as though it is describing another mascara altogether. Or maybe that's just me?
It has great staying power but does smudge a lot when you try and take it off. Although with a good make up remover this should be no problem at all.
For a first mascara for a brand I think it is excellent.

This mascara retails for £15 which I think is too steep. Although this product is very good and a 6 or 7 out of 10 . I wouldn't repurchase it at that much.
However you can get some items from the range cheaper if you were to buy the great packages that Jelly Pong Pong does for £15 a bag from their website.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Horror Halloween collection

I know we're in September but I can't help planning ahead to All Hallow's Eve on October 31st. There's something about this event that I'm intrigued by. I love anything magical , dressing up and I need to pop on Hocus Pocus to thoroughly get in the 'spirit'. Loved that film when I was younger.
I get inspired by visuals and thought I would have them all into once place here.
Think I will be going to a Halloween party this year so I need to plan an outfit. I love all things crafty and being creative but I will buy one to wear as my days of wearing bin bags are over!

Love the cat socks- with the cooler weather they will keep your tootsies warm. The bat decorations are a bargain and this will act as a feature. I adore the nail art, and usually end up wearing something with a tutu!

Are you going to any Halloween parties?

1 Asos Lazy Oaf cat socks £8
2 Amazon £2.22
3 Asos Palace Wedges £15
4 New Look reduced to £14
5 Amazon £2.05
6 Asos Blue Vanilla Jumper
7 ASOS Illustrated people reduced to £25
8 Asos Tutu £20
9 ASOS House of Holland Now £6
10 Asos Arrogant Cat London

Nominated for the Liebster Award

Last night I was reading through the blogs I follow on my app and on the lovely  Jess at Unstitched and Fabulous I realised she had nominated me for the award :) Check out her blog it's one to keep an eye on :)

The Liebster award is a blogging tag where someone nominates you for the award and you have to answer ten questions so that people can get to know you a little better.
 After you have answered them, you must tag ten other blogs and give them ten different questions to complete. There are also a few rules that come with this tag:
1. The tagged blogs must have less than 200 followers

2. In your response, the person who tagged you should be mentioned.
3. So those who you tag can respond, you should let them know.
Here are my 10 questions that Jess asked.
1. What is the item of clothing you couldn't live without?
Now I know I'm probably supposed to say something along the lines of one of my sparkly or promesque dresses but if I'm being completely honest it's got to be my onesies. I never want to take my onesie off and just love being snuggly. I have a drawer full!

2. Who's your favourite designer and why?
Diana Eng's Fairytale Fashion. I love the dresses, the lights and  the whole magic of it.
Meadham Kirchhoff springs to mind for the pastels, fun nail art and innovativeness. I like fun design and either neons or pastel colours. I wear what I find aesthetically pleasing.

3. What made you want to start a blog?
I got inspired by reading other peoples' blogs and just cracked on with it one day. I absolutely love reading about beauty, fashion, crafts, lifestyle, recipes and kawaiiness.

4. Your favourite memory and why?
I have lots of favourite memories and I think the most simplest of ones make me remember them the most. Any acts of pure kindness that I've encountered and people who are there for you no matter what and understand who you are.

5. What fashion item did you spend the most money on this month?
 I bought some accessories . I will show them when they arrive from USA. How amazing is Etsy?! Love it! So I think the most expensive was only £6!
6. If you had £1,000 to spend in one shop, what shop would it be?
 Great question. Primark as I get excited about going there and imagine how many items you could get with that much money. What a dream! Although I wouldn't really be able to carry it all.
7. What's your favourite nail colour this season?
Even though it's A/W season I'm still don't really change what I prefer. I prefer neons/ bubblegums/ mintiness and lots of glitter. Maybe at Christmas time I change to gold or silver!

8. What are you most looking forward to in the next few months?
Going on holiday and going on a Sea Trek at Manchester.

9. If you could travel the world, where would you go first?
I would love to do this. I would go to USA and then probably not want to travel anywhere else after that I love it!

