Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Library Of Fragrance - Baby Powder and Thunderstorm Review

Hi everyone!

Remember on my Birthday wishlist where I included Library Of Fragrance scents? Well I was over the moon to receive the *Baby Powder and *Thunderstorm scents. You can buy 2 for £25 from Boots and I really want the fresh coconut and mango ones now after spotting them on the website.

The concept of these perfumes really intrigued me as I adore anything quirky and the thought of having a perfume that smelt like an everyday item, of which some are abstract, appealed to my nature.

 The packaging to me is clear and simple. I like the use of a coloured box so that the scents are recognisable. It reminds me of the game Monopoly with their coloured property cards. The bottles are very plain and I would have liked to have seen something more quirky to go alongside the scents.

The perfumes are available in the UK from Boots and are price at £15 each or two for £25. This works out at £12.50 a bottle which I think is a great price and I may have to buy two (or four) very soon.

*Baby Powder and *Thunderstorm are two of the most popular scents in the collection. I couldn't wait to try these so I sprayed Baby Powder on myself and spritzed my other half with the Thunderstorm. I could not stop smelling these!
Baby Powder smells exactly the same powder and it's a gorgeous powdery baby smell which I'm very happy to smell of. 
The 15ml spritzer tubes will actually last me quite a while so I'll get many a spray out of this.
After spritzing the Thunderstorm on my other half it was like a dawn of recognition and an awe of discovery! We both agreed that that would  be what a thunderstorm smells like and it was a very wearable scent. I loved it on him.
The scents last a good few hours and then they can be topped up as I did so that I continued to smell lovely. I didn't find them overpowering at all, they had the perfect strength.
I want to sample them all!

Here's what the brand Demeter have to say about their products from their website here;

"The Library of Fragrance products are produced by New York-based company, Demeter Fragrance Library Inc.
Originally established in 1996, Demeter set out to create fragrances that captured all the wonderful smells that surround us every day, but are too often under appreciated in our busy, pressured, multi-tasking world. The first three scents belonging to the collection – Dirt,Grass and Tomato – were launched at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City. With the brand quickly gathering a loyal cult following, the concept soon expanded to include an even broader range of smells – no matter how odd or unusual – and scents such as Gin & TonicBaby Powder and even Play-Doh began to populate the library.
Today, Demeter’s head office remains in Greater New York, whilst the 20,000 square foot factory is located in central Pennsylvania. Everything the company sells is made in this factory, enabling the brand to continue to specialise in unique fragrances and the kind of labour-intensive, short-run, hand-bottled production that makes it possible to carry such a diverse ‘library’ of products.
Scents are now created by Demeter’s CEO, Mark Crames, who has been running fragrance companies since 1986. His creations include the top-selling Baby PowderPure Soap and Clean Skin and he continues to travel the world looking for inspiration for great, new Demeter experiences.
Today, Demeter’s products are sold in over 35 countries – from Paris, to Moscow, to Hong Kong. There are over 300 unique fragrances in The Library of Fragrance collection – 101 of these are available in the UK via this website, with a carefully curated selection of favourites available exclusively at Boots."
Love Laura xoxo
*PR items sent very kindly for me to sample.