Friday, 29 November 2013

Avon Ultra Colour Lip crayon- Showstopper Pink - FOTD and a little Bambi!

Hello everyone !
Has anyone got any good bargains for Black Friday ?
Thankyou so much to the people who read my blog and those who follow, share and comment <3

Today I have a FOTD because I actually look alright today ha ha! I love this new Lip Crayon which I will talk about in a moment and oh my word to me it's Bambi Friday! Look at my gorgeous jumper. This is the one I showed in my haul. I saw it in a magazine and NEEDED it in my life.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

I've only ever ordered a few things from Avon in the past but now I'm starting to love it more. I saw the Avon lip crayons advertised in a magazine and it was the fuchsia shade that was shown. I really wanted it! A couple of campaigns back when the lip crayons were first being introduced they were on special offer and I think I purchased it for £5.50. Rather than getting the fuchsia shade though my eyes were drawn to showstopper pink and I was sold.

The lip crayon is packaged in a black cardboard little box which I don't care for too much as the rest of their lipsticks and nail polishes arrive in this too. I just treat it as though it's protecting the lip crayon inside.
I like the simple design of the crayon and that you can see the shade at the bottom part of the stick.
The crayon is twistable which I love so no sharpeners are necessary.
The logo is in silver and is clear to see and effective against the black.

Just looked on their website and they are down again to £5.50 and if you order one you get a free  plump pout lip gloss too at the moment! You can buy it here.

I love this lip crayon. I think I have a bit of a thing for crayons! The colour is absolutely gorgeous and highly pigmented and applies smoothly with a shine. It's not overly moisturising and as I rub my lips together it feels like a lipstick does. Next time I will apply my lip butter underneath beforehand. The colour lasts and is vibrant and I would definitely repurchase.
Avon has some little gems.

Plain black box it arrives in and a Cartier advertisement.

Lip crayon stick.

Applies smoothly with a sparkle.

 FOTD - Today my makeup consists of Benefit Fake-Up, Coralista blusher, Bourjois chocolate bronzer, Urban Decay eyeshadows, Urban Decay eyeliner, Avon Showstopper pink lip crayon and Maybelline Falsies mascara.

Love love love the Bambiness.

Laura xoxo

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Nails Inc Polish for Kate Spade - Uptown Glamour and Soho Silver - Glamour magazine

I subscribe to Glamour magazine but because Royal Mail have changed their policy on sending out nail polishes I didn't receive one with my magazine. Instead they popped a letter inside and you can pick one up from a shop in the city. I haven't got round to going into Harvey Nichols so my lovely mum bought me two extra magazines.
 She picked up the Uptown Glamour which is a goldy colour and Soho Silver. The Nails Inc nail polishes are  full sized bottles and freewith the Glamour magazine this month for £2 which is a bargain.

The other two colours available are red and black but I don't particularly like them, they just aren't colours that I choose. If you like them, buy the magazine quickly before it sells out.

The polishes are perfect for Christmas and applied like a dream. I really noticed the difference in quality when applying these polishes. The brush strokes applied smoothly and neatly. I have only used one coat for now and to me this is opaque and is enough to show off its beauty. I have not used a topcoat either.

So here are my Christmassy nails ......

Kate Spade Nails Inc for Glamour

Uptown Glamour and Soho Silver

One coat of polish with two accent nails.

With flash to show the true colours.
I applied the Uptown Glamour to two of my accent nails (thumb and ring finger) and Soho silver to the other three.

They look really Christmassy <3

Dis you pick these up?

Laura xoxo

Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads

I received these Elegant Touch nail polish remover pads in my latest Glossy box and I was pleased to get them because I didn't actually have any at all to use. There are 20 little pads contained inside so with using one each time , should last for 20 removals.

After making a mess of my nails yesterday with my application of my lovely Barry M Matte polish in Vanilla I desperately needed to remove it.

Little pot with nail remover pads contained inside.

Little insert that fits snugly to keep the moisture in.

Size of pad and after a good rub it removes all polish.

The oily finish it left on my nails and fingers.

The Nail polish remover pads retail for £2.03 on their website . I wonder why it's not rounded down to £2?
They are acetone free and contain Vitamin E and moisturisers.

