Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Birchbox November Unboxing 2013

 Here is my unboxing for my Birchbox beauty box and my first thoughts about the products contained inside from this month.

I really loved last months box and was impressed with the amount of contents inside compared to the October Glossybox.

On first impressions this month is not one of my favourites as I just seemed to have received lots of little samples which I know it is supposed to be a sample box but I feel something is lacking this month. I've got my fingers crossed and have kept my subscription because I'm hoping that the Christmas one will be special but after than I'm not sure if I will keep it or not.

My beauty boxes seem to have all arrived at once this month and I like to get them up as soon as possible on my blog so they all appear more or less at once.

This month the theme for Birchbox is 'Icons' and getting motivation to be the best possible versions of ourselves.

 All of my items were contained in a little drawstring bag again this month.
 The cards that are included give ideas, quotes and tutorials and are instead of the original magazine. I do like the presentation as it is clean lined and professional even though I am a girly girl.

 Weleda is a really great brand and I have used their products before which I got from The Vitality show. This will be perfect for my hair and I'm looking forward to trying it out. Full size would be £8.95.

Laura Mercier body butter- Ambre Vanille £26 if it was the full sized product.
This is a great brand which  many people were looking forward to receiving. I received mine in vanilla which is one of my favourite scents. I can't wait to use this as I love body butters.

 This is an extra in the box and it's a Birchbox pencil sharpener at £3 which is not exciting but a necessity especially if you don't have twist up products.

 This was really difficult to photograph as the light reflects and makes the font look unclear.
English Laundry Signature For Her Eau de Parfum from £16. This has musk inside it which I don't like but I spritzed it on my wrist and it smells really lovely and reminds me personally of Juicy Couture with a kick.
 Spa Find Sculpted Silhouette Intensive Bust Firming Extract Serum £26
This can be applied to bust, decollete and neck and is said to boost collagen production, repair sun damage and improve tone and firmness.

 Pukka Herbs selection of teas £2.29
The three cinnamon smells gorgeous as I love cinnamon. I like receiving these as I love food and drink and these add a little twist and they are given in the box as a lifestyle extra.

 Chella Highlighter Pencil £15.95
On first impressions I wasn't really fussed about this however I will get good use out of it to brighten and add glow to cheekbones and inner eye corners. I've not heard of this brand before and it's expensive so I hope it's a brilliant product.

Did you receive the same as me?

I think I'm  not as keen this month because there's not really anything fun inside. My favourite products are the Laura Mercier body butter and the Weleda shampoo.

After seeing all of the products for the second time I have actually warmed to it more.

Laura xoxo