Thursday, 21 November 2013

Beautyuk Glitz eyeshadow palette swatches

Hi everyone :)

I have tried out quite a few products from Beautyuk now and am impressed with their products. My favourites being the Posh Pout which I just can't get enough of. Previously I reviewed the 'Festival' palette which had much brighter colours so this time we have a more Autumnal palette which will cater to a lot of peoples' varying tastes.

Here is the *Beautyuk compact eyeshadow palette in Glitz which retails at £3.99. These palettes have been featured in Vogue previously and are one of their best sellers.

 The case is very compact and would be great to pop in your makeup bag whilst travelling as it won't take up much room at all and the case securely clips to which will prevent fallout.
 The palette contains ten shades which are perfect for Autumn time, especially the bronzes and greens. It also has a handy strip mirror and a dual applicator for travelling.
 When you closely at the shadows they contain sparkle which goes hand in hand with the palette's name of 'Glitz.' I love a sparkly eye and these will be great for a night out.
 The shadows are delicate and so I would use a softer eyeshadow brush than the one that it comes with as if you're not careful the powder tends to crumble a little. Once you do that the colours are great to work with and last well with the darker shades lasting a longer duration.

 The shades all work really well together and you can create lots of different looks with this one palette. I have personally mixed the bronze and green shades together, the blues and greens, blues and pinks and blue and bronzes. The white shade needs a few coats and is buildable and is great for brightening your eyes. In contrast, the black is great for creating a smokey eye. With my blue eyes I have found that gold shades really make my eyes stand out so I tend to blend a few colours at once.

 This palette is great for both day and night time depending on the colour combinations you opt for.
Overall I think it is a great product which is purse friendly, cute, fun and versatile.

Laura xoxo
* PR sample