A cute twist plain pot that is cheap and cheerful. The pot has an insert inside to keep the moisture of the pads inside and so that it ensures that the pads don't leak around the lid if you were to carry them in your bag.
Their logo is plain but easy to read.

The lid was easy to twist and open. I liked how it had the extra protection layer but when I pull it out, some of it splashed on my lip! I am a bit ditzy ( a lot ditzy) and I'm not sure what I was doing with it that close to my face! The pads smell of alcohol and they are actually really thin but do the job. I had taken out two at first and started to wipe away and realised there were two of them close together so I popped one back.
One pad did the whole of my nails which is great. I did have to apply a bit of pressure to rub the polish off as when I first looked the polish was still there. It took me less than a minute to remove the two coats of Barry M Vanilla which I think is great timing especially if you're in a rush.
My nails and skin around thrm looked quite oily from using these but I realised it must be the moisturisers. They did feel smooth after use and my nails then had a perfumed scent to them.

I would repurchase these as I like how they are cheap, easy to use and are handy with the little pads rather than having to use a liquid.

What's your most effective nail polish remover that you have discovered?

Laura xoxo

Barry M Matte Nail Paint - Vanilla

Hello everyone,

 Today I have more nail posts to share. The first one is * Barry M Matte nail paint in Vanilla which I received in my AX Paris goody bag from Etail PR. In my collection of nail polishes this is the first matte one that I have owned. I love trying new nail polishes and the innovativeness that they keep on bringing out. These particular matte polishes from Barry M are a collection of coffee colours that are new out and are geared towards the grunge look. I love the vanilla shade as I don't like brown shades on my nails they're just not me.

Have you seen the Barry M Nail Christmas collection that they have brought out? I saw it on their Twitter feed and fell in love. Oh my goodness that collection of colours makes me go weak!

So even though my nails are a lot shorter and I applied this like I'd applied nail polish for the first time ever, I thought I would share it anyway. I have to say I love it. Even though it's not a colour I would buy myself I actually like the nude shade as it looks classical and will go with many outfits. 

The polish retails for £3.99 and you can buy it here. Now I have looked at the rest of the range, I want quite a lot so I have clicked off the website now. My theory is if you can't see them then you can't be tempted because I have the willpower of a chocaholic in a chocolate factory.

Barry M Matte Polish in Vanilla

Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree!

Gorgeous matte finish.

I painted this on yesterday and I don't know whether I was out of practice or what because I applied it quite messily. I was amazed by how the polish looks regular and glossy and then as if by magic, it dries to a matte! I really like this effect.
I decided to put two coats of it on and that's when it went wrong and super messy. One coat of this polish was definitely enough coverage for my nails. I usually find that if I apply more than one coat, even after waiting for it to dry properly, it has that sticky effect and smudges. Next time one coat is the way to go.

I adore this polish and want it in pink, peach or mint if they had it.

Have you used matte polishes before?

Laura xoxo

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Beauty Uk No.3 Snow Leopard Nail Art wraps

Perfect party nails.

I recently reviewed the Beauty Uk Strawberries and Cream nail wraps here and they looked super effective and pretty. I also chose the wraps in *Snow Leopard as I love the neutral colours with the pop of the jewel effect and also they remind me of the magical world of Narnia. 

The nail wraps are available in 21 different styles which I'm sure will suit a variety of tastes. I have my eye on She Leopard too as they are gorgeous and very similar to Snow Leopard but with an added touch of my favourite colour pink. The nail wraps are available to buy for £3.99. Either directly from Beauty Uk or Superdrug, Internacionale and Select.

The wraps are amazing to use for parties as they add an extra touch of glamour and glitz. I found these ones easy to use and whilst nail wraps have a little creasing at times, the nail file which is provided with this pack can be used to smooth down the wrap. (Using the smooth edge.)

I will be wearing these particular wraps for a Christmas party in a few weeks time so today I am showing you the little beauties close up and before application.

