Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Tangle Cherub hair brush review

Hello everyone!

It's so sunny here today that it's made me feel even better today. I always feel really motivated when the sun is out and it makes me want to accomplish things.

A few weeks back I spotted this gorgeously designed brush and I had to have it. It's the Tangle Cherub which is in a more compact size than the Tangel Angel and is meant for children. Anything to do with hearts, the colour pink and angel wings and I am attracted to it. I think this is the most gorgeous brush I have ever laid my eyes upon.

The Tangle Cherub is available in three different colours. These being the pink that I have , a gorgeous baby blue colour and a silver. Not only is it gorgeous to look at it but it also has beneficial properties too such as antibacterial additives, a contoured base, anti-static properties and heat resistant bristles.

I need Tangle brushes for my hair especially with it being wavy. If I wear my hair up it tends to tangle so easily and when I come to wash it, I can't run my fingers through my hair easily. I brush my hair after it's been conditioned and that way it is left tangle free and smooth.

The brush is meant to stand up too but mine doesn't seem to want to. The base must not be completely flat so I keep it in the pretty box that it is packaged in. Also as it is travel sized the handle is shorter but my hands are small so it's fine for me to use.

I used the Tangle Cherub when I showed you how the heart bun from Claire's works and it left my hair feeling really smooth and glided through my hair really easily. I would highly recommend this product if you like beautiful brushes and your tangles to be tamed.

Price: £10.95. Now I know that there are much cheaper alternatives out there but for the design and the performance this is worth every penny.

Love Laura xoxo