Thursday, 12 September 2013

Horror Halloween collection

I know we're in September but I can't help planning ahead to All Hallow's Eve on October 31st. There's something about this event that I'm intrigued by. I love anything magical , dressing up and I need to pop on Hocus Pocus to thoroughly get in the 'spirit'. Loved that film when I was younger.
I get inspired by visuals and thought I would have them all into once place here.
Think I will be going to a Halloween party this year so I need to plan an outfit. I love all things crafty and being creative but I will buy one to wear as my days of wearing bin bags are over!

Love the cat socks- with the cooler weather they will keep your tootsies warm. The bat decorations are a bargain and this will act as a feature. I adore the nail art, and usually end up wearing something with a tutu!

Are you going to any Halloween parties?

1 Asos Lazy Oaf cat socks £8
2 Amazon £2.22
3 Asos Palace Wedges £15
4 New Look reduced to £14
5 Amazon £2.05
6 Asos Blue Vanilla Jumper
7 ASOS Illustrated people reduced to £25
8 Asos Tutu £20
9 ASOS House of Holland Now £6
10 Asos Arrogant Cat London