Laura xoxo
*PR Sample kindly sent to me <3

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Dresses contain memories

Memory dresses <3

I adore clothing, especially dresses. Ones that look like mermaids would wear them, Princess dresses, ruffled dresses, prom dresses and gorgeously coloured dresses.
I love how a photograph of a dress can evoke powerful memories. Looking at these photographs again has made me want to dress up and go out dancing. I love glitz and glam and co-ordinating an outfit with accessories. I'm really looking forward to Christmas parties now.

 This was for the MTV Europe music awards in Frankfurt. I searched for ages to find a dress and bought two in the end from a favourite shop of mine Bank Clothing. I love how this has 3D flower effect ruffles. The fit was perfect.
I teamed it with my River Island studded biker jacket that I no longer own and these stunning pink bow boots that I found on ASOS.
The feather glitter necklace is Topshop.
 Close up of FOTD and multi coloured glitter sparkles on the black feather necklace. It added a sparkle of colour onto the black dress to lift it a little.
I loved this jacket so much as it went with so many outfits. I love the studs and the cropped effect.
I had my three feather extension in at this point too- a purple, and two pinks.
 This dress I bought from Bank. I adore the pastelly pink and blue colours. I wore the patent shoes (just seen) from Primark with matching ice blue nails which was bought from Next and chipped so much. This  was worn for my cousin's wedding during the day.
 I loved this dress as soon as I saw it in Manchester Arndale. It reminds me of a mermaid. I love the colour, sequins and the chiffony material. The bottom part has ruffles and I wore this to my cousin and friend's 30th Birthday party. It reminds me of having fun with my friend Lucy as I bought this when I was visiting.
 This dress evokes memories of my family holiday in Lanzarote. This dress is from River Island and has a pearlescent ruffled part around the neck part. I needed the dress as soon as I saw it. I love the brightnessof the white as it looks fresh and the material is gorgeous. The sandals were super cheap from Primark and they go with so many outfits. The baby pink bag is from Primark and I also have it in blue.
 I wore this to another wedding. The dress is from ASOS and I love how it has a little corsage at the top with diamantes on. The patent pink shoes are from Next. This reminds me of a roadtrip to Kendal and Pick and mix sweets.
This is a dress that has memories of a turning point that changed my life. I bought the dress at Bank and it's a Lipsy one. Again this has sequins on the side which is a feature that I love. It fit really well as do all of the Lipsy dresses that I own. The bag was from Republic.

Do you have favourite dresses that have memories?

Laura xoxo

Magic Moroccan colour changing blue lipstick

I'm am attracted to colour changing products like a bee to honey so when I read about Moroccan lipsticks on the Day Book Blog  I bought one for the novelty factor to try out. I had seen lots of the green lipsticks available but being a little different I decided on the blue one. I got it from Ebay here for £2.39 with free delivery.
These lipsticks have been available in Morocco and countries in Asia for decades and reportedly contain a dye called Red 27 which stains your lips (making it hard to remove) but is meant to create the perfect colouring for your skintone ranging from neon pink to reddy pink.

Quite possibly the cheapest container I have ever owned. It's made of incredibly cheap plastic that feels like it could break at any moment. It reminds me of a child's cheap make up set item. It is not branded and I have no idea of the ingredients contained inside.

A super cheap £2.39 with free delivery.

The lipstick apply smoothly and did feel smoothing on my lips.  I just applied it without a mirror quickly (which is not recommended) as it is a stain and I could have stained my cheek or anything if I had got distracted!
I swatched it on my hand and it changed from clear to a lovely pink shade on my hand. The results on the lips appear more or less straight away. To me it added a nice flush of colour and went a little deeper even after an hour. How long it lasts for will be another question to answer. I am currently enjoying a nice cup of tea and as this lipstick stains it doesn't wipe off or leave stains on your cup. Talk about things lasting a long time, that hot pink dip dye is still currently going strong after way more than then 6-10 washes than it was meant to last for on my hair!
So if you can look past the awfully cheap packaging and don't mind your lips being stained and love a 'novelty' item then this may be for you! I needed to try one as soon as I saw them. I used to have the magic colour changing rings when I was younger and the change colour t-shirts. I absolutely love anything like that .

Cheap Moroccan lipstick container and my white Christmas tree <3 

Moroccan lipstick in blue.

The pink stain it changes to instantly.

No product on lips.

With the application of the Moroccan lipstick.

