Thursday, 21 November 2013

MUA Matte lipsticks Peachy Keen & Pouty Pink

Hello everyone <3 The temperature has really dropped here in the last few days. It's definitely onesie weather!

I saw that MUA had released a new collection of matte lipsticks and me being me I wanted the whole set. At £1 each they are an absolute bargain. I love bargains and I love new lipsticks so I was excited to go and buy these.

My first trip into the city was unsuccessful. In the largest Superdrug the whole stand was completely empty which was so disappointing. Not to worry though I consoled myself with a trip to Primark and Topshop!
Then the other week we went to a smaller town to buy some last presents for Christmas and in the Superdrug there there were three different ones left on the shelves. I didn't like the look of the nude one as it just looked brown and I don't think it would have suited me. I'm drawn to pinks, peaches and my new love of pinky purples so I bought Pouty Pink and Peachy Keen.

I have to say I love the white packaging as white just looks so appealing. I love white gloss kitchens and white watches and now I have the white lipstick bullets. I like how you can unscrew the bottom of the lipsticks and you have more product contained inside as I've never seen that before!

I do prefer glossy lipsticks rather than mattes but as long as your lips aren't dry they look really effective. I make sure that I moisturise my lips with a lip butter /balm. My favourite still being my Koors. I've noticed that with my Baby lips I can smell the scent more the more vigorously I apply the balm! I switch my lip products up with the first one that I see sometimes. I like to change the colour of my lips up but prefer reliable lip balms.

The Peachy Keen seems to apply smoother to the lips whereas the Pouty Pink one seems to drag a little against the lips. The pink is my favourite out of the two though so I will just counteract by applying a smooth lipbalm beforehand.

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I love these gorgeous nail wraps too with the little strawberries on !
Peachy Keen

 It applies to my skin tone as a toned down pink.
 Pouty Pink is the inner heart here <3
Wearing Pouty Pink
 Do you have these lipsticks?

Laura xoxo