Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Selfridge's Primark Autumn haul

 On the way to the Sea Trek on Saturday we passed Selfridge's which I love. I headed straight for the Primark section and as usual it was set out in a stunning way. The pieces they choose to sell in Selfridge's look really expensive and I love shopping for Primark items in here.

All of the Autumn clothes were in stock and you could clearly see the shift towards darker colours.
I am such a summer person. I always choose dresses in pastels and neon always catches my eye so with this trip I was prepared to tone down and choose classic pieces which will go with lots of different pieces I already own.

 First up is this dress. I have moved to Scotland so I will fit in well with this. Tartan is also popular at the moment. I liked how it was shirt-like at the top with a leatheresque skirt at the bottom.
I will wear this as an everyday look but can also dress it up with heels and done-up hair for a meal / drinks. This was only £13 which I think is an absolute bargain as it looks as though it could be out of River Island for around £55. I have worn this already and it's a tight fitting around the shoulders ( or it could just be mine- but I did need help to pull it back off! So try one on first.)

 Love the colour of these leggings as they are perfect for Autumn time. I love the stretch of these and also the added pattern on the thigh part. I will wear these with either a black or white top and again can be dressed up or down depending on occasion. These were £6 of my money well spent.

 These caught my eye as I was queuing up at the till . The colour will go with nearly everything and I like how they have the leather look on one side but plain and stretchy on the back. Again these were an absolute bargain at £7. Selfridge's you choose well!

 I like the bow detail on this dress and the floatiness of it. It has a black lining underneath which hangs slightly lower so it can be seen when worn. Again it's tartan, it's a complete outfit (just need my black shoes with it ) and I'm good to go. This was £13.

 I usually go for pink bags from Paul's Boutique or pastel colours. I do have a black satchel though come to think of it. Anyway when I spotted this little beauty looking gorgeously situated on a stand it looked like it would cost £60 . It's perfect for fitting with lots of items, I love the bow and the shape of this bag and for £8 this was staying firmly in my grasp.

These are the same leggings as above but hung up this time. I took a close-up as you can't really see the colour and detail from this photograph.
So that's my Primark haul, after I had just visited a week ago!
Have you visited Primark Selfridge's before?
Laura xoxo