Thursday, 28 November 2013

Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover Pads

I received these Elegant Touch nail polish remover pads in my latest Glossy box and I was pleased to get them because I didn't actually have any at all to use. There are 20 little pads contained inside so with using one each time , should last for 20 removals.

After making a mess of my nails yesterday with my application of my lovely Barry M Matte polish in Vanilla I desperately needed to remove it.

Little pot with nail remover pads contained inside.

Little insert that fits snugly to keep the moisture in.

Size of pad and after a good rub it removes all polish.

The oily finish it left on my nails and fingers.

The Nail polish remover pads retail for £2.03 on their website . I wonder why it's not rounded down to £2?
They are acetone free and contain Vitamin E and moisturisers.

A cute twist plain pot that is cheap and cheerful. The pot has an insert inside to keep the moisture of the pads inside and so that it ensures that the pads don't leak around the lid if you were to carry them in your bag.
Their logo is plain but easy to read.

The lid was easy to twist and open. I liked how it had the extra protection layer but when I pull it out, some of it splashed on my lip! I am a bit ditzy ( a lot ditzy) and I'm not sure what I was doing with it that close to my face! The pads smell of alcohol and they are actually really thin but do the job. I had taken out two at first and started to wipe away and realised there were two of them close together so I popped one back.
One pad did the whole of my nails which is great. I did have to apply a bit of pressure to rub the polish off as when I first looked the polish was still there. It took me less than a minute to remove the two coats of Barry M Vanilla which I think is great timing especially if you're in a rush.
My nails and skin around thrm looked quite oily from using these but I realised it must be the moisturisers. They did feel smooth after use and my nails then had a perfumed scent to them.

I would repurchase these as I like how they are cheap, easy to use and are handy with the little pads rather than having to use a liquid.

What's your most effective nail polish remover that you have discovered?

Laura xoxo