Monday, 2 September 2013

Puppy mini haul

When we were back down in England for the weekend we stocked up on some treats for Alfie from a local warehouse in Lancashire.
Not all of the items have been pictured as Alfie has either run off with them or they have been popped into his treat tin!

I really wanted to get him a Kong as he is teething at the moment and chews all of his toys non-stop until he sleeps. I was going to order one online for him and didn't so as soon I saw it I got it.  I saw a puppy Kong and they only had it in pink- ah well my favourite colour anyway! Don't know whether Alfie would agree but there you go! It's designed so you can pop treats or paste inside and they work to get it out. He has chewed on it  a little this morning but now he's taking a nap. It was £4.99.

I bought him a personalised black leather collar with his name on it before we got him and it is far too big for him so we have put it away until he grows up. He has had a blue bandanna collar which was so sweet but he scratched at it and it all frayed so he needed a new one. We got a black thin leather one and then after we had paid spotted a Marvel collar that would match his lead and it fitted perfectly after he tried it on so that was purchased too and he looks adorable in it! Although we're saving it for when he goes out on a walk and not for wearing all the time so that it doesn't wear easily. The pet warehouse owner had brought them back from a holiday in Florida so we bought it before it had sold out.

We stocked up on healthy chicken and rice bones for him 3 for £1.75 as he loves gnawing on these and we got his a selection of mini chew hedgehogs and chew toothbrushes. Ruby enjoyed the toothbrushes very much so Alfie didn't get a look in!

We also bought him healthy option treat bones which were 4 bags for £5.

Finally we bought him a pack of  six puppy balls which have a squeaker inside and they were £2.50 .
He loves toys that squeak and he can chase these as well.

Puppy treats.
Hi, I'm Alfie and here's my crocodile!