Friday, 8 November 2013

Inside my AX Paris goody bag !

I got invited to the AX Paris party and I would have loved to have gone but I live around 8 hours away! I love their pretty dresses so much and own some in my wardrobe :)

On etailPR FB page they were running a competition to win 1 of 10 goody bags from the event and I was so excited to receive an e-mail letting me know that I had won one.

The parcel arrived this morning and here are photographs of what I received and my first initial thoughts of each product <3

Thankyou so much to etailPR and AX Paris I need to buy a dress from you for the party season :)

Canvas shopper with AX Paris logo.

 All of the items came inside this re-usable shopper with AX Paris' logo on. It was exciting to find out what was contained inside.
Branded goodies.
 I saw the yummy branded biscuits and will share these later on with my other half when he finishes work ! Yum- a nice touch! I like how they are tied with the cute pink string and wrapped. They look too pretty to eat!
All of contents included.
 I emptied all of the items out and saw all of this <3 It's like receiving Christmas presents. So lucky !
Zoeva makeup brush.
I've not heard of this brand before and I don't own too many make up brushes. I took this out of the posh packaging and oh my!!!! The brush is super soft and lush. I absolutely love it. I could just sit there stroking it haha!
Mousse and skin care.
 Pleased to receive some mousse spray as this will be great on my wavy hair. I've not tried this before but I love the hot pink packaging.
I'd not seen this cream before but can't wait to try it out as it has Argan oil in it.
Teapigs superfruit, Neal & Wolf, Collection eyeliner, Dr. Lipp cream
 I love Neil & Wolf they used to have all the products at my last hairdressers. They smell gorgeous and have great results so my face lit up when I received these sachets of shampoo and conditioner. I will have lush smelling hair!
I like how the Teapigs is full of superberries . I will try this but whenever I see hot fruit drink they remind me of Lemsips and I cannot drink them for the life of me! I can taste the paracetamol and they are just yuk! They make me feel worse. However this will make me feel better!
I already have two samples of Dr.Lipp from my beauty box subscriptions but another one will be handy.
The Collection fast stroke eyeliner will come in very handy for parties. I love to wear liquid eye liner for nights out. I don't tend to wear it for everyday use but it looks super-glam when I dress up- which I love to do.
Gem rock and infinity ring
 Love , love , love <3 I've not heard of Kukee before but I certainly have now. I need to check out some more of their items as I love these.
I love crystals and gems sooooooo much and I haven't taken this ring off yet. It's super sparkly and gorgeous <3
I also love the infinity ring- it reminds me a little of the tv series Revenge which is also amazing (although they have double infinity) This would be a fab gift for Valentine's Day to show everlasting love <3
Kukee rings

Scratch nail wraps, Barry M matte nail polish and Kolor cubes nail polish.
Looooove nail wraps. I've got lots to try out waiting already! I've not heard of scratch before but I am impressed with the geometric designs of these. I'm usually a Barbie girl but I have tendencies to change up my style frequently. I love how effective these are going to look.
Can't wait to try this Barry M Matte nail polish! I love a bit of Barry :) Even though this is not a colour I would choose myself I really really like it!
I've not heard of Kolor Kubes before but I like the chunky cube bottle and the colour will be great for the festive season.

Yay! Love my goodies so much !

Thanks to etailPR, AX Paris and the sponsors and people who put these goody bags together.

Laura xoxo