Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Beautyuk Strawberries and Cream nail wraps

How adorable are these Strawberries and Cream nail wraps* from BeautyUk ?

I was drawn to them straight away because they are pink for a start and have cute strawberries and polka dots on them. I feel the need to go for afternoon tea in these. Another design from the collection grabbed my attention too and I will blog about these in another post.

Whenever I have worn nail wraps in the past, I have always received compliments. As I discovered that nail art techniques are incredibly tricky and that I'm not talented at adding designs onto nails, these are a perfect alternative. I tend to wear them for a special occasion and in the past I've saved them for Leeds festival and the EMA'S. However sometimes these little beauties need glorifying for everyday life too. They instantly make you feel 'done up' and add that little bit of sunshine to your day.

There are 21 different design available and they retail for £3.99 each. You can buy them here. They have a variety of designs which I'm sure will suit a lot of different styles.

The Beautyuk Nail Wrap packaging.
 I like how the nail wraps come with 20 pieces so that you can find a fit perfect for your nail shape and also I usually get two wears out of them.

Handy instructions on the back of the packet.

Close-up of design.

The contents with a cute nail file included.

I stretched all the nail wraps over my fingernails at once.

The finished result :)

Easy to store slim-line packaging with a large window so that you can see the product clearly.
The Beautyuk logo is displayed clearly at the top.
Easy to follow instructions are included on the back which is a great idea.
The nail wraps are stuck on clear plastic and are easy to take off to apply to your nails.
I love how they include a little pink nail file as this is a nice touch.

£3.99 Which I think for the quality these are a good price. I've tried cheaper ones in the past and they can be too thin and tear.

The nail wraps are easy to take off the plastic they are on and apply to your nails. One one of mine I popped it on a little unevenly and it was easy to take off and reapply.
You are recommended to firmly stretch the nail wraps over your nail and this is to ensure that they will have a secure fit and also to try and eliminate any creases you may get.
As I had a lot of product hanging over the edge of my natural nails I found it easier to trim with nail scissors first to the shape of my nail. I put my palm face up so that I could get very close to my nail shape. Then the little file was used slightly to get a close- fitting shape. I also used the back of the file to smooth down my nail wraps further to achieve a streamlined fit.
To remove the wraps, you simply peel off.

Overall I'm super happy with these wraps. They are adorable, pretty and brighten an outfit.

Have you tried these nail wraps before? How do you find the application process?

 Laura xoxo

*PR sample