10. What is your favourite type of food?
Naughty things like coconut cupcakes, Nando's, Ferrero Rochers, Walker's Sensations chilli crisps, Vermicelli noodles and fruit salads (healthy yeah!)
Thanks so much to Jess for nominating me as I've only been blogging for a few weeks :)
The blogs I am nominating are:
Here are my questions for you ................
1. What's your favourite scent ?
2. How would you describe your style?
3. If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be?
4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
5. How would you describe yourself?
6. What are you most passionate about?
7. What's your favourite item?
8. What's your favourite shop?
9. If you were an animal what would you be and why?
10. What made you start your blog?
If you decide to answer these please tag me as I would love to see :)
xoxo Laura

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Glossy Box September 'The London Edition' LFW

Glossy Box London Edition September 2013

The delivery man knocked on my door this morning and I always get excited when one of my beauty boxes arrives.
Upon opening the cardboard that it's transported in I was met with an absolutely gorgeous Union Jack style box which is definitely one for keeps. This month is the fist time that Glossybox have included a magazine in with their beauty boxes named the GB Mag. Inside are trends, interviews with designers and Glossybox office 'top five obsessions.' The London Edition is to celebrate London Fashion Week (LFW) and British beauty.

Again, the box was beautifully wrapped and had its logo sticker and ribbon to add finishing touches.

Inside my box.

Elizabeth Arden Untold perfume mini. My initial thoughts were to give it away as I thought it's scent would be too 'old' for me. I sampled it and it's actually wearable. I prefer fruity, chocolatey, coconutty or cocoa buttery scents and this one doesn't meet that criteria. It is a grown up scent but it's not overpowering and therefore I will wear this as an everyday scent. I will not be repurchasing. If you like floral scents you will be better suited to this perfume.

Eylure pre-glued lashes. I have never actually worn false lashes. The times I tried, I got them stuck in all the wrong places! However I do like how they can make lashes appear fuller and would be great for a special occasion / night out. I like how they are pre-glued too so that it reduces time. These cost £5.06

Toni&Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe classic shine & gloss serum. I'm excited to try this product. I love trying things for my hair to tame my mane. I have naturally curly hair and at times it's dry and I'm always on the look out to find products which will maintain the waves but add gloss, moisture and reduce frizz.

Be A Bombshell Cosmetics Onyx Eye Liner $14 for 3g
I do love eyeliners but I have grown a mass collection. This is a first for me though to own one that looks like a felt tip marker. Hopefully it will be easy to apply and ensure a smooth cat flick. I'm pleased with the colour of it and excited to try it out. This has been placed in the box so that if you wish you can recreate the A/W 2013 catwalk looks.

Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm for Lips
This was originally developed for breast feeding women to use as a nipple balm and now it's a cult beauty item for leaving lips smooth and soft. My first thoughts on this was I won't be getting that out in public! "Would anyone like to borrow my nipple balm?" I'm sure even the most chapped of lips in winter wouldn't take me up on my offer or is that just me? However when reading the information card that comes in the Glossybox it states that this balm can be used for eye glitter, (which I love) to mix pigments, shaping eyebrows and even as last minute shoe polish. Looks like I won't be offering to share after all!

So there's my round up of September's Glossybox.
My subscription is £9.99 + £2.95 delivery and I will be keeping this going. I have to say I do prefer when I receive bright , neon, fun products and these all seem so serious and polished this month. I will have to wait for my Miss Glossy to arrive. That is more my style!

Just to let you know I have just joined Instagram so feel free to take a look :)
Username : rayofglitter1


Monday, 9 September 2013

Life lately #1


L-R Really want this nail polish DollishPolish, Bobby with a diamante hairclip!, Bobby being a cutie pie, I love hairbands, bubblegum kiwi nails, new BiOrb, my puppy Alfie, Saw this adorable puppy pug at the beach, my curly hair and rainbow necklace.

Have your cake and eat it wishlist!

I love cupcakes. It takes me forever to choose one from a patisserie counter (so I buy two or three instead!) I love the look, taste and smell of them and would happily live in a house with cupcake wallpaper.
Here is some cupcake inspiration to brighten your day.
I had previously found a Helen Rochfort watch with a cupcake on it and I own a cupcake handbag from her which is amazing! The watch however is no longer online but I did find this tote bag. I love the Sindy bags that she has too. Check her out here
I neeeeeeeeeeeeed the sprinkles shaker. I want it as a decoration ! I also love the cup and the eraser set how adorable.

