Monday, 10 March 2014

Accessorize iPhone / iPad button stickers

Hello everyone.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! The sun has been shining here today and that instantly makes me feel good. My weekend was spent mostly relaxing and enjoying M&S food which was scrumptious.

Today I have some Accessorize button stickers to show you. I received these as a gift for my Birthday and was not aware that they did anything like this before I received them. I can no longer find them on Accessorize's website but I just typed iPhone button stickers into Ebay and there's so many to choose from on there.

In this pack there were 6 little button stickers to choose from and they are adorned with butterflies, hearts or flowers. The stickers are raised too so they actually feel like a little button.
I used one for my iPad Mini and one for my iPhone and they were both easy to apply. If you don't apply it correctly first time perfectly on the button they were easy to correct by sliding along.
The buttons have been measured accurately so that they fit perfectly and I like the way that they add a little decorative feature.

Love Laura xoxo