Will you be trying one of these out?

Laura xoxo

Monday, 25 November 2013

Kukee Jewellery Mix haul

After receiving two Kukee rings in my AX Paris goody bag I searched their website and decided upon these goodies <3 I have worn my blue Druzy ring and infinity ring lots since I received them.

There are so many gorgeous items to choose from and they would be perfect for stocking fillers/ main presents. My personal favourites are the Druzy rings, Galaxy framed necklaces, celestial rings and alternative princess neckalces <3
I love lucky bags. I think it's the excitement of the unknown for what you could receive so I chose two of them.
The speed of delivery is amazingly quick as they arrived through the letterbox the day after the order and the little box was presented beautifully inside with pink tissue paper and Kukee stickers. Silvana also popped insde a gift <3 I think all of these jewellery pieces came to £12.50 which is amazing!

Here's what I received.

I have so many shirts that these black and teal collar pins will dress them up even more. They did have pink but they had sold out as I would have got them also. 
I love the pink and green statement necklace as this will add a pop of colour to one of my outifts.
These fruity earrings are supercute and came as a pack of two random ones. 
These are the gift earrings that were also popped in as an extra :)
These two paper bags are the lucky bags which contained all of this jewellery <3

I would definitely recommend Kukee!

Laura xoxo

Wishlist for Christmas with FD Avenue and The London Perfume Company

A pastelly Christmassy wishlist that excites me even more for Christmas festivities. I adore pastels and would happily wear them all year round, even in the colder months.

Here is my wishlist from FD Avenue and The London Perfume Company and I have added a winter sparkle to it complete with Santa hat, antlers and a full reindeer sleigh.

First of all I chose this Katy Perry Meow Eau De Parfum as the bottle just looks candylicious. Look at the detailing of the diamantes in the eyes too! This is now only £13 too.
I think my outfit choices are perfect for an all day event. I always get changed if it is a full day / night event hence the two dresses!
The oversized knitted jumper in mint can be popped over the top of the dress through the day for a block pastel effect and then taken off if indoors. Likewise with the Geek rabbit jumper in mint I'm all about the warmth!
I love these two dresses;  Pleated Open Back Floral Lace Skater Dress In Pink and the Lace Prom Pleated Dress In Mint. I think I have a thing for mintiness.

All you need to complete the outfits is a spritz of Meow, a pair of complimenting pastel heels, a sparkly clutch and voila <3

Laura xoxo
*This is my entry in to this competition <3

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Beautyuk Glitz eyeshadow palette swatches

Hi everyone :)

I have tried out quite a few products from Beautyuk now and am impressed with their products. My favourites being the Posh Pout which I just can't get enough of. Previously I reviewed the 'Festival' palette which had much brighter colours so this time we have a more Autumnal palette which will cater to a lot of peoples' varying tastes.

Here is the *Beautyuk compact eyeshadow palette in Glitz which retails at £3.99. These palettes have been featured in Vogue previously and are one of their best sellers.

 The case is very compact and would be great to pop in your makeup bag whilst travelling as it won't take up much room at all and the case securely clips to which will prevent fallout.
 The palette contains ten shades which are perfect for Autumn time, especially the bronzes and greens. It also has a handy strip mirror and a dual applicator for travelling.
 When you closely at the shadows they contain sparkle which goes hand in hand with the palette's name of 'Glitz.' I love a sparkly eye and these will be great for a night out.
 The shadows are delicate and so I would use a softer eyeshadow brush than the one that it comes with as if you're not careful the powder tends to crumble a little. Once you do that the colours are great to work with and last well with the darker shades lasting a longer duration.

 The shades all work really well together and you can create lots of different looks with this one palette. I have personally mixed the bronze and green shades together, the blues and greens, blues and pinks and blue and bronzes. The white shade needs a few coats and is buildable and is great for brightening your eyes. In contrast, the black is great for creating a smokey eye. With my blue eyes I have found that gold shades really make my eyes stand out so I tend to blend a few colours at once.

 This palette is great for both day and night time depending on the colour combinations you opt for.
Overall I think it is a great product which is purse friendly, cute, fun and versatile.

Laura xoxo
* PR sample