Monday, 16 September 2013

Primark haul September 2013

Yessssssssss went to Primark! I used to go here regularly and would just pop everything I liked into my basket and go to the till. I used to try and put some items back but would just declare that I wanted it all.

 Since moving house though in the last couple of months my priorities needed to be elsewhere so I hadn't been to Primark in a few months. As you can imagine I was that excited to be able to go after such a long time that I didn't sleep very well the night before (ha ha ha ! Least I'm honest!)

So here is what I bought with money I received as a gift. I am incredibly happy with the items I chose. My other half chose two of my favourite pieces which were the jacket and boots. He always looks amazing so I listened and got them as they will go with everything. I usually get pieces that I love that are brightly coloured and Disney-esque and then I realise I'm quite limited as to what they can be paired with .

Anyways here are my items;

Love this jacket so much. I had a River Island black studded, cropped one but it was only a size 8 and I outgrew it and sold it. I needed another one and when my other half spotted this for me it was an absolute must. I had to get a size up as it felt too tight but this one fits perfectly. It was £25

I adore this blue dress so much just look at it! It was reduced to £5 and there was one left so it went straight in the basket without any hesitation!

I'm not really a red person . I adore pinks and pastels but there was something about this dress that I needed . It was £10 and I had just been in Bank and seen a Lipsy one for £65 in a different colour.

I needed some black boots for Autumn/ Winter and went purposefully to come home with some from this shopping trip. These are perfect and comfy, will go with lots of my other clothes and my other half picked these out for me. They were only £15.

This black skirt looks a little creased from the store but it will soon iron out. It was only £3 and I wanted the red one too but they didn't have my size. I'm going to wear this with chunky tights and boots.

Love, love , love neons and this pretty ring was reduced to only a £1.

Needed these gloves in my life. I picked up some bear ones at first but the brown looked a bit murky so I got these cuter ones instead for £2. Gloves are a must!

I wanted some dolly black shoes too as I have shoes in every single colour apart These have gorgeous bows. I'm a sucker for bows and look at the diamante parts. These were £6.

These slippers were a final purchase as they were up near the tills. I needed these so much that I just grabbed them and smiled. They are pink, Disney and Bambi so therefore winners. These were £4 and are super snuggly. My friend Lucy had bought me the exact same style in 'Hello Kitty' and they are really warm and comfortable.

Finally - this nail art gem wheel for only a £1. I love nail art and these remind me of being similar to a Nails Inc one.

So that's my haul! <3