Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Fairy Dust - Lily Flame candle review.

Hello everyone!

Today I have a candle review from Lily-Flame in the scent Fairy Dust. The company Lily-Flame was established in 1994 and their items are handmade in Somerset, England. This is my first candle that I have from the Lily-Flame brand and the Fairy Dust is perfectly suited to my personality. I love the colour pink and I love fairies too. After discovering these candles I also now want to try the Chocolate Truffle, Coconut Grove, Crushed Almonds and the Powder Puff ( Among many others!)

The candle is housed in a decent sized tin with a fitted lid that is secure . I adore the font and the colours used as it looks magical and suits the name of the candle very well.
I also really like the brand name of Lily-Flame too.

The candles in a tin retail for £8.50 each and you can purchase one here. I would buy myself one for a special occasion but actually when you find out that they have between a 30-35 hour burn time then the price seems to be completely worth it.

As soon as I pulled the lid off the tin I was met with the aroma of Fairy Dust. I keep on smelling it and it evokes memories but I can't quite place it. It really reminds me of talcum powder and also the powder that is on Turkish Delight too.
How cute are the pieces of decorative wax too that add something different? They remind me of sweeties.
The aroma also fills the room and the scent of the candle is strong which is what I look for in a candle.

*Remember to never leave candles unattended. Place them on a heat resistant surface. Keep away from animals, children and not near to objects that will catch light. Also be careful after lighting as the tin can become hot.*

Have you tried Lily-Flame candles before?

Love Laura xoxo (Who whilst writing this blog post,  must have sniffed the candle twenty times!)

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