Thursday, 16 October 2014

Haunting Halloween Shades with BeautyUk

Hi everyone,

Today I have some Beauty Uk make up which would be great shades to use at Halloween. I enjoyed trying out these pieces and I think these would be perfect for a sultry vampire look ie Morticia Addams. I absolutely love that film(s) and I haven't actually seen it in years. Think it's going to be a must see for me this Halloween. 

The pieces that I received above are the *Compact Face Powder in Number 2 , *Black lipstick in the Shade No. 13 Darkness, *Glacier Gloss in shade No 10 'Plum and Have A Go' and finally the new *Eyebrow kit.

The Compact face powder was a dream to use. It has a built in applicator puff and mirror and would be great to take in your handbag. I thought Shade 2 would be too light for me but it was actually a good match. The powder was really easy to sweep across my face and it felt smooth and easy to achieve a subtle cover up. It provides a light coverage and I was pleased with the results. This retails for £3.99.

The '*Darkness' lipstick would be fantastic to use at Halloween. The formulation is wet which makes it very easy to apply and two swipes give you an opaque colour. When tested on the back of my hand it was easy to build up the darkness and there was no dragging or pulling, it just glided on. You get plenty of product in the tube and it has a decent lasting time too. The lipstick is £3.49 which is cheap and cheerful and will last a long time.

This is not a shade that I would have chosen myself in Plum & Have A Go but now that I've swatched it and worn it, I think it's a perfect berry shade for Autumn and Winter time and I really like it. The gloss feels slightly sticky but is great quality and has good lasting power. For £2.99 it's a bargain price and is a versatile shade.

The *Eyebrow kit  is a compact case which includes three shades of powder, wax, tweezers and an angled applicator for £3.99. The wax was smooth to apply and I chose the medium shade of brown to fill in and shape my brows. I've never actually used a kit like this before as I prefer my eyebrows to  be natural but found it easy to use. The powder was simple to apply but you have to have a steady hand and know the desired look that you are aiming for. This kit would be useful for an everyday look or as a Disney villain for Halloween with exaggerated brows. For me I still prefer my natural brows as they stood out too much for my liking. The colour was strong and lasted well but I need a lot more practice at how to actually apply it and look good!

On my lips, I applied the gloss first and then added a little black lipstick and blended.

What are you wearing for Halloween?

Love Laura xoxo
*PR items sent kindly for review.