Wednesday, 6 November 2013

South African box swap goodies from 'I'll take it all' Irina :)

A little while ago whilst reading blogs that I follow I came across a blog post from Kat at 'Tales of a Pale Face' which stated that she was organising a box swap for people to join and that you could decide to send a box of goodies to either UK or International. I was intrigued as I have never done a box swap before and thought I'd go for it and chose International.

A few weeks later I received an e-mail from Kat giving details on what works well and telling me that my box swap partner was Irina from 'I'll take it all'   
I couldn't recommend Irina's blog high enough. Not only is she gorgeous on the outside she is the most friendliest person with a big heart. Irina shows her outfits of the day, make-up reviews and attends many glamorous events. She is super easy to get along with and I'm so glad I had the fortune of being paired up with her.

After exchanging e-mails and tweets we decided on a budget, what we liked and when we were going to send the box. Then it was a waiting game of excitement.

My box from Irina arrived quicker than what it did to send mine to South Africa as both of our packages got held in customs and examined as regulations have become really tight. In the end all was good and Irina received my box too yesterday phew!

Right onto the box of goodies :)

Parcel arrived- love the South African stamps!

How lovely is this box! Wrapped with zebra paper and tied with a pink bow :')

First look inside!

Pretty red and pink tissue paper.

All of these fit in the little box.

Absolutely love how Irina had organised the presents into categories!

Yummy South African food.

Two Bella lipglosses that I've never seen before.

Made in South Africa . Irina uses this herself :) Love vanilla!!

Never seen this before!

Pretty pink face mask and matching mitts <3

Essence lip balm! Love this ! <3

I've not used these brands before. I absolutely love the colours of these polishes.

Gorgeous perfume spray.

Swiftly added this to my iPhone 5 :) Love the design!

Three hairbands- worn the polka one already- it's adorable!

I had put these on my wishlist on my blog from Mr Price! Irina bought them for me and I am in love with these. Stunning!

Looooooooove Unicorns <3

How amazing is this stamp- you just stamp onto everything that you love and it will say 'Love it!'

Gorgeous unicorn wooden stamp.

I was absolutely over the moon with the items that Irina had bought for me!! Oh my goodness!!! <3  She is so thoughtful and generous and knows what I like!!! I can't thank her enough!
It was such an exciting event to take part in and I will definitely be doing this again!

Thanks so much to Kat as without her I would have never met Irina !!