1......ASOS Patisserie de bain body cream £10
2......Urban Outfitters vanilla cupcake mug £12
3......Miss Selfridge cupcake air freshener £2
4......Accessorize lip smackers £10
5......Punky pins cake card £4
6......Urban Outfitters cake and ice-cream erasers £5
7......Accessorize unicorn sprinkle shaker £8
8......Helen Rochfort giant eco shopper tote Eat Me £20

Sunday, 8 September 2013

My heartbeat Bobby !

Meet one of my fluffy heartbeats !

Here is Bobby aka BobBob, Baby, Barbie, Bob. He's a chocolate point Persian and is now ten years old. I absolutely love him to bits. He is incredibly loyal and timid and has the softest cotton-wool like fur. He is quite temperamental at times and has autistic tendencies. He is very much in a world of his own and prefers to be sat where he can see me at all times.
Cat biscuits make him incredibly happy and he enjoys spending time by the fridge in case any passer-by's happen to open it up and give him something! He has the most gorgeous sea-blue eyes and is sat next to me right this moment whilst I type <3

Friday, 6 September 2013

Very Berry Boo!

So at this time of year, gone are my ice-cream prints and sandals and out come the cosy outfit selections. (I still wear my ice-cream, summery tops if the heating is on full whack though!)
When it gets to this time of year in the UK, I automatically think of berry colours and this was my inspiration for today.
I don't actually own many berry coloured items and now have inspired myself to go and look for some.
All the items are from . This was the first place I looked and I needn't look elsewhere as these offerings are real beauties!
Which is your favourite? Mine is all of them!!

1. Jess Skater Skirt £10 Love this teamed with the white jumper.
2.Kate Scuba box pleat skirt £6 Looks gorgeous with the black shirt.
3. Zoe studded jumper £20 Could be casual or dressed up.
4.Lola lace skater dress £12
5. Maya Ponte blazer £25
6. Penelope tribal skirt £8  I love this skirt!
7. Carrie Skater dress £20
8. Paris berry boot £18
9. Cindy disco pants £10 Love disco pants and the name makes it even better! I love Sindy!

Clinique whole lotta candy!

Clinique have just announced their Christmas collection  which will be available from 4th October 2013.
These three chubby sticks look good enough to eat with their candy style wrapping and will come in a set of three for £20 . With names such as Pudgy Peony, Voluptuous Violet and Two Ton Tomato it's alliteration at its best.
Pudgy Peony looks divine!

Photo and information from :

Thursday, 5 September 2013

I heart holographic!

I love holographic items so much that I'm sure I would wear it all from head to toe!
I already own a pink holographic Ipad case, two bags and some bow sandals. I just can't get enough of it!

I have also just found one of the most amazing stores on Etsy I'm your present which got me excited but then a little sad because I want all of her mermaid, castle and unicorn items so much! Looks like it's going to be a Happy Christmas to me from me!

1. Missguided Leonda skater dress £19.99 I love skater dresses they fit so well and add holographic to the mix I will look like a pretty sweetie wrapper.
2.ASOS Nails Inc special effects holographic now £8
3. New Look silver holographic phone purse £5.99
4. Imyourpresent Etsy £7.88 I want nearly everything from here!
5. Forever21 hologram ballet flats £13.75
6. Hologram envelope clutch bag approx £20.55 Ebay
7. Paul's Boutique hologram Maisy bag- I saw this in Selfridges and I am in love with it! I think they have stopped selling it and it is amazing.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Polish me pretty!

I love creating these wishlists but it is taking me all my willpower to not pop them in my basket and check out. Definitely needing some of these for Christmas though with my favourites being Dollish Polish- how adorable is the little doll on the bottles?! I'm not sure if you can actually get them in the UK though and I want them so much.
My other favourites are the Models Own splash collection box set £20- the colours are absolutely gorgeous and they have glitter in- what more could I want? I own lots of these polishes already and I love them. The brand is innovative in bringing out new collections.
I absolutely love the look of the Lime Crime polishes too. I own one Lime Crime lipstick in the red shade and the packaging is absolutely amazing. It's the most gorgeous one I own.

1.Dollish Polish That's so 80's $80
2. Paul & Joe Limited summer polish in 'Caribbean' On sale @asos for £7.50
3.Lime Crime Parfait day $8 Lime Crime
4.Lavendairy $8
5. OPI Couture De Minnie ASOS £13.95
6. Once in a Blue Mousse Lime Crime $8
7. Models Own Splash box set £20

Do you know of any more polishes that I would love?