Friday, 7 March 2014

Love Heart Hair Bun Review

Happy Friday everyone,

I hope you are all well and that you have a lovely weekend.

 So for one of my New Year's Resolutions I wanted to try out different styles with my hair. I usually just leave it down or pop it up into a high loose curly bun.
I saw that Claire's had a heart bun maker and I loved it straight away. I adore hearts plus it gave me something new to do with my hair.
 I love hair products and hairstyles so I ordered one for my Birthday. I thought that this would be a great style to wear to work so that my hair was styled away from my face or equally I would wear it out for the weekend too. You could wear this super tight and sleek or pull out a few strands for a more bohemian look too at the front of your face. I prefer to have a few strands and a jewelled hairband too to make it more glamorous.

The brand is Scunci, which when I researched they do regular bun sets too and lots of bobbles and clips.

Inside the kit you get a heart foam piece which is very sturdy so will last, 2 Scunci hair bobbles and kirby grips in black. (If you have lighter coloured hair I would definitely swap to gold clips that you already have or else these will stand out.)

On the back of the box there are clear, step-by-step instructions to follow. These were really easy to follow and after a quick glance were pretty self explanatory.

So first I pulled my hair into a high pony and secured with a band. I then pulled my hair through the foam heart and made sure it was the correct way around. I used some hair oil to give shine and try to help with any fly-aways.

You then rearrange your hair until the heart is covered. I did this by twisting my hair around as though it was going to be a regular bun and distributed hair to any gaps that I could feel.
I then secured with another hairband to hold it tight and then used the kirby grips to neaten it up and further secure.

I then tried to take about 500 pictures of the heart bun and ended up with photos of the walls, Alfie and the curtains! It's so hard to take a picture of your own hair do.

Here is the finished result. I think it looks gorgeous and seems the perfect size.

I used my new Tangle- Teezer to neaten my hair up further and it glided through effortlessly and smoothed my hair. Here I have had the style for a few hours and you can see that it is a little looser and not as tight.

I needed to twist it slightly as it's a bit wonky!

Overall I love it and it makes a cute, unique hairstyle. It took less than two minutes to create too which is great if you need to get ready quickly.

Love Laura xoxo

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