Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Fairy Glitter nails

Hello and happy Wednesday! It's so sunshiny outside today again.

Yesterday I painted my nails using a new nail art kit that I bought from Primark at Christmas time and discovered again yesterday when I looked through my blogging bag. Always a bonus. I also used the pink ice cream nail polish that I got in my stocking at Christmas.
I adore glitter (as you can tell by the name of my blog!) I think that that sparkliness can brighten everything up.

Primark Nail Glitter kit.
 Review of the polishes <3
So here is the kit that I bought from Primark which is one of my favourite shops ever. So many pretty items can be found in there. It's like a treasure trove. I think this kit was either £2 or £2.50. I love the iridescent glitter and don't own a white polish so in the basket it went.

The kit has a white polish, a generous bottle of glitter and it was meant to have a funnel too to help put unused glitter back in but mine was missing from the box and it was sealed too.

I also used the pink ice-cream polish that is from Etude House. I tried to blog about this polish before and it was a disaster. I painted my nails, added a further coat which was too much and it smudged all over. So here's take 2.
The white polish after one coat is streaky but applied easily. I just poured the glitter straight onto the wet nail and it dried quickly. I made sure that there was cardboard to catch the excess glitter so that I could pour it back into the bottle afterwards. I really love the effects of this and it lasted a good day until I went in the shower this morning and it has chipped badly. 
The Etude House polish paints on thickly and it was hard for me to get it to be even. Two coats didn't make it better for me personally either as it was too thick. I love the cute bottles and I would buy the other shades too for decoration purposes and for accent nails!

Gorgeous glitter fairy nails. I definitely think that this kit is worth the £2 or so that it cost but I wouldn't recommend just to wear the white coat of polish on its own. The glitter is what makes it.

Love Laura xoxo

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