Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Extra Dessert Delights - Rainbow sherbert gum

Alongside reading blogs I also gain inspiration from Youtube and one of my favourite vloggers is sparklyblonde1 from USA. Faith loves similar things to me and her videos never fail to put a smile on my face.
On one of her videos and on Instagram she showed this chewing gum and I needed it in my life.
I love the USA , chewing gum, pink packaging, rainbows and sherbert so this needed to be bought.

 I heard it could be bought in the UK in Tesco and when I looked it wasn't there. I was so disappointed ha ha! That did not stop me I just searched for it online that night instead.

You can buy some here :)

Extra Dessert Delights- Rainbow Sherbert gum.

The large 'Extra' logo makes it instantly recognisable.
I love the colours used. They are bright, fun and would definitely stand out amongst others.
The 15 sticks of chewing gum are enclosed in cardboard packaging perfectly with a creative slot on the bag to keep it together once opened so they won't fall out.

I paid around £2 including delivery to get my hands on this bubbly goodness which for 15 pieces I would pay again tomorrow.

Not only does the gum have a great colour it also lives up to its aesthetics too.
It does taste of rainbow sherbert and although the initial taste fades after around twenty minutes , you're still left with a sweet quality gum.

Packaging is super pretty , colourful and looks great left out or amongst your items in your bag.
Quality of the gum.

Have you tried these before?

I need the mint choc chip ones next! Yum yum bubblegum.

I love this! <3