Monday, 2 September 2013

Weekend treats!

At the weekend we travelled back down to England to see my family. I was so excited as I haven't been back down since I moved to Edinburgh five weeks ago. We took Alfie all the way down with us to meet my mum, dad and brother's dog Ruby who is also a whippet. Alfie's confidence grew so much as he followed Ruby out for walks and had someone to jump on. My two Persians don't appreciate a flying puppy landing on them! Seeing Ruby again was so lovely but she looked like she had changed so much. She's so big compared to Alfie who has turned 14 weeks old today!
I met my baby cousin who was adorable, visited grandma and granddad, had Chinese food, watched X-Men ( the latest one) and the X- Factor. I love spending time with the people who matter the most. It's like food for the soul.

Here are my weekend treats.

Saw the new Company magazine in Sainsbury's and had to have it and it comes with a free eyeliner- bonus!
My Glamour magazine had been delivered to my mum and dad's house.
My mum brought me back some little treats from Primark. Oh I adore Primark so much. I am getting withdrawal symptoms because I haven't been in about 8 weeks now. I love getting bags of goodies from there! I bought so much there in the last few years that the amount of hauls I would have had would have been unbelievable! oops!
A hot pink, twist leatheresque studded bracelet reduced to £1  (One of my favourite colours)
Glittery nails £1
A pack of 3 necklaces neon and skulls £2 - I absolutely love neon colours and love skull jewellery! I love these.
Chocolate face mask £1- I've tried Montagne Jeunesse face masks before on girly nights in and they are always fun and I'm quite impressed with the quality. I hope this one smells of chocolate- although I might try and lick it off which won't taste very pleasant I'm sure!

Sweeties! There's a new sweetie shop just opened near to where I used to live in Lancashire that sells old-fashioned/ retro sweets. I had to go in and stock up on some goodies to take back with me. These will last me a long time as I don't eat sweets that regularly. I probably will now that I have bought them though! I was like a child in a toyshop. I just stared at the containers on the shelves for about twenty minutes, span round and then declared that I didn't know what to get. I used to do this when I was little too! Decisions, decisions!

From left to right I bought (after half an hour!)
20 chocolate cups- I remember these from when I was a lot younger. The chocolate used to be so good inside! I haven't actually tried one yet - can you believe the will power ?!
Sugared almonds- I love almonds and these last a long time- yum.
Cherry lips- Not everyone's cup of tea at all as they taste a bit like perfumed soap. I used to buy the Floral gums and they would last me for ages. I needed some more cherry lips in my life!
Aniseed drops- I've never actually had these before but I like aniseed so it must be a win win.
Finally, almond nougat. I've never had this before but my other half said that it's amazing and his favourite so I got double the amount.

So there we have my weekend treats!

What did you get?