Thursday, 26 September 2013

MRP Clothing wishlist

I absolutely love clothes, bags, shoes and accessories and love dressing up to suit the occasion so I was really excited to  discover this new website MRP . MRP are the South African equivalent to Primark and they deliver to the UK for only £4.

I came across a competition to win a years supply of clothes which I entered straight away! You can enter here.

After browsing the website I came across so many items that I would love to own and the prices are super cheap. They sell items for both men and women and children too. They also sell accessories and shoes too.

Here are my pick of items that I need to own!

Pink bag £8 // Mint shopper £8 // Tan cowboy boots £16 // Sleeveless skater dress £5.50 // Chandelier necklace £4  Gem studs £2 // Grey boots £5.50 // Striped bow hairband £1.50

Also spotted these that I love ;
                                             Cut out bowler bag £9.50                 Cat cover £3.50

These items look absolutely gorgeous and their prices are so cheap. They would make great presents for people as well as for myself.
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