Friday, 28 March 2014

A Candy Clothing Wishlist

Happy Friday everyone!

I discovered the brand Candy Clothing on Twitter and first saw their mint green bracelet and thought it would be perfect for Spring. After taking a little peek on their website, I found that there were so many items that I loved. When I hear the word Candy, I conjure up in my mind sweet delights, hot weather, fun and colourfulness and this is what this brand delivers.

Candy Clothing is an international clothing line which is based in London and was founded in April 2013. Here I have picked out my favourites from their website. They have a wide range of products available for both male, females and children and lines include nails, t-shirts, boots, sweaters and jewellery.

The design are as sweet as sugar and right up my street. So let's take a little look at my wishlist.....

I love how the grey colour of this sweater sets off the pink doughnut and Candy logo. Doughnuts are irresistible and having one on your top to me is amazing.

I love the colours that have been used on these and all of the bling. These would finish off an outfit perfectly. I like how the nails are ready to just glue on and go.

I adore the colours that have been used on these nails and the intricate flower patterns too. You get 20 nails, so in effect, two sets here. How gorgeous would these be for a wedding?

Sweeties and desserts on a bracelet = heaven and this is jam-packed full of fimo polymer clay charms.

I think this is one of my favourite items. It could be worn with so many items to candy it up and therefore makes it ultra versatile. It's described as candyfloss and cream which sells it to me in itself. All of the items are available in a range of sizes too.

I didn't use to like hats at all but in the past couple of years I can't get enough of cute hats and this is one of them. Again, I love the contrast between the hot pink and the grey as it sets it off perfectly. These are in one size and are essential for that nippy wind that we still seem to be getting.

This was the item that I fell in love with on Twitter which kick started this wishlist. I love the mint green colour set off against the gold and they also have a pink version too which I need.

This is a soft feel sweater and combines my two favourite colours.  I would love to wear this as I like to be snuggly and warm.

Finally, what better way to see a donut dessert on your hand than this delicious looking dessert?

What's your favourite pick?

Love Laura xoxo

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fairy Glitter nails

Hello and happy Wednesday! It's so sunshiny outside today again.

Yesterday I painted my nails using a new nail art kit that I bought from Primark at Christmas time and discovered again yesterday when I looked through my blogging bag. Always a bonus. I also used the pink ice cream nail polish that I got in my stocking at Christmas.
I adore glitter (as you can tell by the name of my blog!) I think that that sparkliness can brighten everything up.

Primark Nail Glitter kit.
 Review of the polishes <3
So here is the kit that I bought from Primark which is one of my favourite shops ever. So many pretty items can be found in there. It's like a treasure trove. I think this kit was either £2 or £2.50. I love the iridescent glitter and don't own a white polish so in the basket it went.

The kit has a white polish, a generous bottle of glitter and it was meant to have a funnel too to help put unused glitter back in but mine was missing from the box and it was sealed too.

I also used the pink ice-cream polish that is from Etude House. I tried to blog about this polish before and it was a disaster. I painted my nails, added a further coat which was too much and it smudged all over. So here's take 2.
The white polish after one coat is streaky but applied easily. I just poured the glitter straight onto the wet nail and it dried quickly. I made sure that there was cardboard to catch the excess glitter so that I could pour it back into the bottle afterwards. I really love the effects of this and it lasted a good day until I went in the shower this morning and it has chipped badly. 
The Etude House polish paints on thickly and it was hard for me to get it to be even. Two coats didn't make it better for me personally either as it was too thick. I love the cute bottles and I would buy the other shades too for decoration purposes and for accent nails!

Gorgeous glitter fairy nails. I definitely think that this kit is worth the £2 or so that it cost but I wouldn't recommend just to wear the white coat of polish on its own. The glitter is what makes it.

Love Laura xoxo

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Fairy Dust - Lily Flame candle review.

Hello everyone!

Today I have a candle review from Lily-Flame in the scent Fairy Dust. The company Lily-Flame was established in 1994 and their items are handmade in Somerset, England. This is my first candle that I have from the Lily-Flame brand and the Fairy Dust is perfectly suited to my personality. I love the colour pink and I love fairies too. After discovering these candles I also now want to try the Chocolate Truffle, Coconut Grove, Crushed Almonds and the Powder Puff ( Among many others!)

