Monday, 4 November 2013

Beautyuk Posh Polish Grit FX in Fabric

I'd not tried a texturised nail polish until I tried out the Grit FX Posh Polish in the shade 'Urban'* This polish is baby pink and when you look close up at it, it has blue iridescent sparkles which are beautiful. It twinkles in the sunlight.

There are six different shades in the collection and they are named after famous UK urban districts.
They retail for £3.49 each which I think is very reasonable for a special effects polish.

I love the colours 'Birdcage' and 'Printworks' too which are hot pink and turquoise, two of my favourite colours (I've been to both of these places in Manchester !!!)
Beautyuk posh polish Grit FX 'Urban'

Two coats of polish

One coat

Close-up of two coats

The bottle is cute and cylindrical and easy to handle. I really like the design of the bottle as it is easy to store too.
The lid has a girtty effect on it too which is innovative. This makes it quick to find in your collection also.
The logo is in white and you can clearly see the brand name 'Beautyuk'

A bargainous £3.49 so the whole collection could be purchased .

The polish is easy to apply and is opaque after only one coat. I tried out two coats also and photgraphed both results. However it's impressive after only one coat so therefore the bottle will last you longer.
It dries noticably quickly too which reduces the risk of smudging, especially if you are in a rush.
It has a textured effect which is fine 'grit' and it adds something different to glossy options. I keep on touching it to feel the 'sandiness'
I'm really impressed with this polish and I've noticed that it doesn't chip easily like other polishes that I own.

Have you tried this effect before? <3

Laura xoxo