Thursday, 20 March 2014

Hello kitty Lipsticks - Keep it Real & Underground Queen

Hi everyone,

Today I have a lipstick review to share with you. I found these Hello Kitty lipsticks whilst perusing the beauty section in Primark. I went in for the Candyfloss perfume and left with these two lipsticks instead. I've not seen Hello Kitty lipsticks and these were too cute to pass by. It took me quite a while to find the two shades as lots of the bullets were empty so I had to check each one. I think there were four different shades altogether and they were a bargain at £1.50 each which I think is brilliant as I would have expected a higher price tag on these. I love bright colours and so these two really captured me and I needed them. They remind me of tropical Caribbean colours and will be perfect for Spring/ Summer time. I bought them and showed them in my last Primark haul and ended up losing one because the puppy had taken it an rolled it under the sofa. I have just recently found it again and luckily it was still in perfect condition.

I love the packaging so much with the caps being Hello Kitty heads and the bright graffiti style sketches.

The containers are not very well put together at all. As you can see from the one on the left it is trying to come apart. Most of the ones in store were like this too and therefore had product missing from the inside of them. They are really quite delicate and so I wouldn't recommend travelling with them.

The two shades I purchased were 'Keep It Real' which is the corally orange colour and the 'Underground Pink' which is a hot pink shade.

The lipsticks are pigmented and apply easily onto the lips and also for these swatches too. They felt smooth and creamy on my lips and lasted a good couple of hours which I think is great for the price. When the lipstick had been worn for a while the pink had left a stain on my lips too so they still showed a flush of colour.

Here I've applied 'Underground Queen' on my lower lip and 'Keeping It Real' on my top lip.

Overall I would purchase these again as the packaging is unique, they apply well, I love the colours and they are an absolute bargain!

What do you think of these Hello Kitty lipsticks?

Love Laura xoxo

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