The candle is housed in a decent sized tin with a fitted lid that is secure . I adore the font and the colours used as it looks magical and suits the name of the candle very well.
I also really like the brand name of Lily-Flame too.

The candles in a tin retail for £8.50 each and you can purchase one here. I would buy myself one for a special occasion but actually when you find out that they have between a 30-35 hour burn time then the price seems to be completely worth it.

As soon as I pulled the lid off the tin I was met with the aroma of Fairy Dust. I keep on smelling it and it evokes memories but I can't quite place it. It really reminds me of talcum powder and also the powder that is on Turkish Delight too.
How cute are the pieces of decorative wax too that add something different? They remind me of sweeties.
The aroma also fills the room and the scent of the candle is strong which is what I look for in a candle.

*Remember to never leave candles unattended. Place them on a heat resistant surface. Keep away from animals, children and not near to objects that will catch light. Also be careful after lighting as the tin can become hot.*

Have you tried Lily-Flame candles before?

Love Laura xoxo (Who whilst writing this blog post,  must have sniffed the candle twenty times!)

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Embellish Pink polish and Multi Nail Beads Review

Happy Sunday everyone,

I hope you are well. Yesterday we went to see the new 300 film at the cinema and it was brilliant. It had me gripped and I ate my sweet popcorn like no tomorrow! Tonight will be spent watching Once Upon A Time season 2- one of my favourite shows.

So onto the nail kit which was a bargainous £2.50 from Primark. The kit comes with a neon pink Barbie polish, multi-coloured metallic beads and a little funnel to make it easier to place unused beads back into the pot.

I've not actually tried the caviar beads before even though I have the Ciate and they have been around for a while. I think it's the sunshine that motivated me to try something new and ta-da my nails have been Princessed.

Embellish 3d Manicure set from Primark.

I painted each finger with one coat of the pink polish and added beads, whilst the polish was still wet, to my thumb and ring fingers.
I caught any spare beads into the plastic tray which was inside the box as you can see on the photo above.
It was a lot easier to do than I had anticipated.

Here is the finished result with only one coat of polish on each finger. The polish was easy to apply and wasn't streaky. The polish and beads look really effective and would be perfect for a night out or simply to brighten up a day.

The edges of the nails with the beads on are quite easily knocked so they would require a touch up but for a fun few hours these are perfect. The beads are quite hard to get out of the plastic tub due to static and a lot of them just bounced and landed on the floor so next time it would be better to use a paper or card tray.

Have you tried caviar beads before?

Love Laura xoxo

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Hello kitty Lipsticks - Keep it Real & Underground Queen

Hi everyone,

Today I have a lipstick review to share with you. I found these Hello Kitty lipsticks whilst perusing the beauty section in Primark. I went in for the Candyfloss perfume and left with these two lipsticks instead. I've not seen Hello Kitty lipsticks and these were too cute to pass by. It took me quite a while to find the two shades as lots of the bullets were empty so I had to check each one. I think there were four different shades altogether and they were a bargain at £1.50 each which I think is brilliant as I would have expected a higher price tag on these. I love bright colours and so these two really captured me and I needed them. They remind me of tropical Caribbean colours and will be perfect for Spring/ Summer time. I bought them and showed them in my last Primark haul and ended up losing one because the puppy had taken it an rolled it under the sofa. I have just recently found it again and luckily it was still in perfect condition.

I love the packaging so much with the caps being Hello Kitty heads and the bright graffiti style sketches.

The containers are not very well put together at all. As you can see from the one on the left it is trying to come apart. Most of the ones in store were like this too and therefore had product missing from the inside of them. They are really quite delicate and so I wouldn't recommend travelling with them.

The two shades I purchased were 'Keep It Real' which is the corally orange colour and the 'Underground Pink' which is a hot pink shade.

