Friday, 27 September 2013

Korres Mandarin lip butter

Here we have the mandarin lip butter by Korres.
I got this for filling out my Birchbox reviews on their website and I had enough to spend £10 on their online shop.

At this time of year especially, my lips always tend to become chapped and I have a collection of lip products to help combat the problem. I have always been on the lookout to try new lip products and ones that are especially effective in not only moisturising but soothing chapped lips.

The ones that I reach for continuously seems to be the Carmex range. I started off with the original pot and then more varieties were available including the squeezy tube which I found a lot easier to apply than sticking my fingers into a pot and the product going under my nails!

I also use The Body Shop lip butter in coconut which not only had a wonderful scent but it calmed my lips and seemed to just melt in and care for them.

So when I had £10 in points to spend in the Birchbox shop I spent time thinking about what to get. I almost got the blackberry Balmi lipbalm and some popcorn but I already have two of these and came across Korres. This brand has a great reputation for quality so I was drawn to it straight away. It also made my mind up when I saw it was a lip butter and I tried to get the one in pink but it was sold out so I opted for this one which is Mandarin as I like fruity scents.

The lip butter is in stick form and is encased in a twist-bottom, plastic tube.
The top fits securely and won't be at risk of falling off in your make-up bag/ handbag.
It's a compact size so it would be good for travelling with.
The print on it reminds me of newspapers and it is different from other brands in that it stand out and is unique.

£7.00 from the Birchbox shop. Which with postage added on as extra changed it to the £10 mark which seems expensive but for how it works is worth it.

The lip butter smoothes onto the lips like a dream. I love lip butters for the texture as there is no stickiness or wateriness.
This Korres lip butter has a subtle mandarin aroma. It smells pleasant and is not overtly strong.
I applied this onto my lips and I would say after a few hours it did need reapplying although I could still feel it slightly on my lips.
The main ingredients in this lip butter are shea butter,  sunflower wax and mandarin oil.
This one is colourless and also contains SPF 15. I love how the ingredients are natural too.
It really moisturised my lips and made them smooth. It's an effective product so I would definitely repurchase this again and try  and get a coloured one this time too.

The unique design on the packaging.
The natural ingredients used in the lip butter.
The subtle scent.
The properties of the lip butter which moisturise and soften.

Laura xoxo