Tuesday, 24 September 2013

SeaTrek at SeaLife Centre - Trafford Centre

On Saturday myself, my other half, mum and brother went to Manchester Trafford centre. I used to live about fifty minutes away and I love visiting it so much. We went shopping and for food from Selfridges- mainly consisting of cheesecakes, vanilla slices and strawberry meringues but the main purpose was to go to the new Sealife centre that had opened up to do a SeaTrek which is Europe's first sea bed walk.

I love watching sea creatures and could happily stay in a sea life centre for hours. I adore seahorses as they are so majestic. I researched getting a marine tank but you have to keep the ph balance just perfect so I have started with coldwater fish and a BiOrb. I was so excited to do the SeaTrek  but as the time grew closer and I was in a wet suit and pink crocs, I got nervous giggles!

We completed training and learnt symbols to use underwater  that meant that you were ok, that you wanted to go up or down, that there was a problem and when to stop.
The staff were friendly and confident and everything went smoothly. No previous experience is needed to do the SeaTrek and as long as you are eight years or older and complete a liability release form which is approved, you can take part. You need to bring your swim wear and a towel and the Sealife centre provide everything else.

                                                           Me and my brother

A custom made 'breathe-easy' helmet is placed over the head and rests on your shoulders as you descend down ladders and into the water. The helmet acts like a downturned cup in the water and gives you three times as much oxygen as you would need.

I loved seeing Ernie the giant sea turtle and all of the sharks, ray and fish that were in the marine tank. It was quite surreal to be in the water with the sea life as I have never done anything like this before. It was quite hard to walk in the water at first so one of the divers strapped Velcro weights to my ankles to weigh me down so that I didn't float away or wobble over! I enjoyed every second of this experience and couldn't stop smiling. Even though I knew that sharks were in the tank, they kept their distance but you could still see them. The fish got very close and Ernie the sea turtle was very intrigued with us. He kept on swimming past us.

The Seatrek costs £60 per person and that includes entry into the Sea life centre also. You can get more information here.

      Apart from the first one, the rest were taken afterwards by me in the Sea Life centre.

I won this from Capital FM radio station and it's one experience where the memories will last forever. Thankyou!