Sunday, 23 March 2014

Embellish Pink polish and Multi Nail Beads Review

Happy Sunday everyone,

I hope you are well. Yesterday we went to see the new 300 film at the cinema and it was brilliant. It had me gripped and I ate my sweet popcorn like no tomorrow! Tonight will be spent watching Once Upon A Time season 2- one of my favourite shows.

So onto the nail kit which was a bargainous £2.50 from Primark. The kit comes with a neon pink Barbie polish, multi-coloured metallic beads and a little funnel to make it easier to place unused beads back into the pot.

I've not actually tried the caviar beads before even though I have the Ciate and they have been around for a while. I think it's the sunshine that motivated me to try something new and ta-da my nails have been Princessed.

Embellish 3d Manicure set from Primark.

I painted each finger with one coat of the pink polish and added beads, whilst the polish was still wet, to my thumb and ring fingers.
I caught any spare beads into the plastic tray which was inside the box as you can see on the photo above.
It was a lot easier to do than I had anticipated.

Here is the finished result with only one coat of polish on each finger. The polish was easy to apply and wasn't streaky. The polish and beads look really effective and would be perfect for a night out or simply to brighten up a day.

The edges of the nails with the beads on are quite easily knocked so they would require a touch up but for a fun few hours these are perfect. The beads are quite hard to get out of the plastic tub due to static and a lot of them just bounced and landed on the floor so next time it would be better to use a paper or card tray.

Have you tried caviar beads before?

Love Laura xoxo