Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Harrington's pet food review

Hello everyone,

Today I thought I would update you on my three little heartbeats to let you know how they are getting on and I also have a Harrington's food review too. Harrington's is a family owned and managed business which uses quality food with no artificial colours or flavours and are based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire. Harrington's are available in the UK and also now in France with their website being here. You can buy the food from a range of supermarkets and also online too. Their website lists the range of stockists available.

Our little whippet Alfie is 8 months old now and has grown so much since we first brought him home. His favourite past times include taking make up and biting the packaging, running down the stairs with toilet rolls, playing with as many toys at once as possible, chasing the cats or curling up under blankets and snuggling. We have always fed him on natural food and started at first to feed him solely on biscuits. He then started to get really fussy and leave his food so we introduced chicken and rice or lamb and rice. After finding out what was contained in some food for pets and the health implications that this could have we have always given Alfie natural food and the two Persians have meat with natural biscuits.

We then have two Persian cats which are incredibly fluffy. They require a lot of grooming, their eyes wiping regularly, their nails clipped and they do like quite a lot of attention. Cinnamon is 7 years old and Bobby is 10. When Bobby was younger he had cystitis which leads to fatalities in male cats. This was thought to be caused by his food which was a certain brand of biscuits and him not drinking enough water. I swiftly moved to wet food which took him a while to adjust and luckily he pulled through as he nearly died. Bobby has always adored biscuits rather than meat whereas Cinnamon loves meat and will eat a few biscuits.

We kindly received two bags of food one for the cats and one for Alfie. Alfie has been sampling the *Harrington's rich in lamb and rice and Cinnamon and Bobby have been nibbling on *Harrington's chicken with rice. Harrington's is a complete food and for dogs it is available in three different flavours, these being lamb and rice, turkey with vegetables and salmon and potato. They also now do food for guinea pigs and rabbits too.

All three boys were excited when the bags arrived and I opened them for the next meal that they had. Bobby who loves biscuits ate them straight away and even Cinnamon thought that they were delicious too. I mixed Alfie's  regular meat with the Harrington's biscuits and he enjoyed crunching them. I do really like how Harrington's are free from artificial additives, includes natural kelp and linseed and uses high quality meat meal. All three animals are quite fussy eaters but they do enjoy this food in varying quantities. They have been eating it for the past week and their coats all have maintained their glossy finishes. Bobby did have an upset stomach last night but as this was a one off I don't think it was this food, I think he was just having an off day which he has around once a week. The other two boys have been fine and have plenty of energy and are sleeping well too.

The bags are a really good size and will last quite a while.

The benefits of the food are shown clearly on the packaging also.

Inside the booklet you can see clearly the ingredients that are used and in the lamb and rice there is 14% lamb meat meal and 14% rice. Compared to premium brands this is a lower amount than some however they do include quality ingredients and is cheaper to purchase.

You can clearly see the benefits stated on the front of the packaging which is very positive.

Here you can see the benefits of the cat biscuits clearly stated on the front of the packaging.

These are the cat biscuits which are a perfect size for cats. The dog biscuits are around double the size.

Bobby and Cinnamon crunching the biscuits!

Alfie fast asleep with his chicken toy in his mouth.

So overall I think this is a good brand of food. It does have lots of benefits and is cheaper than other premium brands. You can get a 15kg of the lamb and rice for dogs for £21 from Amazon. However if you want to feed your pet a higher quality food and don't mind spending a bit more money then there are other brands that contain a higher amount of meat and rice with great benefits too. My boys do enjoy eating this brand, especially Bobby as he loves biscuits, whereas my other two love meat. So in the future I may well repurchase for Bobby and get the treats which are available too.

Love Laura xoxo

*PR samples sent kindly for review with my 100% honesty.