Thursday, 31 December 2015

Teddy Maximus - Dog Bow Tie Review

Holly Simpson, an entrepreneur from London,  has launched a luxury accessory brand for dogs named Teddy Maximus.
The luxury items range from collars made in the English countryside to beds made with the heart of design in Somerset.
I was kindly sent the *Teddy Maximus Sky Blue Dog Bow Tie for my three pooches to share and wear and today they starred in a mini photo shoot in the living room where they were nice and snug. 
The bow tie arrived packaged beautifully in pink tissue paper with sequin stars with the addition of a look book.

The bow tie has elasticated loops on the back so that you can thread it through your doggies collar.

This sky blue is such a lovely colour and this one in particular features dogs' head and little bow ties. It feels excellent quality and is sturdy so it will last. They are priced at £14.99 and you can find this particular one here.

How gorgeous is little Teddy Maximus pictured here in his bow tie (taken from the look book.) Teddy Maximus is a Dachshund and he looks absolutely adorable.

Here's a variety of items that Teddy Maximus sells and I particularly love the pink Shetland collection even though I have all boys! For each of the toy bones sold, £1 is donated to the Dogs' Trust Charity which is so lovely to raise money for dogs that aren't as fortunate.


Here's my little Whippet Alfie modelling the bow. This is a perfect size for Alfie as he is small. On whippet collars it's quite hard to thread through the width and so a thin collar would be needed for a more polished look for my little prince. Alfie's favourite toy is the dice pictured here. He even takes it to bed with him. I bought him some new ones for his Birthday, exactly the same, and he's not interested. He wants his well loved one!

I think the bow quite suits my chocolate point Persian -  Bobby Chocolate Bobbin. The colour of the bow compliments his fur beautifully.

Chewie, my adopted Pugzu, was the hardest to photograph. He would not stay still. He was too busy chasing after treats. His fur is also quite long at the moment on my little poppet and so you can only see a peek of the bow tie on him.

My beautiful Lurcher Teddy Bear was the most photogenic. He's a big boy though so he has a thicker collar to support his neck and therefore the buckle had to be placed at the front.
What do you think of the Bow Ties? I think they make my little princes look posh.
Love Laura xoxo
*PR item sent kindly for review.

Tuesday, 29 December 2015

December 2015 Primark Haul

So today I arrived at Primark at 8:30am and honestly it's the best time to go. Next time I will be getting up super early as this is the new way to shop. There were hardly any customers in and so I could browse at my own leisure and twirl and touch everything to my hearts content. It's a new store that has opened fifteen minutes away from me and you can park right outside it which is just perfect.
I was lucky to receive a gift card and money for Christmas and so I thought about what I actually needed beforehand. This is a big change for me as usually I just grab whatever I liked and then when I get the items home I was finding it hard to co-ordinate with other items I already have.
So the first item here are some snuggly pyjamas. I don't know about you but all I want to do in my house (in life) is be super snug and warm. I loved the rainbow and little hearts and these felt so thick and soft that I had to get them. I had seen some Care Bear ones on Instagram but they never have any in when I go unfortunately but I'm really happy with these ones.
These were £12 which are a little higher than other years but a bargain if you compare to other shops.

Now this is such a Laura item. Bambi is adorable and I've made an improvement with getting grey as it goes with everything. I still can't resist some uber cuteness. I just wanted something to pull on to be casual and I think I'll get a lot of wear out of this. This was also £12. I'm not sure how well the print will wash though? Hopefully it will be fine.

I needed some more plain bottoms so that my tops will go with them and so I opted for this chevron pair with an elastic waist as there's nothing worse than jeans digging in. I then put these grey joggers in my basket too and they have a tight fit at the ankles to pull them in. Both pairs were £6 each which I thought was a great price. I love pants like these as they are so easy to pull on and wear. They require little thought for busy days.

Next I got some accessories. I didn't see any jewellery that I liked at all which is a first and so I just picked up some essentials that I will use regularly. I always need black socks and these are such a good price at £2 for five pairs. The quality is quite good and I find them to last quite a while.
I then got three pairs of black tights for £5. I love the thicker ones as I ladder thin ones so they're a complete waste of my time. I've got some skirts coming from an online shop I did so these are a necessity.
I need slippers as I don't like it in winter when you walk on the floor and your feet are cold. They're so hard to warm up so the more slippers the better. My dogs pinch my slippers all the time so it's rare that I can find  a pair.
I got the most boring brown bobbles that I have ever bought in my life but I thought you know what, at least they'll match my hair and blend in rather than the neon ones I usually get. Also where do bobbles disappear to ? I'm on my last one and I borrowed that one from my best friend too and didn't return it! How good is 50 bobbles for £1?
I love Reese's pieces and so, on a whim, I put this lip balm into my basket. It smells of chocolate more than peanut but this might change after I use it. It was £1.50.

I really needed some new winter boots and was looking for a biker style and flat as I needed to be able to walk in them easily. There were so many with heels on which would be ok for a night out but not for everyday. I spotted these ones and they are so sturdy and excellent quality. The inside also has a furry lining too to keep feet nice and snug. They only had a size up from mine left and I couldn't find any others so I tried them on and they actually fit. These were £15 and I'll get great wear out of these.

Finally I bought this cardigan for £12 which I'll be able to pull on over tonnes of outfits. I really needed something to keep me warm and pop over shirts and dresses that matched what I already had on. This one is perfect and thick.
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas (if you celebrate it.)
Love Laura xoxo