Thursday, 14 November 2013

Scruffy Chops' shampoo and conditioner for Alfie 'woof-woof-woobarb'

The lovely people at Scruffy Chops sent me over some of their products to use on Alfie.
 We were sent the *Rhubarking Mad natural mineral dog shampoo which is in a rhubarb and custard scent along with *Muddy Marvellous which is a deep sea mud conditioner. Both of them can be purchased here.

Our puppy Alfie is now six months old and has a huge personality :) He is a whippet and very mischievous! He enjoys running and jumping in the field and particularly now that it is Autumn time he gets all muddy. He's happy to run through mud and bite soil but he won't stand on the leaves that have fallen on the ground. I don't think he trusts them. He only likes when they are fluttering in the wind so that he can chase them. Which is where these fabulous new products for my little Scruffy Chops comes in very handy to not only wash away dirt but to take care of his skin too.

The package contents. Look how adorable that puppy is!

Rhubarking Mad shampoo

Muddy Marvellous conditioner

I love the packaging that the shampoo and conditioner is contained in. They remind me of squeezy yoghurts. It also ensure that they stand out from the competition as it is different from other dog shampoos that are available on the market.
The cap at the top is easy to open and you simply squeeze out the desired amount of shampoo or conditioner with ease.
The logo is clear, large and easy to read. I also really like the illustration of the doggy on the packet too as it makes it super cute and I would be drawn to this in itself and buy it.
The names of the products are really inventive too and comical. The other ones available are 'Sugar Doggy' and 'Zest in Show!'

The Rhubarking Mad shampoo retails at £5.99 and the Muddy Marvellous conditioner costs £6.99 to purchase.

Not only is the packaging brilliant but the scent of the shampoo smells good enough to eat. They contain 98% of natural ingredients and left Alfie's fur feeling soft and cared for.
The shampoo contains dead sea minerals, oatmeal, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Pro Vitamin B5 and these help to keep your dog's skin healthy, well hydrated and irritant free. This has helped soothe Alfie's skin as on his back he had a dry flaky patch and pinker skin in this little area.
The conditioner contains dead sea minerals, oatmeal, Aloe Vera, Shea butter and jojoba seed oil. The oatmeal helps to mend dry, irritated or itchy skin.
The shampoo was easy to squeeze out and apply. You simply put a thin line from the neck to the tail, then massage and leave to soak in for a few minutes and rinse. This left him clean and smelling divine.
Alfie couldn't believe his luck when he realised he was going to be conditioned too! The formula is smooth and again easy to apply. I massaged it in and left it to work its natural mineral magic.

I then dried him carefully and he dashed off to have a mad do and proceeded to jump on the bed and dig up the duvet cover and hide under the pillows. I think he is overwhelmed with how good he smells :)

I would definitely repurchase Scruffy Chops when I finish these products as they are safe to use and don't contain any nasties. They come highly recommended from me and Alfie.
Thank you again to the people at Scruffy Chops :)
Alfie isn't yet aware of the showery goodness of the Rhubarking Mad!

"Mummy put the Woobarb on me again!"
Laura and Alfie xoxo

*PR samples.