The lipsticks are pigmented and apply easily onto the lips and also for these swatches too. They felt smooth and creamy on my lips and lasted a good couple of hours which I think is great for the price. When the lipstick had been worn for a while the pink had left a stain on my lips too so they still showed a flush of colour.

Here I've applied 'Underground Queen' on my lower lip and 'Keeping It Real' on my top lip.

Overall I would purchase these again as the packaging is unique, they apply well, I love the colours and they are an absolute bargain!

What do you think of these Hello Kitty lipsticks?

Love Laura xoxo

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

What's in my Glossybox March? ...

Hi everyone,

My Glossybox was delivered today and so without delay here's what I have received inside of it and my first initial thoughts.

Again, this month I love the packaging. The pink blush box reminds me of a sugar coated boudoir. I like this packaging the most out of all the beauty box available.

The theme for this month is 'Beauty Blossom' as winter is behind us and it's time for Spring. 

These are all the contents of my March box. Each box contained the Dove hair treatment, a product from Sleek and Bellapierre, whilst the other two products varied from box to box. Some people received a Heleniere serum which retailed far higher than the two samples of fake tan or Juicy Couture perfume samples which I guess is just luck of the draw.

First up I received this Mitchell and Peach body cream which retails at £36 for 180ml an I received 40ml. I can really smell lavender predominantly in this cream even though it contains honey, organic cocoa, sweet almond oil, rose, vanilla, violet extracts and coconut oil. This has a medium to thin consistency and has a luxurious scent that my mum would love.

This is the Dove Hair Therapy- Intensive Repair 60 Second Treatment Shot which is full sized and £1.49. I am in definite need for this as a conditioner I have been using has not had any effect and my hair has been really dry recently. I have used one of these before and don't remember it making a huge difference. Fingers crossed I notice something this time.

Next up I have a full sized Sleek - Pout Polish from the limited edition range in the shade Bonaire. It's a bright orange shade which I'm not sure how recent this is as some reviews date back to 2011 and it's out of stock on the Sleek website. These Pout polishes retail for £4.49.

 Vita Liberata pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Lotion 2x sachets. This retails at £37.50 for 150ml. I'm not sure how much will be in each sachet. I'm hoping enough to do my whole body or else I'm going to look interesting! I don't like how some boxes had a full sized product whereas others got these samples or two Juicy Couture perfume samples. They need to be fairer and I think they should have added a product rather than sachets as this is disappointing when you know that others have received an expensive product in place of these. I'm also intrigued to find out if the tan will last 2-3 weeks too!

Finally I received the Bellapierre shimmer powder in the shade Coral Reef which retails at £12.99 and is the full sized product. As well as being an eyeshadow  it's also a multi-use prosuct and can be mixed into blusher, nail polish or lip gloss to create custom make-up. I'm not entirely sure how that works but it says to check out their website for further uses.

So this month my favourites are the Bellapierre shimmer powder and the Sleek pout. What did you receive in yours?

Love Laura xoxo

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

What's in my Lulu Guinness Birchbox for March?.....

Hello everyone!

This was meant to be published yesterday and unfortunately my finished piece wouldn't save or publish. I tried to refresh and it left me with one paragraph so I have started again today with a fresh mind :)

I hope you all had a great weekend. The weather was a lot cooler today but luckily the sun came out for me to photograph. I was really excited to receive an e-mail that stated that Birchbox were going to collaborate with Lulu Guinness for the March edition. I love Lulu Guinness lips bags as they are unique and stand out.
Lulu chose two products for the box this month. These being her favourite eye primer and the stripy black and white rock.

Packaging: I love the Lulu Guinness stripy design and the lips on the bottom of the packaging, however I would have preferred if the design was actually on the box so that it was a keeper. With the design being a card overlay it makes it harder to access the box.
I like how they have used a drawstring bag this time too instead of the tissue paper that they used for January. This sets it apart from other beauty boxes that are available on the market.

Price: £10 & p+p. My Birchbox has been delivered by the Royal Mail now too and last month's was dropped and the hair oil smashed over everything. They also didn't deliver one box and let someone else sign for one which I never received. I have to say though that Emma from Birchbox who I e-mailed was super efficient, very polite and send out replacements which restored my faith. However I have now cancelled my subscription as I have too many products to try out and want to save some money so one box had to go.

