Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Beautyuk Matte lipsticks - Candy, Cupcake, Pink my Ride

I absolutely love pink lipsticks- they are my all time favourites so these three lipsticks from Beautyuk are perfect for me. Pinkness just makes me happy.

The shades I have them in are number* 2 Candy, *14 Cupcake and *16 Pink My Ride - how adorable are the names! This makes me like them even more.
 There are 17 colours in this collection in total so far and I'm also loving the 'Innocent' 'Passion' and 'Sunset' shades too.

I tried out the Posh Pout Lip balm and I absolutely loved it so I couldn't wait to see what these lipsticks looked like once applied.

Sleek black capsules that click securely.
I like how they have the colour at the bottom so that you can see the shade.
The logo is super clear as it is white print on black.
The heart makes it super cute too. I'm a sucker for cute packaging.

A bargainous £3.49

The lipsticks are scented with mint which I think is a great added bonus.
The colours are absolutely gorgeous and are highly pigmented as you can see from the photographs.
With matte colours, sometimes they don't tend to sit well on the lips and can be drying so to combat this I use a slick of clear gloss. The one I used in my photo below was a Palmer's mint one to get the added shine. I adore all three shades but my favourite has got to be 'Pink my ride'

Pink my ride

Pink my ride swatch
Pink my ride swatch

Pink my ride


Beautyuk Candy

I would highly recommend these lipsticks - they are affordable, long-lasting  and brighten up your day. Ahhhhhhhhhhh my new favourites <3

Laura xoxo