Thursday, 28 November 2013

Barry M Matte Nail Paint - Vanilla

Hello everyone,

 Today I have more nail posts to share. The first one is * Barry M Matte nail paint in Vanilla which I received in my AX Paris goody bag from Etail PR. In my collection of nail polishes this is the first matte one that I have owned. I love trying new nail polishes and the innovativeness that they keep on bringing out. These particular matte polishes from Barry M are a collection of coffee colours that are new out and are geared towards the grunge look. I love the vanilla shade as I don't like brown shades on my nails they're just not me.

Have you seen the Barry M Nail Christmas collection that they have brought out? I saw it on their Twitter feed and fell in love. Oh my goodness that collection of colours makes me go weak!

So even though my nails are a lot shorter and I applied this like I'd applied nail polish for the first time ever, I thought I would share it anyway. I have to say I love it. Even though it's not a colour I would buy myself I actually like the nude shade as it looks classical and will go with many outfits. 

The polish retails for £3.99 and you can buy it here. Now I have looked at the rest of the range, I want quite a lot so I have clicked off the website now. My theory is if you can't see them then you can't be tempted because I have the willpower of a chocaholic in a chocolate factory.

Barry M Matte Polish in Vanilla

Oh Christmas tree Oh Christmas tree!

Gorgeous matte finish.

I painted this on yesterday and I don't know whether I was out of practice or what because I applied it quite messily. I was amazed by how the polish looks regular and glossy and then as if by magic, it dries to a matte! I really like this effect.
I decided to put two coats of it on and that's when it went wrong and super messy. One coat of this polish was definitely enough coverage for my nails. I usually find that if I apply more than one coat, even after waiting for it to dry properly, it has that sticky effect and smudges. Next time one coat is the way to go.

I adore this polish and want it in pink, peach or mint if they had it.

Have you used matte polishes before?

Laura xoxo