Saturday, 4 October 2014

Pets Rock Product Reviews by Takkoda

I was contacted by the lovely Sophy and asked if I would like to review some Takkoda Pet Rocks products.  I took one look at the website and absolutely loved the variety of animals imitating celebrities. They instantly made me smile and laugh when I saw the different characters and jumped at the chance of reviewing items from their collection. Animals in wigs highly amuses me and one look at these brightens up my day.

Pet Rocks was launched in 2008 and mixes the population's desire for celebrities and pets. They have a wide range of products for sale such as clothing, mugs, chopping boards and iPad/ iPhone accessories. I think this is a genius idea and is highly innovative. 

The two products I received were the *Pets Rock GG cushion and the *Pets Rock Breakfast USB Power Bank Battery.

The *GG Cushion is of exceptional quality and measures a square 43x43cm which is a decent size. The cushion arrives with the padded insert included which, when I have been searching for cushions to purchase in the past, a lot of them are for the cushion cover only. 
I was highly impressed with the softness of the cushion, the print of Lady Purr Purr ie 'GG' (Yes I made that name up!)
It features a faux suede on the back part which is also great quality and has a lovely soft feeling to it. The cushion has a zip fastening on the side so that you can clean it in the washing machine.
The design really stands out from the crowd and would make a feature wherever you chose to place it. Here you can see it situated on our sofa and the colour pops against the grey hues.

The *Breakfast USB is a portable charger which has rechargeable batteries inside enough for four cellphone charges / two smartphone full charges or a full tablet charge. The design is sleek, at the fashion forefront and has a Breakfast at Catnies design on the front. ( Not actually called that. I just made the Catnies part up!) I love the slimline design and the silver- mirrored back part too. This charger will be incredibly handy for travelling with even on day trips as my iPhone charger doesn't last a full day especially if you use the apps. It would also be fantastic for use at festivals or anywhere there isn't a plug socket available. I've not owned anything like this before so it's very beneficial and I will make good use from it.
The charger lights up when it is charging (as shown above.)

The Portable Power Bank has tonnes of useful and practical features and has been extremely well thought out. On the back of the packaging you can see some of the other characters that are available for other products too. It's fun to try and match up the celebrity to the animals.

My other favourite items include these;

What's your favourite from the collection?

Love Laura xoxo
*PR items kindly sent for reviewing.

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