Tuesday, 11 February 2014

MUA Makeup haul

Hello everyone,

Hope you're all ok :)

I placed an order with MUA direct as I had seen the new Luxe lips which are meant to be very similar to an amazing favourite brand of mine 'Lime Crime.' I saw it on a great blog and Youtube channel that I follow from Maxine called Snarfcat101. I never really do anything by halves so when I saw that the shades they were available in I bought 4 out of the 5!

Now I did have to wait for what seemed like ages for the products to arrive. I ordered on the 30th January and they arrived on the 8th February. It always seems a long time when you really want something doesn't it?

I decided to order direct from MUA as they had a few items in the sale whereas they were full price on Superdrug's site. I think I have a thing for lip products!

The velvet lip laquers are only £3 each which I think is an absolute bargain and I adore getting good deals especially for great quality too. These are luxurious little pick me ups that I bought myself as a Birthday treat which is a week today! :)
The shades I have are Atomic, Criminal, Funk and Kooky. Looking back I'm not sure why I didn't order Reckless which is a red shade.

Here is my complete haul that I was so excited about getting. All of these are lip products apart from the new fur-effect nails that is in the shade 'Fluffy-Puff' and was reduced to £1.50. This is a gorgeous baby pink shade and I love trying new kits for nails so I needed this. They had it in other colours too such as blue or hot pink but this was my favourite.
In the blue box above is a maxi moisture lipstick which I've not seen from MUA before. This was in the sale too for £1.50 and I got it in the shade 'How do I look?' It's in a pinky shade and smells like sweeties.

I then saw that they had more shades available in the matte lipsticks and I own two of these already in the peach and pink so I thought I would try out the Scarlet Siren and the Wild Berry shades. For £1 each they are worth a try and hopefully the formulas are as good as my other two.

From left to right there is; Funk, Criminal ( a bright pink and my favourite,) Atomic and Kooky which were all £3 each. I wore Criminal to our party on Saturday night and I love it. The colour was super vibrant and it applied smoothly and you have time to perfect application before it dries to a matte finish. I did have to reapply it after around four hours as it started to become a little patchy. It also only requires one slick at a time as they are very pigmented. They also do not transfer onto anything either as once they are dry they stay put on your lips. These come highly recommended from me especially if you like a bright lip.I need to buy my missing shade now! I haven't yet worn the others yet as I just received my order on Saturday but I will swatch and review them when I do.

So there's my Birthday MUA haul to myself :) I think I now need one of those acrylic lipstick holders so I can actually see what I own and wear a different shade everyday. At the moment my makeup is organised but most of it is away in my drawers and if I can't see it I forget what I have.

Do you own any of these luxe lipsticks? What do you think?

Love Laura xoxo

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