So here is the Lulu Guinness design box for the month of March.

I love the underside design as it has the lips  and I love the clutch bags that Lulu Guinness designs as they are unique and iconic.

Upon taking the card overlay off and opening the box, this is the first glance into the box.

Contained inside the drawstring bag were the miniatures for this month. There were no full sized products apart from the stick of stripy rock.

First up we have the Molton Brown replenishing hand cream in rhubarb & rose which smells delicious. This retails for £10 if it was full size. As it's a hand cream and I only use a small amount at a time, this will last me quite a while.

This is Lulu Guinness' pick of the strip rock which is a lifestyle extra for the box this month. It represents the traditional sweet shops that inspired Lulu's S/S collection. I love rock so I'm happy to receive some candy in the box. It reminds me of Blackpool and the seaside.

Dr. Brandt - Pores No More Pore Refiner. This would retail at £39 which I think is really expensive. I own the Benefit Porefessional so I will be able to compare the two products.

Benefit- Stay Don't Stray £20.50- This is an eye primer to ensure that your eye shadow stays put and also acts as a concealer too. I love Benefit products and it's fab to receive one in a beauty box. I own the Urban Decay equivalent so will see what the difference is between the two. This is Lulu Guinness' other pick for the box as this is her favourite eye primer. 

English Laundry No7 perfume sample which retails at £47. I usually get at least three wears out of a little sample so I'm hoping this smells good.

Finally I received the Aroma Works Serenity Body Oil and I can't wait to try this as I love oils as they are nourishing and this contains coconut oil which I love the scent of. This is a tiny bottle but a little goes a long way and the full size retails for £32.50.

So that is what I received in this month's box. My favourites are the Molton Brown hand cream because of the scent, the Benefit primer as I love this brand full stop and the Candy Rock.

Did you receive the March Birchbox? What did you receive in yours?

Love Laura xoxo

Friday, 14 March 2014

B-bird Momma Needs Sugar jewellery review

Happy Friday everyone,

I hope you are all well. It's almost the weekend and I'm already thinking about baking some scones to have with raspberry jam and clotted cream. I want to get a cake stand and recreate an Afternoon Tea experience at one point too.

So onto my review. I was kindly contacted and asked to take a look at B-bird's website which I did and fell in love with the 'Momma Needs Sugar' range. This collection encapsulates bright candy colours with a childhood nostalgia which is what I am most attracted to. In this range I love the aqua polo mint necklaces, the cupcakes and Ice-cream bracelet, Care bear rings and their pink macaron ring (To mention a few!)

B-bird's jewellery is handmade and designed in Dorset and their passion is to create and design beautiful jewellery using the finest gems, pearls and crystals from around the world. They have a wide array of jewellery to suit a range of tastes and ages. I particularly love their Swarovski pink heart bracelet and all prices are very reasonable as this is £9.99.

Photograph taken from B-Bird's website.

I love the collection header. It reminds me of American diners and pink retroness which I absolutely love.

Business cards with the companies logo.

I was kindly sent two items from the range and they arrived well wrapped in a bubble envelope. Inside, the jewellery had been folded in B-bird stamped tissue paper. I like how the logo has been inked onto the paper repeatedly.

I was delighted with the two pieces that I had been sent. I had spotted the *red love hearts bracelet on the B-bird Facebook page and the *My Little Pony ring was one of my favourites when I browsed the site for the first time. They were separately placed in an organza bag which adds to the thought of the packaging.

The *heart bracelet priced at £4.99 is really good quality and will be perfect for me to either wear mid-week or dressed up for a night out. It's made  up of heart beads and on stretchy elastic. My wrists are tiny so it had a loose fit on me.

I love this *My Little Pony ring so much and they also sell it in pink too. They are also priced at £4.99. I love the bright colours and the cuteness of it. The ring is adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit.

Do you need some sugar in your life? Even my Donut top that I was wearing in the photograph is making me hungry!

Love Laura xoxo

*PR items kindly sent for review with my 100% honest review.