Thursday, 19 September 2013

Life Lately #2

 Received a simplycook recipe and ingredient box // New gorgeous Bambi slippers// Under the sea jewels for decorating my BiOrb // Bambi jumper // Bobby being an absolute softy
Alfie now 4 months old out on a walk // Raspberry vanilla bubblegum // Candy Van I saw in a shopping centre // Cupcake vending machine // Bobby resuming his position of the day // Bobby using Cinnamon as a rest // Love heart's gift set from Vicki, Miss Glossy bag // Miniature milk bottles in a crate

So life lately has been full of animal cuddles and sweet treats. I received the simplycook box through the post and will do an unboxing on this when I have better daylight to take photographs.

I love the under the sea gems that I got to spruce up my BiOrb and I gave it a good clean and changed the filter on it too. It looks much fresher now. It's so tranquil looking at aquariums/ fish tanks.

Looks as though I have started a collection of Bambi things. I love Disney and Bambi is so cute!

Alfie has started to enjoy his walks now. He used to cry, tremble and sit down rather than walk so this is a massive achievement for him. He has really grown in confidence and is incredibly sociable.

I need another variety of this Extra dessert chewing gum and actually haven't tried this yet as it came this morning.

Just look at the candy van. I would have that in my house! Perfect colours and sweeties!

A cake vending machine! Decisions decisions!

Bobby and Cinnamon cuddling! They have done incredibly well to say I have taken them four hours away from home. They have settled in really well.

A sweet gift that my boyfriend's sister got for me. The perfume is strawberry- yum!

My Miss Glossy box arrived and I wrote a review on it here. I love this bag of fun goodies.

Super cute miniature milk bottles that I need to have milkshakes or cocktails out of. I love them. I may photograph them in more detail when my straws arrive.