Monday, 18 November 2013

Beautyuk Lip Lust Barbie girl review

 Lip Lust in Barbie Girl

Hello everyone,
Hope you all had a good weekend. I had a very busy one and crammed in seeing nearly all of the people that I love! We travelled for four hours to where I used to live to see some of my family and friends which made me happy.

So today I've got a review on this Lip Lust from Beautyuk in a stunning sparkly pink colour which is so me! <3

I was drawn to this Beautyuk lip lust in the shade 05 '*Barbie Girl' straight away because of it's amazing colour, the name 'Barbie girl' and the glittery sparkle that this has.
These three factors just wanted to make me own this product straight away.
There are eleven different shades in this collection, one being a clear gloss and the others being variants of pinks and reds.

The lid is a screw cap which is easy to remove and the Lip Lust has a sponge applicator for a smooth application onto the lips.
The Lip Lust is compact yet still contains lots of product and would  be great for on-the-go usage.
I love how you can see more or less all of the product sparkling inside the container and this looks prettier than it all being hid away. This beauty needs to be on show which it is.

These are priced at a very reasonable £2.99 and you can buy them here or at Superdrug, Select or Internacionale stores.

I love how the product sparkles inside the container like gemstones and the colour is a bright Barbie pink. On application, the Lip Lust retains its sparkle and is more of a subtle pink on the lips.
You squeeze the tube to release as much product as you desire and then the sponge tip makes it easy to cover the shape of your lips.
The Lip Lust feels smoothing on my lips and lasts a few hours before it needs a touch up.
 I personally  don't like sticky lip glosses at all, especially when your hair blows in the wind and you look as though you have a mammoth mustache so I am pleased to say that this does not happen with the Lip Lust . It doesn't feel sticky when you pout your lips together it just feels smooth even with the sparkle inside it.
 With fingertip touch it has a very slight stick to it so this to me is incredibly wearable.

I would definitely recommend these Lip Lusts and like the look of 'Oh Baby' too which is a pale pink.

Laura xoxo
* PR sample