Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Magic Moroccan colour changing blue lipstick

I'm am attracted to colour changing products like a bee to honey so when I read about Moroccan lipsticks on the Day Book Blog  I bought one for the novelty factor to try out. I had seen lots of the green lipsticks available but being a little different I decided on the blue one. I got it from Ebay here for £2.39 with free delivery.
These lipsticks have been available in Morocco and countries in Asia for decades and reportedly contain a dye called Red 27 which stains your lips (making it hard to remove) but is meant to create the perfect colouring for your skintone ranging from neon pink to reddy pink.

Quite possibly the cheapest container I have ever owned. It's made of incredibly cheap plastic that feels like it could break at any moment. It reminds me of a child's cheap make up set item. It is not branded and I have no idea of the ingredients contained inside.

A super cheap £2.39 with free delivery.

The lipstick apply smoothly and did feel smoothing on my lips.  I just applied it without a mirror quickly (which is not recommended) as it is a stain and I could have stained my cheek or anything if I had got distracted!
I swatched it on my hand and it changed from clear to a lovely pink shade on my hand. The results on the lips appear more or less straight away. To me it added a nice flush of colour and went a little deeper even after an hour. How long it lasts for will be another question to answer. I am currently enjoying a nice cup of tea and as this lipstick stains it doesn't wipe off or leave stains on your cup. Talk about things lasting a long time, that hot pink dip dye is still currently going strong after way more than then 6-10 washes than it was meant to last for on my hair!
So if you can look past the awfully cheap packaging and don't mind your lips being stained and love a 'novelty' item then this may be for you! I needed to try one as soon as I saw them. I used to have the magic colour changing rings when I was younger and the change colour t-shirts. I absolutely love anything like that .

Cheap Moroccan lipstick container and my white Christmas tree <3 

Moroccan lipstick in blue.

The pink stain it changes to instantly.

No product on lips.

With the application of the Moroccan lipstick.

Will you be trying one of these out?

Laura xoxo