Wednesday, 22 October 2014

#Pledge4plastics Abigail Ahern's Recycled Phone Cover

Pledge4Plastics is a government backed campaign to focus upon recycling more plastic. 5 billion plastic bottles were sent to UK landfill sites last year which is a huge amount so the campaign has been set up to urge people to recycle at least one more plastic bottle per week. 

A new legislation has also been set in Scotland too to charge people for the use of carrier bags. This is to also reduce the amount of plastics in landfill, to save the environment and to encourage people to use bags for life. 
When the recycling bins were introduced it made it a lot easier and accessible for easily sorting out household waste. It now just becomes a natural habit for me to rinse out bottles and pop them in the recycling bin. Lots of other plastics need to be recycled too such as shampoo bottles and empty yoghurt pots. I like the three R's too of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle as lots of craft activities can be made from the materials too rather than just throwing them in the regular dustbin.

Pledge4Plastics teamed up with designer Abigail Ahern to create this bespoke phone cover which shows her recognisable style. Her interior design is absolutely gorgeous.  The case is made out of  80% recycled plastic bottles and features a turtle which holds a place in my heart as if pollution/ waste ends up getting in the seas/ land then it can cause great damage to animals and sea life. The phone case is great quality and shows just one of the endless possibilities that could be created with recycled plastics

These phone covers have been exclusively designed for #Pledge4plastics and to get the chance to get hold of one pledge your support at or by tweeting @pledge4plastics 

Do you recycle?

Love Laura xoxo
*Phone cover was sent to highlight the importance of recycling and for me to write honestly about.